Monday Munchies #17
Monday Munchies #18

LabraDawson's Creek

Peri and Lorelai Gilmore have been in the creek again today, but here's the video I took the first time Gilly spied the water!!! She is so excited and Peri is too.

Peri is looking very cute at the moment, even if she is rolling in smelly things.

Lickety Split Peri
The Labradors are excellent sisters, but I don't think this is a kiss.  I think here Lorelai Gilmore is licking the smelly stuff Peri has rolled in.....

Kiss Kiss Lick Lick
Lorelai Gilmore loves going for a walk so much she looks Silly-Happy!!!

Silly Happy Gilly
Cardigan news: there has been much progress. All the pieces are finished. The sleeves are pinned out now and the fronts too. I am not sure if I should have buttons or a zip. I think a  zip, since the opened ended zips have The Exact Colour of the Chappa'ai Cardigan. How can that not be an omen??

Chappa'ai Sleeves and Front
I am about to start embroidering the Chevrons (lights) and some of the Event Horizon of the Chappa'ai itself (Stargate). The Event Horizon is all shimmery and blue, but mine will have just hints of blue to be going on with.

Embroidering the Chappa'ai
I washed my ADAMO Cardi today and it grew like Topsy. Obviously I did not block it to within an inch of its life, even though I thought I did. Today I just soaked it in warm water, and then squeezed it out gently, wrapped it carefully, tightly and lovingly in a towel and gave it a bit of a waterless spin in the washing machine. Not quite sure what I did wrong, but luckily, it is fine. The sleeves and body are longer but it actually fits better this way so I breathed a big sigh of relief.


Tomorrow I am going to a Complementary Therapy Workshop day organised by The Leukaemia Support Group. We are exploring Homeopathic medicine, Reiki and Reflexology, Yoga and Deep Relaxation. There is also morning tea and lunch. As a seminar goer at school, we were always very interested in what the food would be like!! The food is always delicious at LSG. 

The Labradors are asleep now it is dark, but they can be every energetic. The look like magnificent beasts when they run and play!!! Just like Saffy and Silas!!!

Peri and Gilly are Magnificent

My Guilty Pleasure has come back to TV: Masterchef. I only like some parts, the actual cooking, and I try to record it so I can fast forward through the endless recaps and people talking about what they did in a weird tense. There is a lot of TV watching at the moment: Farscape is coming along nicely and it's Spot The Australian Actor. Bonekickers is not high drama, but I like it. Burn Up reminds me of State of Play, Edge of Darkness or The State Within. I don't know how the episode ended because it went too late after Doctor Who, which was great. Again. There are cracks. Cracks are the new Bad Wolf I think. Foyle's War is back soon, three new episodes screen here starting Sunday May 9th at 8-35pm. Hooray for People Power.

Now I am off to make some cauliflower soup for tea.


Rose Red

Oh I love the video of Gilly and Peri in the water!! Gilly is too too cute and excited!

I agree with you on Masterchef - we've been watching it live, but I think you are right, we should tape it and FF the recaps etc - and the annoying ad breaks before they reveal the answer/winner etc!! But the food has been excellent so far!


oh the photo of Gilly smiling is priceless! and THANK YOU SO MUCH for the lowdown on Foyle's War I am now so excited, I do love Foyle and the show is great too!! and yes we too wondered about the cracks. I love the New Doc and Amy Pond is very cute too. Yes Burn Up is very much like State of Play which I love and watched AGAIN recently


Judging from the title you must be feeling better. :o)
Love your lab pics as usual. My today's favorite is the last one. :o)


I like Masterchef too, but I don't like watching people eating! Ikk! And I find it hard to keep track of everyone til they're whittled down a bit. That's a gorgeous photo of Peri :-) xo


Always with the rolling in the smelly stuff! My pups can manage that even in their own back yard! I am so glad you were able to get that cardigan worked out. I just love that one! And cauliflower soup is one of my faves!

