Monday Munchies #22
The World's Mine Oyster, Which I With Sword Will OPAM*

Ill Met By Daylight

At out house, there are The Well, and The Ill. I am the latter. I have a cold and a headache and so I have taken to the couch with my hot water bottle, my new quilt, Earl Grey Tea spiked with extra lemon juice and my Clayton's Cold Tablets: the one's you have when you're not having real cold and 'flu tablets. There's noting terribly wrong with me, just enough be very annoying and very boring.

Peri sun bathing
I knew I wasn't going out for lunch when I stamped my foot and growled at The Labradors for nothing in particular this morning. Typical: the school holidays come along and I can't join in. Bah Humbug. Now Peri has a plastic bottle and she's chewing the lid off and Lorelai Gilmore is leaping from Otto to the couch and back again with just the squeak from a toy in her mouth: squeaking madly as she goes.

Gilly is quiet at last
I am indulging myself by browsing the internet and making discs on my DVR, freeing up space. I don't trust myself to knit.

Luckily I had a back up recipe for my Monday Munchies!! Good planning never goes astray. I haven't taken a proper picture of my OPAM quilt, so I might make that my whole task for tomorrow!


Rose Red

I'm sorry you are feeling ill - hope the hottie and the tea did the trick.

And mmmmm, homemade sausage rolls - YUM!! And I have some puff pastry in the freezer. And mince too, I think. Perhaps I will have some for lunch tomorrow!

Jennifer Rose

really hope the tea helps you :) must be the change in weather that is making people that i know ill :/

lol at gilly, very cute mental image :)


Really sorry you're not well Cindy. I hate being stuck at home too. Come visit my blog when you're internet surfing ~ I've missed you!!!


hope it is a very short and quick cold and doesn't turn into the full blown nasty type! nothing worse than being sick for school holidays, that is definitely something that makes me very cross. naughty germs not paying attention to the school calendar, i tell you!!


Oh, that kind of ill enough to not want to do anything but not so ill that you're not bored. You have my understanding and sympathy.

Lynne S of Oz

I hope this cold blows over quickly and doesn't challenge you too much! stupid cold. Boring!
Mmm, snoggage rolls - it's a long way to the shop....


oh no! I hope you are well soon so you can enjoy the rest of the school hols! I find COPIOUS amounts of tea are best or is it "is" best????


grrr. i hate those kinds of colds. hope the girls are looking after you!


I hope you feel better soon! The squeakers seem to be the best part of toys, LOL!


:( Hope you feel better soon.


Oh no! Stinky cold BE GONE!!
Hope the tea, and couch, hotwater bottle and computer playing brings you back to 100% very quickly indeed!


get well soon Possum :)


You and me both, sick enough to feel horrible, but not sick enough to need to see the doctor ... hope you're feeling better soon! Dr Petal prescribes lots of puppy cuddles.


Hope you are feeling better. I am sure those yummy sausage rolls will warm you up. Take care.


Thinking of you Cindy & hoping you have a speedy recovery.

Laurie (Moo!)

Those girls look like perfect angels. I think you're telling tales (tails!) again. Maybe if you had your own squeaky toy....?

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