Ill Met By Daylight
Monday Munchies #23

The World's Mine Oyster, Which I With Sword Will OPAM*

So a little late, but here is my May Finished Item for OPAM. I finished it early and then with my cold, forgot to post. I have now added links to each month's finished items in the sticky OPAM post at the top.

I wanted to use all the fabric I received in the swap, so I added a few more green ones and then made a simple nine square pattern on the front. The emerald background colour is found in every square, so that was very lucky. On the back I used my favourite lime colour and a strip of the other three fabrics. I wrote the names of the swap participants in the corner and I will embroider over them anon.

FQSwap quilt Not a very good photo, but I was determined to post and it was already dark outside and I had to battle not only the encroaching night, but The Labradors as well. The weather has been unseasonally warm: 17*C on Monday.

Here's Peri luxuriating in the Sun and possibly rolling in something smelly.

Wriggly Peri
Here's Lorelai Gilmore at full pelt!!!

Look out here comes Gilly
I am feeling slightly better: thank you every one who left well wishes for me, the cold has gone and I am left with a twitching eye, which is so annoying, and an ear ache. Mind you I have lain in bed, and missed a walk and not even knitted or read at all. Being poor is par for the course, I just get cross sometimes and forget to be glad I'm not worse off.

Thank you MrsDrWho who gave me a present today: some lovely dog fabric which I adore!!! I have it in my mind that I want to sew a kind of coin quilt with my green and dog fabric stash. I quite like the idea of doing one piece a day and I think I could achieve that goal. I might start in July, the beginning of the financial year. We'll see.......

* The Merry Wives of Windsor


Rose Red

Love the action shots of the girls - especially Gilly with tongue and ears a-go-go!

I have been watching the French Open tennis on the Foxtel - it's unseasonably cold in Paris - at 17C!


your quilt looks fabbo indeed! well done you for finishing it so quickly and the new fabric is adorable!!!! hasn't it been warm, it's just so damn annoying!


"possibly rolling in something smelly" - I get the impression that happens a lot! That made me laugh.

Gorgeous fabric!


Lovely quilt - I love the idea of embroidering the names and year on it :)

I am always trying to get a photo or video of Tess rolling, but the cheeky little miss always leaps up when she sees a phone or camera!!


Oooo ~ I think that the quilt is gorgeous too!

I'm glad you're better. I developed an eye twitch last year in Vietnam ~ I thought it would never go away.

Pats to the dogs and virtual hugs to you.


Your swap quilt is great!!! Who would have known you didn't choose those fabrics together? And your dog fabric is so fun. I can't wait to see what you come up with! Hope that twitch settles. That is an annoying situation!


oh im quite sure it was something smelly! dont let her near that quilt, which is beautiful!


Great quilt!!!

love the pics of the dogs!!!


I *love* that pic of Peri rolling!!! Your quilt looks fantastic and I like your 2paw signature ready for embroidering.

lynne s of oz

Cute quilt!
Yes, it is annoying being poorly - not so sick that you have to be in hospital or anything but not well enough to do more than exist and wait for tomorrow to come in hope it is nicer.


So glad you're feeling better Cindy.

Gilly certainly looks very happy running at full tilt :)

Such a lovely quilt. What a good friend MrsDrWho is to buy you some labradore fabric. Happy planning for your dog fabric & green fabric quilt!!


Sorry you have had a cold, but glad you are feeling better.
Your puppies always look so happy.
Love the doggy fabric from MrsDrWho.

Laurie (Moo!)

Goodness! I can't leave you alone for a second without you feeling poorly. :-( Glad you're on the mend. Love that fabric - it's so YOU!


Glad that you are better. The quilt looks great. I like the doggy material. I always admire nice materials but don't buy any as I don't sew.


Gah! Twitchy eye is an awful thing to have (I had that a few weeks ago).

The doggy fabric is adorable and I love how they're all on/wrapped in quilts!


I aam so glad that you are feeling better! I am missing so badly not having any internets! One more month to go!

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