Monday Munchies #24
I Go: Week. Week In The Presence Of Duty.

Oven You, Is Easy 'Cause You're Beautiful

Any thought of ringing the doctor's surgery was banished when kind friends from somewhere on The Continent arrived and this happened:

And then this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At long last: love!! My new oven and hot plates are in situ at last. So far I have roasted a lovely organic chicken and some vegetables(potatoes, parsnip, pumpkin, sweet potato, onion and carrot with some sadly insipid gravy- I was too hungry to wait for browning to happen) and in the morning we will have two sorts of scones for morning tea: sweet and savoury!! Then I am making something with rhubarb and something lemony and a bit later on something chocolatey!!! I am in cooking heaven!!


The chemist gave me some saline spray for me ears. She's not bonkers, she thinks my ear ache is actually my sinuses again, which makes sense. So I have been spraying the salty water up my nose, and surprisingly, I feel a little better!!! I shall try for an appointment in the morning. I have no other appliances languishing anywhere!!

Sadly, my new sewing machine has to be packed off to, possibly, Mrs Reno's dad to be looked at. The Labradors' Sewing Machine Incident did not pan out well. But look at the two of then snuggled up together on the couch!! I can't stay cross, though I am having a tiny Georgette Heyer Decline, just a teeny tiny one. I am sure once I have the contents of an ocean up my nose I will feel much better!!!

Cuddle pups


Rose Red

Hello lovely new oven! Hope you are ready for a workout!


oh my what a lovely oven you have!!!! happy baking ahead. I think the saline up the nose as gross as it sounds, is THE BEST thing ever, it really really works xx


oh a new oven! My kingdom for a new oven! You are very lucky Ms2Paw!


Oh yummy, that sound delicious! All of it!
I love the pups snuggling! It's the best times when they do that.


Awwwww, the labs still snuggle like they are little puppies!! So sweet!

Aren't you lucky with the new oven! Looks fantastic as does your cooking! Wish I could just pop over to try some, LOL!

I hope the sewing machine will be fixable. And your ear. The labs will think you have flippy floppy ear when they see you using ear spray ;)


I tell you I thought my doctor was nuts when he declined to give me antibiotics for an awful sinus infection I had last year and instead said to use that salt water. But lo and behold, it worked after only one day. It changes the pH and the little bacteria can't survive it! Marvelous! Now as for those pooches; you must not have been cooking that yummy meal in your new oven when you took that picture of them on the couch because if they are anything like my Rat Pack, they would've been pacing the kitchen!


What a feast you are having with your new oven!
I hope the sinuses clear's very annoying isn't it!
Beautiful puppies :)


the doggies look very sweet and the new cookware look amazing - its great to have good friends that help out when needed isn't it :)


How fantastic that your friends put your new oven in for you. You will be cooking up a storm by the sounds of it. The scones sound delicious. I had an uncle who used to cook savoury scones and they were actually quite nice too. Hope your feeling much better soon with your ear aches, they can be very painful.


there is nothing more frustrating than a bad oven. i think i love mine. sad, but true. glad to see its getting a good workout. your girls are so sweet! and rapsberry.


a new oven!!how noice!!!!

and cuddling pups on the lounge......too cute!!!


I hope your saline spray works very well :)

I have fallen in love with my vaporiser - I've used it enough nights now that I am SURE it is keeping my nose unblocked! Last night I had to switch it off very early (the noise keeps Mr Bon awake) and lo and behold, for the first time since getting the vaporiser, I woke up with a blocked nose.

Sometimes simple things really do work wonders, with a lot less risk than strong medications.

Dennis the Vizsla

Awww, those are some good cuddles!

Jennifer Rose

*steals oven* ;) nice looking oven :D glad the saline is helping, often the simple things that work the best (I always used saline to clean out my facial piercings, less harsh then many soaps)

awww they looks so sweet and innocent sleeping together like that :D

Highland Quilter

Eww!! An Ocean up your nose!! Love your new the creative juices will flow now!! Cathyx


I am waiting for my dinner to cook as I read this and my mouth is watering!!!
That's a beautiful photo of the labs.
Glad you're feeling better too.


Hurrah for new ovens!

Here's hoping the saline works (fingers are crossed)


So I guess Monday Munchies is going to be full of even more lovely yummies now that you have that nice new sparkly stove!

Fletcher has one of these saline nasal sprays & it works great for him....I hope you get some relief Cindy.


Lovely new oven & no wonder that you are in cooking heaven. I am planning to replace my 10 year old oven too.


Wow, lovely new oven! How fun to be able to christen it with lovely yummy food.

I am jealous too as we currently have no usable oven until the real estate agents find a new fan. *sigh* I shall enjoy oven cooking vicariously through your blog! :)

The photo of the doggies all cuddled is so cute!

Laurie (Moo!)

A new oven! Hoorah!! And you're off to the cooking races!
I swear by saline spray! With horrible allergies, it keeps my nose "open" and Tom uses it because our allergy spray dries him out something terrible. The saline staves off very bad nosebleeds.
The girls look like little puppies. Give them a squinch for me?

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