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Monday Munchies #20

The Dentalist

Simon Baker is an independent consultant for the DBI (Dental Bureau of Investigation). Although not a dentist of any sort, he uses skills and knowledge from his former career as a successful psychic medium to help a team of dentists solve various decay crimes. His unorthodox and bizarre techniques for solving plaque crimes often clash with the dentists he helps. Ultimately, his input into the team's work is almost always instrumental in closing the case. (instrumental: I didn't even have to change that, it was already there!!!)

Tooth and nail, open and shut mouth cases: The Dentalist.

With thanks to Wikipaedia!!!

I am working my way, tooth by tooth, to a career as an authentic actor in medieval TV and film productions. Yesterday I had another filling replaced with a gleaming white one and my tooth rebuilt. Yes, the Six Million Dollar Tooth: we have the technology!! Anyway, before my tooth was fixed it hurt not a jot, after it was rebuilt it hurt like the blazes once the injections wore off. I had to take to my  bed and when I put my head on the pillow my tooth throbbed. I am glad we live now and not way back when. When I was small it was gas mask delivery for anaesthetic at the dentist. My dentist is excellent though and my tooth is fine.

No hard food for at least three hours he said, and I hadn't had breakfast and it was 11-41am, so I had soup and then made myself some golden syrup dumplings. Just what I needed.

Today I went for my physiotherapy session. My shoulder had been shaping up very well until The Labradors were milling about under my feet and I stopped myself from falling over by using my left arm to grab a post outside.  I am still improving and I had some acupuncture. I have never had acupuncture before and it Does Not Hurt. At all. On the other hand the Holman Clinic has some new needles for accessing my port. They hurt a lot. They hurt going in and going out and they don't work on my port, so they scrabbled around and found an old painless needle for me. I think everyone involved in making the new needle should have had to have it stuck in and out of them one hundred times before they signed off. I have cartooned and B&W-ed to save your sensibilities.

Needle me
On the sleeve front, I am almost to the end of the grafting. It will need a wash and a pull and push about to sit correctly but I am happy and I am over it.

ZUC sleeve repair

Now to the Chappa'ai or Stargate Cardigan refashion. 

Then I am in two minds about what to knit next. Oh I have lots of cardigans in my Ravelry Queue, but I am torn between two of my own making:

  • a new Doctor Who cardigan with two Daleks in profile facing outwards on the back and the new DW logo in relief on the front or
  • the cardigan with paw prints on the yoke
Pawprint cardigan

Both would be raglan, with a circular yoke and ribbed sleeves and sides for shaping.

In the comments: Discuss please!!!

Peri has been teaching Lorelai Gilmore new tricks.

New tricks
They have been rampaging about at the dam: collision in 3,2,1 (Only joking it looks like there will be a crash but it was the middle of a running pass)

Watch Out
They have their best cute looks on here. Maybe a treat they ask???

Gilly is here, having a pat and hoping for more food. I poached some pork and apple sausages so I will cook their cabbage and spinach in that to counteract the vegetable flavour. Now I am going to settle in on the couch, sans little quilt as yet and knit a cuff, and watch TV and go to bed early tonight. I do like Autumn, I sleep right through, no more listening to the ABC Overnights every night any more. Now Peri is here for a pat too, lots of waggy tails, lots of Labrador love.


Rose Red

Oh I do love the photo of the synchronised rolling/flashing tummies! And the cute photo - butter wouldn't melt in their mouths, would it!

Hmmm, cardi options....I'm partial to the paw print cardi I think, but I think you will *know* which one you want to do when the time comes, so go with that!

Sorry about the dentist and the needle/port issue, but glad both are ok now.


those puppies are irresistibly cute!


yep, they deserve a treat alright - the cutest pups around :) - the paw-print cardy gets my vote every time, but you can always 'paws' for thought :):)


Oh, such gorgeous labrador photos!!

On cardigans - do you actually manage to wear that many cardigans?? I always end up picking 2 favourites (one for a bit cold, one for VERY cold), and that's it! But then I tend to do that with all my clothes - wear the same old favourites all the time.

