Monday Munchies #20
Bad News Labs

Curb Yawn Enthusiasm

Today I had an unexpected outing to LSG*. There were egg sandwiches!! I had emailed about some information and an email came directed in a writing unexpected saying : Morning Tea!! So I fed The Labradors, had a shower and off I went. Have I said there were egg sandwiches? By the time I got back home after a trip to the supermarket and PO, it was 2-13pm. All my plans went out the window and I sat outside and read the new Delicious magazine and Peri and Lorelai Gilmore played.

This is what I usually see when I go to get the letters from the letterbox:

Peri and sleepy Gilly
Peri up high and Lorelai Gilmore down low. It must be so boring waiting for me to climb back up all the steps!!

But yesterday this is what I saw instead:

Gilly and Peri both Uppy
Peri no longer holds sway over the high ground. Lorelai Gilmore is there too. They are so happy to be up so high, they love looking up the street and looking down on me too.

The Doctor Who ZippyUppy Cardigan is repaired. I tried to take better photos but Gilly ran across the cardigan every time, she would not be stopped. She's a wicked girl sometimes, and Peri is so good. Peri didn't walk over my cardigan at all. I can see where I grafted the left sleeve, but with a wash and a press I think it will be fine. The stripes look as if they have always been there!!

DWZUC is well again
And the back...

The Stargate Cardigan is midway through its transformation as well. I took out the zip, unravelled the button bands and cut off the ribbing and about 32 rows. Then I started knitting the ribbing down, increasing one stitch at the side seams every third row. I have no idea how this will actually work out, but in my mind I imagine it to be OK.

The weather is colder now, so cold that there is ice on the prickly weeds at the dam. I wore my scarf and I may have to break out my mittens too.

Icy cold 

Tomorrow we don't go for a walk so I think I will make some crumble for MrsDrWho and maybe do a little more sewing. On Sunday I had another turn on her Wii. My Mii is wearing green and has dark glasses just like me. I am good at going down the river in a bubble, heading a soccer ball and the ski jump. We shall not discuss hula hooping!!!!

*This Wednesday is the very first Myeloma Day in Australia. It is a disease few people really know about and it is difficult to diagnose.



groovy jumpers!!

Lynne S of Oz

Are your dogs laughing at you as you climb the stairs? That is Very Inconsiderate of them!
It's been pretty chilly here recently. I complained pretty much all yesterday cos it was brr! Cold! but hazily sunny. It was warmer today - I had to take my fuzzy jacket off and change to a lighter weight hat!


All your cardigans! I really must finish some of mine, then we could compare and mutually admire.
thank you for the last link - I learned things I had not known, and feel slightly less ignorant of the world.
Happy Tuesday!


fabulous knitting!!!!


gosh you are so clever with your unknitting then knitting up again!!! I am sure Lorelai is laughing!!! Thanks for the link at the end...very interesting to read


Your cardigan looks great. I like the blue stripes, it gives it something special. The Labs looks so beautiful, standing both there, gorgeous girls! My son brought home the Wii a few weeks ago. I've played bowling, table tennis, archery and tennis. I'm good in all of them exept tennis, because there are four figures on the court and that confuses me a little. :o) I love all the other sports, except for archery I did all of them in real life at one point in my life, so this might help. I beat my son most of the time, so now he wont play with me anymore. :o)


I love the cardigan (and egg sandwiches)! My Dean-a won't let me take pictures like that, either. She is so spoiled that she thinks she is not only the center of our world, but of everyone else's too! I am wishing we had a Wii. Hubby has been using one at therapy for his knee. Maybe I will be able to convince him, yet!


Yay for Gilly taking the high ground and yay for successful cardigan surgery!


love those puppy yawns....the Dr Who cardy looks fabulous - I drooled over the brussel sprouts too, cant remember the last time I had some :)


egg sandwiches are the best. and the cardies look amazing, i love the stripes on the arms! how happy the girls look this week!

Rose Red

I think those blue stripes just make that cardigan!! Perfect solution!

Mmmm, egg sandwiches. I hope you had Several.

Love the two photos of the girls - so happy!!

I am quite good at hula-hooping. I shan't mention my lack of soccer-heading skills though. (oh...whoops!)


i adore egg sandwiches. I sometimes wnat to take them to work but know that people think they smell bad in the office.

Love the Dr Who cardi. love it!

And no, hula hooping on the wii is not fit to be seen by the genera public!


What a fabulous photos of the pups on the stairs! Their characters show through so well - gorgeous, and makes me YEARN to be back at home to cuddle our Chilli-muffin (5 sleeps til R&R)

The jumpers look great! Love the three blue stripes, and am very excited to see the stargate keep pressing along. Oooh love the sound of the crumble and I love hearing about the Tassie weather! I check the weather for our area each day and imagine what it will be like when we're there. I look forward to meeting you and your doggers in REAL life!


p.s. The egg sangers sound delish ;)


It looks so sunny and warm there for fall! I love those dogs pics, they are so expressive. You really are doing a great job with sweater fixes lately. The Dr. Who top looks great the way you put the sleeve on with the stripes.


My grandfather had myeloma and it was diagnosed when he had some blood tests done for another medical issue. I believe he was treated with epogen shots for a while but due to weakened health, they did not help after a while. It is good that more attention is being given to this disease, and hopefully more research will be done as well.

It sounds like you are having such cozy days there! The dogs look so happy. I cannot comment on the eggs, though, but I'm glad you enjoyed them. :)


Peri and Lorelei are just gorgeous, how lovely to have them waiting for you. The cardigans are gorgeous.


The blue stripes MAKE that cardigan! Yes, us people are sooo boring to the pups huh?! Have a good weekend.. !!


You did a beautiful job in repairing the cardigan - it looks brand new now. I love egg sandwiches too & I usually have an egg wrap for lunch - it's the best.

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