Monday Munchies #21
Our Andy's Gone With Kettle Now.

Much Binding In The May-rch

I would just like to say that I am not old enough to have listened to this the first time around!!!

But there was much binding, I think about 20m worth. So MrsDrWho has two crawl rugs(?) for babies she knows, or is about to know, and I have my Fat Quarter Swap Quilt/OPAM project!! I was in The Zone and even though I was so tired, I kept sewing until it was all done. And dusted. I sit under my little quilt, and Peri and Lorelai Gilmore have a new blanket each. I bought one for Peri, because she loves being under her blanket and then Gilly was all sad and lonely and stealing the blanket from Peri. Last night she scared the willies out of herself when she hopped off the bed to come back out to the lounge room, and the blanket followed her, no matter how quickly she came. I had to rescue her from the blanket on her back. So now we have two blankets on the bed. But everyone is happy. Thus far.

Much Binding
Bells asked if The Labradors eat cabbage: they do. They eat all the vegetables I cook for them and some raw ones too. Vundy the German Shepherd would not. She would pick out the things she didn't like and arrange them around her plate Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor style. The way we did when we were little and ate stewed fruit: we picked out any stones or pips, and put them around our bowls and then to find out who we would marry we counted them and said: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief!! Here is Peri eating some boiled carrots in stock and Lorelai Gilmore eating Silver Beet.

Peri loves carrots 

Gilly Loves Silver Beet
I am tired this week, I have done too many things, things I wanted to do, but I must have a rest soon. Monday I was sewing, Tuesday I has a delightful lunch with Onyi, Judy-May and Mif, today I went to the Physio and had some more acupuncture, tomorrow I am having my haircut and going to Sewing and so Friday I think I will have a day in bed. Any more than two things, including dog walking, and I am pushing my limits, so I have been doing less craft lately.

One of my sewing friends is soon to be a grandmother so I knitted a baby hat today. It is the Aviatrix Hat, a free pattern designed by Jussi. I called mine The Nancy Bird Baby Hat. It used less than 90m of 8ply and it knitted up so quickly and easily. I knitted an extra short row repeat and a shorter strap after reading the Life Buoy Helpful Hints on The Ravelry. I also took notice of how many stitches I had to knit from the 'turn' to the next wrapped stitch. I made a list as I find it easier to turn and knit 13, than to knit to the last 12 stitches. You can see the wrapped stitches because I used a coloured wool, but I care not a jot!! I love this hat and I hope there are more babies any moment now so I can knit another!!

Nancy Bird Baby Hat
The Labrador food bin was emptied today and so obviously easier prey. I found t like this when I came home but missed my chance to take a snap of Gilly almost entirely inside, licking the crumbs!!

Bin knocked over
Now I have a lovely big plate of vegetables to eat for my tea and Gilly's nose sniffing hopefully at my side!!!


Rose Red

The Nancy Bird hat is so very cute!! It looks great in the variegated yarn!

And it still amazes me that the girls eat veges, I think that is hilarious. If we give Nelly anything with veges in (eg peas or onions) she eats around them and leaves them behind!


I love the baby hat, that is yet another pattern I will be stealing from you. About to go eat the last of the cheesecake you made, it is so good, thank you for makting it for us.


That baby hat is adorable! I want to make one too!
Happy scared himself last night, when he went to his bed and was about to ly down, when he jumped into the air like some cats do too, and ran to the other side of the room. I thought there surely must at least be a mouse there, but it was only a bone Denny left there. :o)
I have the dog food in a platic container with rolls on. Denny started to drag it around the kitchen, so we removed the rolls. Now he's dragging it still, but not as far. :o)
Get some rest soon!


very sweet little hat.

LOL on the vegies........
mine will eat almost anything but NOT broccoli!!!


wow you have been a busy bee Cindy no wonder you are tired, you manage so much, that baby hat is as cute as a button!! No matter how well we disguise vegies Ruby will spit them out! except leftover baked spuds

Jennifer Rose

hmm maybe a few bricks in the bottom of the bin so it doesn't get knocked over as easily? it is great they eat veggies :) really good for them, sky on the other hand looks at us like what the hell is this you are trying to feed me lol but she does seem to like fruit :)


I made an aviator hat for a small baby I know. It was cute and his mum loved it. Great range of sizes in Jussi's pattern too.

My niece has a huge Boxer dog, Axl. He loved all vegetables, except peas. There could be one pea in a plate of rice, dried food, leftovers and vegetables. There would be one pea left in the bottom of the bowl! Nothing else.


Wow you have been busy with quilts and hats, no wonder you are tired. Hope your week goes as planned and your day of sleep is unbroken :-)


Love those blankets. My Mum used to make us blankets & last year she made some for my girls & they love them. The little hat is so cute & I think I will make one for my nephew. Thanks for the inspiration.


No wonder you are tired!!!


hehe. the labrador, as you know, will eat anything. they have that look, its food right? good, hand it over! i have fruit and tomato eating cattle dog, which is unusual but cute. speaking of cute, that hat is just fantastic. i want one, bugger the babies!!


What a lovely hat! I love the style and the colours.

I've tried to get my kitty to eat vegies but apart from the occasional pea which was well hidden amongst the meat, no luck.

Do the Labradors have a favourite meal or type of ingredient?

My Max Kitty loves loves loves pork. Roast pork, ham - he loves it. Tempted to try bacon next! :)

Hope you are well rested now!


It sounds like you have had a lot of fun things to do, but Peri and Gilly are going to have to sit down on you and make you rest if you don't do it willingly!

I love your pink and green blankets. So summery looking and inviting!


Wow that stack of finished quilts with all that binding is impressive!!


That hat's fab! I'm a great believer in dressing kids in bright colours (before they can object, at least) because they simply can't see pastels when they're teeny-tiny.

I'm glad Gilly's got her own blanket - she deserves it!

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