Your ouchy tooth sounds very unpleasant! I went to the dentist today - first time in ages so I was quite worried that there might be Work Required, but thankfully they are all OK. The dentist is much easier now that they have a TV on the ceiling showing Mr Bean.

I get accupuncture from my physiotherapist and it hurts me!! If she misses the spot she is aiming for, then it doesn't hurt, but when she gets the exact right spot, where the muscle is all tense and bunched up, then OWWW!! But it's a really good kind of pain, because you know it's reducing the long term pain!! My physio also gets quite excited when she can trigger a *huge* muscle twitch with the accupuncture needles :)

Whew I have written a rather long comment - sorry!!


Isn't that right, no tooth ache before the Dentist, but lots after!
They always learn the bad things faster. Rolling around is fine, but not if it smells bad. They both look very happy, considering they get cabbage to eat, and spinach! :o))))
I would love to see the paw print cardi in the near future. :o)


Definitely paw prints for me!! :)

Peri & Gilly look sooooo funny rolling around like that LOL I wish I could just roll around somewhere like that with the same abandon that they do.

I hope the tooth feels better as well as the shoulder.


Of course I am voting for the paw prints!!!! And whenever I see my dogs rolling around on the ground like that, it always means we have to get to the door before them and MAKE THEM STAY OUT till bathed. Dogs have a very different sense of perfume than humans!


Skipping another round of "you poor wee thing" and moving swiftly on to knitterly matters, I would love to see the paddy-paw prints cardigan. I fear for your sanity if you were to plunge, head-long, into another sci-fi-themed garment.

May I suggest, as a colour palette, green? ;)


given the last few pictures, i think you need a paw print cardi! its so cute, and you have sci fi stuff already. i love acupuncture, it is really quite miraculous how it works. i hope it works well and long for you! xx


Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah - a photo of a needled shoulder. Sorry. Don't believe you. It MUST hurt! (I hate needles)


Paw prints! Paw prints! And I think I have two blonde (Peri & Lorelai) votes on my side too!


Acupuncture is WONDERFUL isn't it in fact I find it such a relief you can actually feel the pain drain away. Sorry about the other needles that sounds a bit too much I think. As for the new cardi, well they both sound pretty cool but I would HAVE to vote for Doc Who that sounds positively awesome!!!! please please yes do that one


I really like the paw print cardie too!
...and I am sorry that the tooth and shouder trouble is ongoing.
Peri and Gilly look so engaging.
Hugs to you all.


I'd think the paw print would be a lovely idea

Laurie (Moo!)

How To Roll In Something Smelly 101!

I'm on the "As you cast on, you will know" boat. Knowing your love for Dr. could I say no?

I go for allergy shots every other week. 3 shots each time. They always hurt and sometimes the pain radiates down to my elbow. I used to have a never felt the needle. Where did that kind of teaching go?


I love the title of your post & Simon Baker is one of my fav actors. I love the Paw Print Cardigan & the colors on your sketch are gorgeous. This cardigan is your trade mark.


I love the cardigan with paw prints!! Did you draw that??? Love the photos of Peri and Gilly rolling around on the road!! They're soooo cute!!!

Jennifer Rose

yes, the people that make things like that should have to experience them too and then maybe they would re-invent them so they don't hurt! having to give myself injections 3 times a week hurts and bruises, so I think that if the people that made the injector had to use it, the pill form of the medication would have passed already

awww they look so sweet and innocent there :D

hmmm I would make the paw print one, or figure out a way to make the dr.who one and add some paw prints to it :)

Lynne S of Oz

The paws! The paws! Looks so cute!
Love the happy smiling faces :-)
Hope your shoulder improves again - I think you are better off hurting it than falling flat on your face and risking other injuries!


The dogs are so funny rolling. Looks like they have the same technique that the ones in the ski slope video I sent you have! Saffy's had a bit of a bath rolling in the wet grass today when we've been out between rain showers.

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