Monday Munchies #15
Catch Me (Up) If You Can

Nurse Gladys Emmanu-unwell*

There has been a week of unwellness. I was contemplating going to the doctor today but I slept in past ringing up time, and so I have soldiered on and I have to go on Wednesday anyhow. It usually takes a proper person a week or seven days to recover, so it takes me twice as long with my suppressed immune system. I am feeling slightly more like myself today. I haven't spent 20/24 hours in bed and I took The Labradors for a small walk, though I will admit I also took them two and four days ago because I have the amazing power to rise from my sick bed to drive them to the dam for fifteen minutes!!!

Gilly runs so fast to me and then when she hears Peri coming she runs back like a rocket. Peri is very good at avoiding a rocket puppy because she used to do the exact same thing to Harki!!! They needed walking because they also spent 20/24 hours asleep on the bed and it was a walk, or more of the ninja plastic bag wrestling game they like to play on top of me.

I am so cross to be sick because I missed out on lots of outings with my friends and will probably miss more this week too. Bah Humbug. Still, I will be feeling well soon, and other people might still be sick and in bed.

Peri and Gilly rampant

I used the Random Generator to choose the winners for the Easter Bunny Baskets. I just assigned each comment a number in chronological order.

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

Timestamp: 2010-04-12 07:44:07 UTC

So congratulations to Samsara, Monika and Lynne S of Oz !!! I will email you soon or you can email me and I will post the Bunnies away. Monika has much to celebrate. Her lovely Biko, the White German Shepherd, died unexpectedly the day before Harki and on her post today (click on her name) you can meet the new puppy Denny, Denny Crane!! Happy and Denny look like fine friends and brothers!!!

So it has been very quiet here, I've watched some TV, slept and taken the sad and ineffectual drugs I am allowed for my cold. They don't work. I must try the Vicks on your feet trick that Laurie suggested next time. I am so glad I had my Flu and H1N1 vaccination a fortnight ago, because if this is how I feel with a cold, the Flu would be awful. All the well wishes helped. I flitted about others' blogs and commented but I haven't answered my comments. This is an example of my 'Should' issues, where I set myself almost insurmountable goals!!!

My wool arrived from Bendigo Woollen Mills and so I can finished the Chappa'ai Cardigan and I have knitted half a Baktus as well. I left the second ball of wool at MrsDrWho's house last Monday so there has been no more knitting on that.

Now I am going to have a cup of tea, a hot water bottle and a cardigan (Green is the new Black) and watch TV till bed time. Gilly is very confused by the cardigan wearing. She was confused by the skirt wearing when Spring came too. All this covering and uncovering is very strange to her. Peri is used to it, and she is also being more dominant and giving Gilly what for when she teases her!!

*Nurse Gladys Emanuel is Arkwright's fiancée in Open All Hours. What a great show that was.



I hope you feel much better soon. I had fluvax early this year too.

Those two labs look like bundles of suppressed energy, just waiting for it to burst forth. Better at the dam than at midnight on the bed.


I'm so sorry you are still sick Cindy. It's amazing what you can still do when you have to isn't it....Peri & Gilly certainly looked like they enjoyed their walk.

I miss out a lot on social activities a lot due to my health :( It's a bummer isn't it!!?? I'm sure they appreciated your non-sharing of germs though!!! :)

Good luck with the Chappa'ai & the Baktus. Looking forward to photos of the FO!

Congratulations to the 'Bunny' winners....enjoy your parcels when they arrive!! :)

Rose Red

Sorry to hear abou the unwellness. Hope the (un) disappears soon and there is just lots of wellness. At least there is still knitting being done, that is good to hear.


I hope you are up and about very soon Cindy, so to hear you are poorly. This h1n1 vaccine do we have to have that every year? I had it last October or somewhere thereabouts and thought that was it! am I being a nong? I too have had a crappy few weeks with a chest infection, it knocks me for a 6 for weeks. hate it


"Granville...fetch a cloth"....I loved Open all hours when I was younger.
Glad you are starting to feel better....and I like it very much that Green has been declared the new Black.


I hope you are starting to feel better, it is great you have Peri adn Gilly to keep you company and making your day a bit brighter as they do so well.


Linda, the swine flu vaccine is combined with the usual yearly fluvax in Australia this year. Get one and get both. I was planning on both and found I needed only the one injection when i went in March.


bah humbug indeed. even usually well people around here have been made unwell for a long time with whatever flu it is thats already doing the rounds here, including me. but my thinking is at least we are getting it over with early...hope you are much better soon xx


Sorry to hear you are so unwell :(

I was having trouble deciding whether to get the flu vaccinations this year.. I think all these comments about a bad flu going around may have just convinced me.

Hope you feel better soon. And don't worry about answering comments when you aren't well! Just rest.

Lynne S of Oz

Oooh, I won a bunny basket? Lovely! :-)
I am not unwell but I think I'll join you in the bed stakes - chemo and indigestion have me on the ropes at present!
Hmm, am thinking a microwaved potato and some peas and corn will be lovely for lunch....
I hope you are feeling better today.
Love the pic of Peri and Gilly.


Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear you're unwell Cindy! The little breath of fresh air taking the dogs out for a moment will do you good, I think - and the cups of tea and cardigans too are wonderfully medicinal!!

Thinking of you and sending warm fuzzies for a swift recovery :) Love the video of the doggers, and your whistle had my Chilli muffin race over to me in an instant! Lucky for her I was eating a cheese roll at the time and had to reward her for coming when "called"! haha!


About replying to comments - don't stress yourself about it! The only time I'm concerned is if you haven't blogged for a week. If anything catastrophic has happened I would assume MrsDrWho would let us know what's going on.

Jennifer Rose

hope you fell better soon! never a good thing feeling like crap. I got both flu shots as well, you never know when someone doesn't wash their hands or sneezes without covering their nose blah :/

lol at Gilly being confused :D thats actually really cute


Though I know Gilly and Peri enjoy their walk, I still think you are a very good mom for taking them out when you feel so poorly! You do need your rest, for sure! I always say that the human body has a finite amount of energy you can use it for healing or for other things, but there isn't enough for both. Much as you hate to miss out, going with your friends would use up all that healing energy. I hope this is it for you for the season!


I hope you will feel better soon, and can enjoy your favorite things in the meantime. I'm sure Peri and Gilly are terrific nurses.

I also just read about dear Harki, and want to give you my very belated condolences. She was a wonderful friend and we will greatly miss reading about her adventures.


Hope you are feeling better. Take care.


Sorry to hear that you're unwell Cindy. It's so frustrating when there are fun things to do. Two years ago I was too sick to go to a Guy Sebastian and Memphis funk concert which I really, really, really wanted to see. The only thing that made it bearable was finding out that my 70~something~year~old mother (I'm forbidden to tell anyone how old she actually is), who went in my place, got up and boogied in the aisles. The thought still makes me smile.
I love the second picture of the dogs. They look very noble. =)
Hugs to you and the girls.


Dear Cindy,

I hope you've been able to see the doc yesterday!!! Get well soon!!!


Laurie (Moo!)

Oh, please feel better soon!! I hate when you're sick. How nice that the girls keep you company in bed. They love their Mom!! At least there's a new Dr. Who a-coming. Do you get to see it this week, as well?

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