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The World's Mine Oyster, Which I With Sword Will OPAM*

So a little late, but here is my May Finished Item for OPAM. I finished it early and then with my cold, forgot to post. I have now added links to each month's finished items in the sticky OPAM post at the top.

I wanted to use all the fabric I received in the swap, so I added a few more green ones and then made a simple nine square pattern on the front. The emerald background colour is found in every square, so that was very lucky. On the back I used my favourite lime colour and a strip of the other three fabrics. I wrote the names of the swap participants in the corner and I will embroider over them anon.

FQSwap quilt Not a very good photo, but I was determined to post and it was already dark outside and I had to battle not only the encroaching night, but The Labradors as well. The weather has been unseasonally warm: 17*C on Monday.

Here's Peri luxuriating in the Sun and possibly rolling in something smelly.

Wriggly Peri
Here's Lorelai Gilmore at full pelt!!!

Look out here comes Gilly
I am feeling slightly better: thank you every one who left well wishes for me, the cold has gone and I am left with a twitching eye, which is so annoying, and an ear ache. Mind you I have lain in bed, and missed a walk and not even knitted or read at all. Being poor is par for the course, I just get cross sometimes and forget to be glad I'm not worse off.

Thank you MrsDrWho who gave me a present today: some lovely dog fabric which I adore!!! I have it in my mind that I want to sew a kind of coin quilt with my green and dog fabric stash. I quite like the idea of doing one piece a day and I think I could achieve that goal. I might start in July, the beginning of the financial year. We'll see.......

* The Merry Wives of Windsor