Monday Munchies #30
OPAM Shut Them, Open Shut Them, Give A Little Clap!

Driving Miss Hazy

Oh, I just had a slight computer shock when I plugged MrsDrWho's camera into my computer: a blue screen with writing: apparently I had a Stop Error because my computer didn't recognise the driver. I don't really understand computery stuff. I know MrsDrWho puts her fingers in her ears and goes La La La when I talk technically about knitting and I am the same about computers. Truly, they are The Great Unknown. I can turn mine on and off and anything else is really beyond me. I don't understand bits and bytes and drivers at all. Of course I used computers in my classroom and taught the children to be computer 'literate' and to use educational programs, but the rest?? I'm just a little hazy about it all. I know I could decide to educate myself, but really, time is of the essence and I don't really want to waste it doing something I don't care too much about.

Luckily, when I turned the computer back on, it went.

Peri spent a lazy afternoon in the chair, bereft of it's cushion and material. She was sulking earlier because Lorelai Gilmore kept stealing her toy. I don't blame her one bit.

Peri's afternoon nap
After much Frisbee stealing and hole digging, Lorelai Gilmore, too, succumbed to a sleepy afternoon on the couch. I sewed and watched Chuck while The Labradors slept.

Gilly's lazy afternoon
I also knitted and one Puppy Glove is complete. I have started the second and I'm up to the Hand part.

One lonely puppy glove
I also bought the embroidery thread to make my first Garden Patch. The first picture shows the colours, in order, as required by the pattern:

Dirty Blue, Soft Green, Dark Brown, Fawn, Charcoal, Soft Blue and Dirty Pink.

Required colours
And here are the colours I have chosen. I am not subtle or sophisticated, let's face it!! I like my bright colours.

My colours
Two Happy Girls on their walk. It's been wet here. Wet, foggy, sunny and not too cold at all. Perfect walking weather.

Happy wet walks
Now I'm off to Triv. We're being chauffeured tonight so we can partake of a few glasses of our wine winnings.



gorgeous pics

Rose Red

Good luck at Trivia!

I do the La La thing too when it comes to computers. And cross my fingers and hope for the best!


I am the same with computers I want them to turn on and off and work well in between anything else and I glaze over. I like your embroidery thread colours I am doing My Garden too and I am not using the required colours I want something bright!


Yay I saw you and mrsdrwho at triv!!! I left early so I don't know who won. Was it you?


Wait....where'd the puppy go? LOL, they grow so fast dont they. Even Emma suddenly looks more like a little dog than a puppy *sniffle*


I just LOVE the last photo of your girls! :o)))


Don't blame Peri at all; I'd sulk too. And Gilly still looks like a puppy to me when she's lying down!

Jennifer Rose

glad the computer is all right, don't need anymore tech gadgets messing up
those are 2 very happy looking puppies :D


I thought of you the other day as I was driving up Highway 101. In front of me was a teeny tiny Toyota Corolla with the two biggest Labradors I've ever seen stuffed in the back seat. Of course they both had their heads out their respective windows. It was such a happy car. =)


Oh and I wanted to give you this link although I'm quite sure you're probably already familiar with this crazy woman. :)


After a good nap, the labs are ready for anything! They are really grinning in that last pic! I like your color choices and can't wait to see them worked together!


The Puppy Love glove looks great. I am not good with the computer too but I am lucky to have my 15 year old at my beck & call. She is a gadget geek & can do almost anything.


They DO look happy.

Lynne S of Oz

Subtlety is not my forte either, as you may have guessed! Love the shot of Peri in the chair.
Heh. I forgot to do the word verification thing and typepad hates me now. LOL

Laurie (Moo!)

Shouldn't everyone rest at the same time? ;-)

Your Garden Patch is going to be so much happier than dictated. Hooray!


i think your colour substitutions are really nice! and i think knitting while dogs are sleeping close by is one of my favourite feelings in the world. they both look very well and happy! looooove the glove too.


oh my - what tired puppies! Your embroidery threads look so pretty together - great colour choices!


Oh poor Peri losing all her toys :( My daughter moved back in recently with her Australian Bulldog, Harley & we are experiencing territory wars here :( Daisy has been pinching all of Harleys toys LOL.....I think it's her only way of exerting her authority & achieving a 'one over' on Harley :D

Gilly looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth...all sleepy & sweet!!

Your Puppy Glove is looking great....I really need to get motivated to finish the ones I have already started....trying to get my knitting mojo back here.


I quite agree those bright colours are much nicer. And I adore the smiles in that last photo of your puppies!


Hope Trivia went well and you all enjoyed some of your wine winnings!

I love the colours you have chosen for your Garden Patch. We seem to share a like of the same colour groups.

Hope your weekend has been lovely!

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