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Monday Munchies #25

I Go: Week. Week In The Presence Of Duty.

I am looking forward to next Friday. Between today and next Friday there are a lot of things happening: three medical appointments (And my last one on Wednesday took two hours including all the waiting time at the clinic for a ten minute procedure. I knitted. They were run off their feet.) several outings to celebrate a certain Time Lady's birthday, a knitting afternoon tea and recovering from my mum and aunt's visit. It was a lovely visit, but I have to be in tip top shape and be happy and cheery and stay up late and generally enjoy myself. Which I did. But now I am pretty much too tired to sleep!!

Peri, at the back, and Miss Gilly, in front, met Nanny and their Aunty. There was a small amount of leaping on Gilly's part, but then she was a good girl. I have eaten out three times since lunch yesterday and there are three more 'eating outs' to come in the next two days!! My oven will be sitting sad and cold in the kitchen.

The weather has been wintry. There is torrential rain, thunder and lightning and wild winds. So wild, that they blew the letters out of the foam on the verandah that I had set up for blocking my knitting. The power has been off too, but I have some candles and matches at the ready!!

Wild Wild Wet Wind
So it's just a week, a week in the presence of duty, and then I can be off duty for a while. I plan to knit, and sew and maybe reply to my comments. I LOVE replying, it's not a chore or a duty, and neither are social outings!!! Right now I am going to make a hot water bottle - one without a hole poked with a knitting needle, and then sit on the couch with a cup of tea and watch the 7pm ABC news!!!

Monday Munchies #24 should have appeared by now. Happy cooking!!


Rose Red

Look at Gilly's ears!! Too funny. Glad they were good girls for Nanny and Aunty!

I'm sure your oven won't mind you eating out, as we all like a holiday now and then. And I'm sure you'll make up for it after all your gallivanting has finished!


Look at Gilly's ears flying! :o)
Sounds exhausting to me too, with all your outings! At least it's not HOT and humid like it's here!


Wow, that's some wind!!

Hope you get lots of interludes of cups of tea and resting :)


We got the windy horrible weather yesterday morning. I was still in bed due to Isabelle keeping me up with a tummy ache until after 1:00. Of course she felt better the next morning and headed off to school bright eyed and I was left dreary and tired. Hope your doctor's visits dont take too long but at least you have some knitting to keep you occupied. Your doggies look as though they could just leap in the air and fly away!


It sounds like you definitely need a big rest-up now!!

I know how important the social outings are when you aren't in tip top shape :) I have my knitting Guild meeting tomorrow & while I'm not really up to it, I'd have to be six feet under to miss it!! LOL

Enjoy your knitting & sewing this week Cindy, I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labour.


You have been so busy! Enjoy some sitting about with your feet up time! What silly bunny ears =)


That sounds like one heck of a storm!

Good luck with the hectic week; I hope it goes well.


I hope your weather improves, but it sounds like you have lots of lovely distractions in the meantime. The hot water bottle and tea with a good program sounds just marvelous!


love those doggie ears flying!!!!

been very cold and windy here too.



oh i know what you mean about socialising. it is a lot of fun but also so draining, its a relief when its over. i hope you recover soon and get a chance to cook up a storm of your own (haha bad pun)!


Waiting is never quite as bad when there's knitting to be done. Enjoy your crazy knitting weather, too! I always feel a lot more inspired when the weather is crappy.


I don't know how you do it Cindy you are so busy, the storm was pretty cool wasn't it, a bit scarey at times but I do love a thnderstorm xx

Laurie (Moo!)

I DO love this reference " a week, a week in the presence of duty," to Alison Moyet! Such a beautiful song! You put on a happy face and the girls behaved. Hope you got the time you needed to rest.

Jennifer Rose

busy busy!! lol at gilly's ears :D i love getting replies to comments :D (wish I could do the same)
that is some wind you had!


How funny are Gilly's ears while she is running. It sounds like you had a good but very busy week. Knitting, sewing and time out for oneself is always good.


eeek! wild weather!!
Are those foam letters good for blocking? I nearly bought some today for that very purpose, but decided to sleep on it...


Gilly's ears!! Love! I hope you are all well. x

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