Monday Munchies #28
I said Hello, Lolly, Well Hello, Lolly.

Bailey, Don't Be A Hero (Don't Be A Fool With Your Life)

In April last year I won tickets to see Dylan Moran, of Black Books fame. Yesterday I won tickets to see his partner in crime, Bill Bailey, in Bill Bailey Live 2010. I subscribe to the ABC Radio newsletter and last week you just had to click reply and tell the nice lady the show Bill Bailey was in: Black Books. Hurray for me!! Poor MrsDrWho can't come as she has to be elsewhere, so Mrs Reno is coming with me.

I have finished one of the Smittens. MrsGardyGardener has poorly hands so I made the fingers of the Smitten reach the first joint on every digit.

A smitten
I am trying to finish the other one by tomorrow but it doesn't look good. Yes, there are dog hairs. Both Peri and Gilly insist on sitting on Otto II. 

Peri Naughty is such a cute Labrador: she looks up at me (and it's not just because I have a treat for her) with her big eyes and her wet coat!!!

Peri Lovely
Lorelai Gilmore was quite concerned about the noise of the water cascading over the dam face. She kept running along and then standing stock still, all alert, with her legs and tail in that special 'Show' position.

Gilly alert
I am not sleeping at the moment. Last night I went to bed at 11pm and I was still awake at 3-30am, at which point I gave up and took the appropriate drugs. Today I have a headache and I feel so tired, but I am not having a nap and I am off to Trivia tonight, after which I should sleep like a log.

Two bargains today: a new top for $5 and a new Tamora Pierce book for $5 as well.

Melting Stones

Now I must set my DVD to record QI because they are starting from Episode 1 tonight: A for Adam and Eve!!!



Well done you! I would love to see Bill Bailey - he is very funny. A friend from work is going so I will have to hear jokes second hand. QI! Hooray!!

Rose Red

Well aren't you the lucky one! How exciting!

Hope you have fun at trivia withy your free meal (order up big!)


You're a winner!! (And grinning too, I'll bet!)

I have read Melting Stones, which was enjoyable, but would probably have made more sense if I'd read some of the predecessors.


oh I do love Bill Bailey well done winning tickets, it should be a great night. You knit sooo fast I am still going with my first fingerless mitten, I may have 2 by summer!! yours are lovely


Love the doggy pics as always. Peri looks very wise in this one. I have yet to knit Gloves.


I love the smittens! I believe I am developing arthritis and I bet a pair of those would be great on a cold day! Lovely cute Peri looks at you like that because she knows you are always there for her, even when she is all cold and wet!


Love the smitten! One day, in the far far future, when I actually learn how to knit properly (ok, possibly never) I have grand aspirations of making myself some smittens.

Hope you are sleeping better tonight! I gave up with going to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. It's almost 2am now and I'm almost ready to try.. back home from Perth with the bed to myself (and the meow) tonight so I'm hoping for a good one.


Oh, how lucky to see Bill Bailey! He is SO funny. I just happened to see a movie with him this week called Hot Fuzz, though it was from 2007. I must see Black Books soon.


You are a lucky lady to win the tickets. Love your mittens. I just knitted a pair for myself for my trip to Bendigo Wool Show & was too lazy to do the fingers.


I shall have to wave to if you I see you there tonight!
We shall have to have a recap tommorrow night.


ooo how exciting! I love Bill Bailey. I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time!!

Jennifer Rose

really hope you get some sleep! very regal pose gilly :)


I love Bill Bailey too! The Beardy episode of Black Books was my absolute favourite. Lucky you!
Hope your insomnia is a short lived thing. I suffer from it occasionally too ~ listening to AudioBooks sometimes puts me back to sleep...
Pats to the labs please. =)


Hurrah for winning tickets! Hope you have a wonderful time!

Gorgeous dog-a-logs, and isn't Gilly lovely in her 'show' stance.

The fingerless glove looks great - wonderful to keep sore hands warm, good luck on finishing the second.

And I do hope you have a deep, refreshing sleep tonight! I've not been sleeping well lately but last night had a wonderful sleep and doesn't it make a difference!? xo

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