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Monday Munchies #26

If She Has To, She Can Do Anything.

I had a little moment in the car this morning listening to the radio, a teary moment. I am a Feminist. (shock, horror) Apparently it's not popular now to be a Feminist.  For me, Feminism is a belief in social, political, and economic equality.

I know, me!!!: a knitting, cooking, sewing, teaching woman, I believe in Feminism. But I do. Thanks to my dad, who told me I could do, and be, anything I wanted. Thanks to the nuns at school who pooh-poohed the priests' idea that we should all get married and have lots of little Catholics without exploring any other possibilities.  They said go to Uni, have a career: explore. And thanks to me, because I always believed that I was equal, even when it was clear things were skewed the other way, I believed.

Today something happened that I truly believed never would, we have a female Prime Minister: Julia Gillard.

Julia Gillard

Sure, it's not a miracle bullet, but it's a big step in the right direction. I've been singing this all morning, can't help myself. Join in, you know you want to!!!!


Judy Edmonds

I too am a proud feminist who knits, sews, cooks and is a stay-at-home mum because I believe that choosing to raise my children myself is a proper feminist choice. I am proud as punch that we have a female Prime Minister!!!


I am a Feminist too! I first heard Helen Reddy's song at abour age 7 or 8 and was so inspired by it even though at that age I had no idea of Feminism that song has stuck with me. It's great Julia is Prime Minister and i am sure she will do a fab job, not great how she got there


I'm with you fairly well on your feelings. I would rather it was not a necessary thing to comment on the female gender of the prime Minister. She's the Prime Minister, just as all who have gone before her have been. As a teacher, I have some misgivings about her performance in the My Schools issue, although she seems efficient in other areas. I'll wait and see.

Yes, I'm happy she's a woman in the position. No, I believe gender should not be an issue.

Rose Red

I know exactly what you mean! And I remember loving "I am Woman" when it came out, even though I was only about 4 or 5. For some reason, it always resonated with me!


Congratulations to Australia! The USA is often woefully provincial when it comes to women in politics. I hope your new PM is not known just for being female, but for being a leader with integrity who does great things for her country.


I'm not sure I could enunciate the ways in which "I am Woman" resonates with me - I grew up in a family that expected me to do well and to grow up to have a career, and since I liked school, university was always the goal. I know there are many my age (and younger!) who started at a disadvantage due to family and community expectations. I do know that the efforts of the feminists who went before made it possible for me to have the education I have, to run my own financial affairs, to have a career and further education and children and be respected for doing so.
It is a great step forward for Australia to have a female Prime Minister, and I look forward with interest to seeing what happens now...


I too wish we lived in a society where being a 'woman' Prime Minister was not the event/achievement that it is today. It is such a shame about the way her leadership was brought about....not good!!

I certainly wish her well as she is going to have all spotlights upon her & her decisions.


Just a quick adendum....while out at dinner with friends tonight, the main topic of conversation about her leadership was how good her hair looked!!?? Let's hope she doesn't have to fall into the 'first lady' mode now that she's PM.


Those "girlie" activities don't make you less of a feminist! The point is that you do them because you WANT to, not because it is all you are ALLOWED to do. I don't follow internatioal politics as well as I probably should, but I did see the election results today. I don't know Julia Gillard, but I hope she kicks butt!

Laurie (Moo!)

Sing on, Sister! No reason a woman can't do the job!!


go get em Julia - you've done us all proud !


You know there are still plenty of feminists around in the younger generations - I am! We're just not so vocal, probably cos we don't have so much to fight for these days. Feminists these days seem to do everything, including knit! because they can. I felt quite proud yesterday, but i also felt sad for Kevin, especially when he cried :(


I too am a feminist - and all too often I hear young women saying - I am not a Feminist - but.......
This worries me deeply. I am very proud of Julia though - and I didn't mind Kevin - I just thought he was a big picture boy who didn't always think tings through!


I mentioned feminism to my teenage neighbour, and she asked what it was!


i have only just llearnt of this wonderful news as i am in denmark on holiday. i think it is a great move forward for australia to have a female pm. i am woman hear me roar.
i hope my dogs are doing fine without us to spoil them.


I'm another feminist (of the homebody variety too.) I felt so proud to finally have a woman as our prime minister, and so heartened by the supportive comments that I've heard from men in the media.

Some of the little girls I work with at school were jubilant that another "girl" had the top job.

We can do anything!

Dennis the Vizsla

You go, Australia! :-D


rebecca west said once that she didnt know what a feminist was, but she knew that people called her one when she expressed sentiments that differentiated her from a doormat or a prostitute. in this sense, and in many others, i think there are many battles still to be fought for and by feminism. it is important that we have a first female PM because gender is still an obstacle to true equality. but what i really like about julia is that she is a good person, is intelligent, articulate and compassionate and believes in what she says. i cried when she was sworn in.


Wow! That is great for Australia! Wish we had more women at higher political levels here. I am a feminist too and sometimes can't believe how backwards some people in my own generation seem to me! (Even though I'm the one gardening, crafting, cooking, etc. =))


It's pretty bloody brilliant, isn't it!!! Real history in the making.


the whole feminism isn't fashionable thing is so sad isn't it? I bet all those young women who don't identify as feminist (such a dirty word!) were celebrating Julia getting the top job. Pft. Silly girls !

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