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Monday Munchies #24

I Sing The Baby Electric

Baby Electric had her First Birthday party today. Her actual birthday is this week, but Auntie and Uncle Dutch are off on a ca-ra-ravanning# holiday and you can't have a party without Grandparents.

There was Fairy Bread, made with proper spherical 100s and 1000s and not the soft Sprinkles. Mr and Mrs Electric have a brand new house and the front is painted bright lime green. It's a great house!!

Babies know little and remember less about their first birthday and so it was really a gathering of family and friends and babies!!! There was a cake and singing and lots of bubbles being blown. Here is a picture where everyone's identity is almost completely obscured. Just the way I like it.

Baby Electric's party

And yes, I do know that I left my camera on the table and certain people took photos. I heard you discussing taking a picture of the dip!!!

I sewed a dolly for Baby Electric. It is from the free Black Apple tutorial. She is all hand stitched and to make her 3D I cut out six pairs of the body shape from cotton batting, each 5mm smaller than the last. I layered them from biggest to smallest to biggest again and basted them together. The Dolly is made from linen and cotton fabric. Then I knitted her a little scarf, it's really cold today!!Baby Electric likes dollies.


I also knitted an Aviatrix Hat, this time with some 10 ply, I think. It fits her perfectly!!

Baby's hat

Last night it was -2* C and this morning at 10am on our walk, the puddles were still frozen over. Lorelai Gilmore was so happy to be on her walk, and will now demonstrate the icy puddles!!!

Look how happy Peri was today!!

Peri in the Sun

Peri had very funny ears yesterday. I am not sure why her ears are all Flying Nun, but she seems very happy nonetheless!!

Eary Peri

Peri and Lorelai Gilmore run about madly for half an hour or so, and they are not puffed out at all.

Gilly's not puffed out
I think our Winter is so easy to bear because even though it is cold, icy even, the sky is a clear blue. We do have fog, drizzle and overcast days, but who could be cross about such a beautiful sky? An aeroplane was flying overhead when I took this photo.

Blue skies shining on us 

Monday is a holiday so MrsDrWho has an extra bonus school holiday. Tomorrow I am going to visit, I hope, and we will watch Doctor Who on her big TV!! Now it is time to fill the hot water bottle, shepherd The Labradors outside and then back to bed and under their blankets. Lorelai Gilmore always insists on sleeping in everyone else's spot. She's a rummun. Peri is much better and likes to sleep in her spot, with her blanket arranged just so

#How I loved Adventure Island. Clown lived in a ca-ra-ravan.



Oh how I love this dolly! How I wish it was my birthday gift! :o) The hat is super cute too. YOu are lucky to be able to knit for a baby!
Just yesterday I thought, well yes, summer has arrived, but today it's raining.
Ha, Gilly is so much like Denny. Everybody elses bed is their bed. When I want to get into my bed, I have to lift the blanket first and roll hiim off to the other side. :o)

Rose Red

Ha ha, Peri's ears really are very Flying Nun, that's very cute!


The 'sketch' picture came out really neat! I try that sometimes with mine, but they've never come out that well. The doll is very sweet, what a lucky baby! And the hat too! You live in such an amazing looking place and the weather looks so nice all cool and crisp. I like that freshness that come with fall air and I think labs do too. They run so fast, just like mine! I love the ears and the happy expressions, as always!


brrr i can feel the cold in that misty photo! and when its my birthday, can you make me one of those dolls?! i completely adore it!!


flying nun!!!
I love it!!!!


Your very clever with your obscured photo. The little doll looks very cute. I saw that being made on the Martha Stewart show a few weeks ago by the designer. What yarn did you use for your aviatrix hat, it looks so lovely.

Dennis the Vizsla

Giant Doctor Who? All right, life-size scarf! (I know the current Doctor doesn't have a scarf but to me the Doctor will always be the Fourth Doctor.)


Gorgeous dolly - and I may have to make a grown up aviatrix for running in the mornings - it has been very frosty......

I am on holidays for 4 weks now and am looking forward to gett things done and decluttered and to sewing and such - and to watching some of the things I have taped

I am also planning a solo trip to your neck of the woods....

Lynne S of Oz

You stole our blue sky! It was meant to be sunny today but it wasn't. I think I'll pout now. Nyeh!
(Must attach a big wink to this ;-)
Love the pic of the wallaby from the other day - all very mysterious (*mist*erious?).
Cute hat and dolly :-)
And BBRRRR! Cold!


heh Happy doggies! Love the doll, she's lovely. Hope you are enjoying watching Doctor Who on the big tv!


Frozen puddles!!! Brrrrrr!!


hehe my husband says he is glad he did not take any rude photos on your camera...... he thinks he so clever and devious......but not as clever as you!!!


well your interestingness has come back, pity about the reoccurring earache *boo!* sounds like you had a lovely time, and clearly the labs did too. i totally agree, 100s and 1000s all the way, none of those crappy sprinkles business! they are not allowed anywhere near my house (and now i have a craving for fairy bread!)
loved the vid, your voice was not at all as i imagined it (not that i could actually tell you how i expected it to sound, just not like that) do you have a some english heritage?
new hot water bottle and ear ache disappearance hopefully on its way!

ps. that is one cool aviatrix hat, love it indeed!!


Whats a rummun? xx


Such a cute dolly & knitted hat.....lucky Baby Electric!!

Flying Nun Ears, frozen puddles & clear blue skies....the girls look very happy!!

Laurie (Moo!)

Ice puddles are so much fun! LOL! Love the dolly and knitted hat. How can Baby Electric not love them?

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