Jennifer Rose

*dog jumps in,dog jumps out, in, out, in....* lol
love the blue cardi, too hot for something like that here sadly or I would try to learn to knit better lol
Sky was a clean puppy a few days ago, but she just had to roll in the mud in the back :/ so now she is more of a brown and black dog, rather then a white and black dog lol


Oooh I can't wait to see the details on the Stargate design!! Universe is very exciting at the moment...

I hope your workshop goes well - I have had reiki a couple of times and it felt really good, but to be honest I don't actually believe that it works the way they say it does - I just thinking lying still and relaxing for that long is always going to make you feel good!!


Loving the video of the kids in the water! Wishing you the very best with your workshop and the tea/food!

Wanted to tell you that I've started taping the new 'Dr Who' here in the U.S. just because of you. Got me curious.

Now maybe, we can meet in "GA" and watch together some day? LOL


ah, happiness is a dog in smelly stuff. for the dogs i mean, not me. your girls look so happy and healthy, its always a joy to watch. so much tv, so little time xx


It certainly didn't take Gilly long to learn the 'jump in the creek & shake' routine, did it!!?? LOL

I'm glad they both seem so very happy :)


The dogs are full of joy de vivre. It's a treat to watch them.
I love your ADAMO cardie and aspire to knit something just like it when I grow up. =)
I've started watching Masterchef. I really, really dislike all the suspense ~ it's so heavy handed. I do like watching the cooking though.
Hope you have an excellent lunch tomorrow. The yoga, reiki and deep relaxation sounds lovely too. (We've started yoga at work this term ~ it's wonderful!)


I'd say the Zip is a Sign (capitalizing necessary, I think).

I hope you had a good at at LSG and maybe found something that will help in any way.

Dennis the Vizsla

hello gilly and peri its dennis the vizsla dog hay thanks for stopping by!!! it luks like yoo ar having lots of fun playing in the water!!! i dont do water myself but dada sez he yoozd to play in a water filld ditch wen wuz littel and he ashoors me it wuz gud times!!! ok bye


Water is such fun for labs! They are so happy and jump up the bank like it is nothing! What a good workout for them. I am envious that you are watching the new Dr. Who's. I tried to see them on Youtube, but they get taken down so quickly because of copyright. I will have to wait for the dvd's. I'm glad you like the new Doctor ok. I've been wondering how I will feel about him. I love Foyle's War and look forward to the new episodes! It is one of my favorite shows. Saffy and Silas send puppy kisses!


If you can find a matching zip, you should go for it. It's not easy to find a zip that matches. I went to a Reiki workshop with my sister when she was undergoing cancer treatment & it was interesting.


Those photos of the doggers are GORGEOUS Cindy! They make me yearn to be near someone fuzzy and tickle-whiskered for some cuddling! Nevermind, R&R not far away.

Hurrah for cardigan progress! And also hurrah for the wonderful LSG get together, it sounds marvellous



Wow, the cardi love!! (Gotta get me a tempest, just gotta!)
and I hope yoru dogs enjoy being shampooed - it must surely be a regular event given Peri's odiferous inclinations??


I feel so bad that i haven't dropped by in far too long! I've been on prac and had a zillion assignments 0 but that is no excuse - I love the cardis they will be awesome!

We have a kitten who was dumped somehwre near our house and has asked to live with us - it is very cute and now 2 weeks later is off to the vet for immunisations (and to find out if it really is a boy...)


oh i forget that behind the photos the puppies jump around really fast! I love seeing the bushland where you live Cindy.

Good work on the cardi! A good spin can make all the difference to some wools.

And i think that's why I avoid masterchef and all reality tv. The endless dissection (in weird tenses!! yes!) is just painful!


Great action shot of the girls in full flight. They look very happy with themselves after their adventure at the creek.


They are so cute those two. Your stargate cardigan is looking good.

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