Put Your Head On My (Frozen) Shoulder
Monday Munchies #19

Board Now*

Despite various excellent diversions I am not feeling chirpy. On the upside there was dining out with The Knitting Group (excellent Indian Banquet) there was a trip to visit Mrs Valley and the native animals and lunch at a lovely cafe and even lunch with MrsDrWho and a little shopping.

Hobnobs lunch
Ploughman's Lunch: home-made pickled onions, chutney, beetroot and some pork pie with delicious potato and tomato salads, cheese and a gherkin!!!Here are some wallabies and a potoroo. I am sure Mr and Mrs Valley know their names!!

On the downside, I still have a sore shoulder and arm, though it is slowly improving, which is a plus. And I have broken my tooth again. I never broke any teeth before I was sick. I have decided this is another side effect from all my drugs as a sop to my feelings. And I am having Cardigan Issues.


I finished my Chappai-ai Cardigan and it is too long and I don't like it. You can see my Doctor Who ZippyUppy Cardigan peeping out to show the length I prefer. It is a whole band too long. I have decided to cut it off and reknit the downwards, with fake side seams. This means I have to take out the zip and unravel the front bands.I want to embroider some more blue Event Horizon and maybe round out the circle a bit too. But it is finished.


I've re-covered my ironing board. I sewed the original small felted pad to the board. I bought some new 1.2cm foam and sewed that to a lining that I laced tightly over the felt and board. Then I sewed a new grey/green cover and while it was still damp, tied it firmly to the board. I made a channel with biased binding to finish it off and hide all the edges. I am very happy with the result, though I see a wrinkle which I hope will shrink as the cover dries.

Board now Still Board Life

Otto's base is re-covered. It was very difficult taking a photo, I had help. The cover works very well. Now I need to make a cushion cover to match. I also have new Velcro to sew on. I found it this afternoon. Lorelai Gilmore loves Velcro, she stole the first lot I bought and used it as a toy!!! Now she has her eye on the second lot.

Otto's ace of base
Last year the Doctor Who ZippyUppy Cardigan had a little accident with the caster at the end of the bed and a puppy. Said puppy still likes to keep her hand in.

Gilly helps all the time
Lorelai Gilmore has been helping me all day today. I am going to perform knitting surgery on the sleeve. Here is my plan: cut it off just below the holes and just above, then calculate the rows and increases needed and  knit  and graft the two pieces together. The green wool is just a little different in colour so I am going to put in a few blue stripes to separate it from the original sleeve.

Peri has been a bit lost looking so I am giving her more attention. We went to The Vet to be weighed. Peri is thin, but needs to be even thinner. Lorelai Gilmore has lost weight so I am feeding her more. When we go for our walk we come to a place where a tree has fallen over the path. I can't climb over it so we turn back to go home. The Labradors sneak under the tree and run ahead!! They think they are very wicked!!

Peri at the tree
Happy Puppy Gilly
I don't feel very inspired about Monday Munches for tomorrow. I haven't really cooked anything apart from porridge and grilled crumpet with cheese this week. I mooted a soup with MrsDrWho yesterday so I might make some. It's Autumnal food.

*[Percy runs into Vamp Willow, thinking it's the real Willow]
Percy West: Rosenberg? What are you doing, trick-or-treating? You're supposed to be at home doing my history report. I flunk that class, you're in big trouble with Snyder. Till we graduate, I own your ass.
Vamp Willow: Bored now.
[shoves Percy across the room]
Vamp Willow: I'm having a terrible night. Wanna make it better?(imdb)



Wow, that's the prettiest ironing board I've ever seen!! I'd almost want one, except that I don't really ever do any ironing.

Nice of the labradors to be so very helpful! :)

crafty things

Great looking ironing board cover.


very elegant ironing board cover...great movie (grin) ... oh no, not a broken tooth - poor you - hope those 'wicked' pups treated you well today on this day of Mothers :) :)


I like your ironing board too! Maybe if I mended my crumpled board I might iron more...or maybe not. Sorry you've broken a tooth. I did that once (on frozen chocolate) and it was painful and seemed to take forever to fix. I hope your tooth, and your shoulder, get better soon.
The ploughman's lunch looks delicious and the dogs are adorable.


That's disappointing about the cardigan, but just think about how good it will be when you finally get it just the way you want it. Worth all the hassles (hopefully!) I love the fabric you've used for the ironing board cover - maybe I should make myself one to make me more enthused about my ironing! Hope the shoulder is improving daily and you find your monday munchies mojo! Ploughman's lunches are just delicious -yum!


That plate looks so yummy and fresh! Your ironing board is now too pretty to use! And your pups have the cutest smiles!


Your ironing board looks amazing! I just have a store cover on mine that slips and wrinkles a lot. I didn't know how to make one until reading your description, I guess that's something to add to my long 'to do' list! I love the cute wallabies and the smiley doggies. Hoping your arm feels better soon and that the tooth isn't painful!


oh you know how i sympathise with the bored now thing. its just all a bit annoying isnt it? you have been very industrious but with all those things that need fixing, id understand if you just sat down and watched buffy instead. in fact, i think i might do the same *hugs* xx


You are really clever in mending stuff. The ironing board looks great & the ottoman too. I hate mending knitted wear & I have 2 pairs of my husband's socks that need mending. I think it will be easier for me to knit him new socks. Hope your shoulder is better now.


So sorry to hear about your poor old owie shoulder, that's no good at all. Can relate to the painful exercises and physio stuff ...

That ironing board cover is *stunning* - if my ironing board looked that good I might even USE it LOL ;)


your ironing board looks fabulous Cindy. How clever you are to be able to cut off knitting and reknit! I am in awe!!! very cute photo of little paws too


Well, phooey. Boo-hiss to badly behaving cardigans (and puppies and shoulders and teeth) although the "Buffy" quote is spot-on!

Rose Red

Excellent Buffy referencing! I love that episode (Real Willow: "And I think I might be a little gay") (very nice foreshadowing work there writers!)

I think you are very brave to conduct such cardigan surgery, and I wish you luck.

I love the ironing board cover, it is very posh. Makes ironing less of a chore when you have a lovely cover on the board!

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