Monday Munchies #25
If She Has To, She Can Do Anything.

Children Of The Quorn

At long last Quorn. I have seen it on British-type TV and read about it in magazines from the UK, but today it was in the supermarket freezer so The Labradors and I had Quorn Dippers. Really, they are like Mirror Universe Chicken Nuggets. But I feel smugly healthy after eating them!!!

Quorn flower
Look away MrsDrWho, I am showing some birthday knitting for you. Poor MrsDrWho, while I am having a slight teeny-tiny Georgette Heyer decline, she is waiting for her birthday presents. I am the pointy end of some Thuja socks. Sorry about the pictures, the environmentally friendly globes don't make for good photos.

A thuja
I have knitted a pair of Duffers (which here are silly people, old or young) or slippers. I used doubled Highlands from Bendigo Woollen Mill, and Onyi assures me they will felt.

A duffer
And I have a big ball of 10ply Luxury to make an Eyelet Cowl from Vogue Knitting. So much knitting, such a long wait. 

Still, I have Decadent Chocolate Biscuits in and out the oven and individual Nigella's Chocolate Pavlovas ready to go in late tonight and I reckon there will be Kiss Biscuits anon!!

Ready steady

The ice-cream scoop is my friend. They have three kinds of chocolate, pecans and sultanas.

Go decadent biscuits
I am so happy to have my new oven. I have been cooking at every opportunity. I made sausage rolls and tiny chocolate cup cakes for morning tea today. Tomorrow I might make some Savoury Mince Spirals to take to sewing, and a cake. I am looking forward to Christmas when I can cook to my heart's content!!!!!!

Peri has been playing somewhere really muddy, maybe the paddle pool and then the wild garden near the hose??  Regardless, she managed to get mud all over her paddy paws and legs and the floor and the wall!! She looks so worried, but I was not cross!! She is so lovely!! Last night she had to be patted on the couch for an hour. It was very relaxing.

Miss Muddy Peri
Miss Gilly has had a wearing day: supervising the rubbish men, Morning tea, chasing the birdies, playing in the pool and helping with the photos and cooking. No wonder she is ready for a big sleep!!!

Resting is so tiring

Finally I have some new books from The Library to read, all at once:

  • The Ambassador's Mission by Trudi Canavan. I love her books, and she's Australian.
  • Colonial Cousins, a history of Australia and India's connections
  • The Dome, which I have started and already do not like
And I bought myself a new book too: The TARDIS Handbook. It is my treat and I am saving it to read on Friday. In bed. All day!!

Two doctors' appointments down this week, one to go, Hurray!! Tonight I am finishing my Soap and Cloth Swap cloth and watch Lie to Me, which I really like, before bed. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!


Rose Red

All that baking!! You are baking up a storm! YUM!

Love that you managed to capture Gilly yawning, you clever photographer you!


Ahhh, Quorn! What would I do without it? It forms a staple part of my diet :) I use the mince and the chickenless pieces most of all! Your cookies look so yummy and I love the sock!
The labs are looking happy and grubby - what is it about dogs and mud? :)

Have a great day - hugs n pats all round


such a busy week for you Cindy and I am loving those socks AND those bikkies yum yum. Appointments really wear me out and I think you are doing remarkably well to have 3 in one week plus other things xxxxx


We let the pups loose in the backyard yesterday, after it rained, and there was not enough water in the wading pool to wash their feet! The garden hose was stuck in the pool which was opened yesterday, so I had to clean them in the laundry room, which is never good.
Gilly is ONE busy puppy! :o)
I liked watching Lie to me too.


I wish I had some energy to bake. All that food sounds yummy!

There really isn't anything as heartwarming as a happy puppy, is there!?! :D

I'm sure MrsDrWho won't mind the certainly looks worth it.

Coincidentally we are watching Lie to Me at the moment as well.


I saw those on tv and most people said they tasted like chicken. I havent seen them here yet. The socks look great, I hope you can get some more knitting completed. It sounds like your oven arrived just at the right time for winter with all those yummies your baking!


I want a cookie! The muddy legs are so cute, especially when they are in someone else's house, LOL! We got muddy at the pond again yesterday. And, the fur is flying here as they both are shedding. I have to brush or rub them outside and we cover the lawn in hair! The little birds will be happy collecting the nesting material.


Reading in bed all day sounds like absolute bliss! I am finishing off my cloth and soap swap tomorrow ~ I've just come home from parent/teacher interviews so I am doing sweet nothing tonight. Interesting to read that some Bendigo wool will felt. All of your cooking sounds fabulous...and Miss Gilly's photo made me smile.


Have you read 'The Host' by Stephanie Meyer? It is quite science fictiony, aimed at teen readers but I really enjoyed it. She is the person who wrote the Twilight series which I also kind of enjoyed but wouldn't read it again. This one I think I would! I borrowed it from the State Library :-)
PS. Your cooking looks so good!

Jennifer Rose

i love all the books i have read by Trudi Canavan :) really great fantasy novels

those cookies look so good :D I keep meaning to buy an ice cream scoop to help with baking cupcakes.

awww peri looks so sad :( Sky does the same thing, even when I'm not mad at her. I would rather have her all grass stained from running around having fun then not, but she thinks i'm mad at her which I dont get since I've never hit her (yelled when she started to chew the desk tho :p )


I think I am very quite jealous of your new oven. I live for the day I can have a BIG kitchen with a HUGE oven. ahhhhh. the stuff dreams are made of!

I have certainly never heard of Quorn before. How very strange. What does it taste like??

And where are slippers called duffers? Love it!

Laurie (Moo!)

It's so hot here, I'm glad you're baking enough for both of us. A Tardis handbook! Does it tell you how to build one or run one? How exciting!!


Looks like you have been busy - both knitting & cooking. Lovely knits & the socks look great.


ps we are pretty excited in this house about Quorn especially Zoe being a vego

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