Bailey, Don't Be A Hero (Don't Be A Fool With Your Life)
I Said My, My, My, I'm Once Mitten, Twice Shy, Babe!!

I said Hello, Lolly, Well Hello, Lolly.

It's so nice to have you back where you belong: that's in my handbag, being taken to The Princess!!! These mixed lollies are from The Hospital Kiosk and they are the best selection. I have arranged them by colour. The mixed lollies were then re-arranged and Mrs Reno's skewed towards the chocolate side and mine, obviously, did not. But Mrs Reno brought Liquorice Allsorts!! Yum!! You have to have lollies at The Theatre. It's The Rule.

Mixed lollies by colour

Bill Bailey was very good. His theme was Doubt. He certainly engaged with the audience and was ready with the quick retort. Very funny. There was not as much musical amusement as I would have liked, but I was not disappointed with the show at all. It was an excellent way to spend two hours and the theatre was packed full with a wide cross section of people. Here, as promised, is my out of focus, badly composed, sneaky photo of the stage at The Princess.

  The Stage The Stage
Peri and Lorelai Gilmore were off doing something nefarious today on our walk.

Peri is a grub

Gilly is a grub
Not even a dip in the creek will wash these puppies clean again. See all the ice on the grass???

Washing Lady MacBeth clean
My email has been having a conniption and any Typepad replies before 24th June were being tagged as Junk when I tried to reply. After two emails the email people have completed a 'back-end' solution and my email works again. I  shall be able to send of my replies tout suite!!!

Tonight we went to Knitting in the Pub (Where I stopped knitting when I got to the first finger of the Smitten number 2. Chatting and tricky knitting don't mix!!) and I had half a very nice pizza with goat's cheese, herbs and tomato but I am desperately thirsty. I have come home and had three cups of tea with lemon and I am still thirsty. I don't eat much salty food and when I do, I really notice the effect!!! I'll need another cup or two, maybe peppermint tea, and then it's bedtime.


Rose Red

Mixed lollies - YUM! So hard to find a place that does mixed lollies any more. I remember buying bags of mixed lollies on the way home from school from a great supermarket (no longer there) - it had the BEST selection.

Highland Quilter

ANd I bet you were up and down all night with all those cups of tea!!! LOL CAthyxx


Oooh delicious mixed lollies! We used to have "glucose lollies" sold at our canteen (what a peculiar name!) and they were SO tasty. Now that I'm on the vego-express I avoid foods with gelatin, so bye-bye most lollies!

Uh oh, naughty dogaloggs! Love the look on Peri face, priceless grin!

I find food with MSG has the same effect on me - an unquenchable thirst for the rest of the day/night - not good!


those pups are very brave to go in that icy water !


Mmm, those lollies look delicious!!

We saw Bill Bailey too, and I was a bit disappointed :( I think because he made a lot of jokes about bands/current music, and most of the time I hadn't heard of the band/singer at all, or not enough to get the joke, anyway!


I do have a soft-spot for Bill Bailey (probably because he reminds me of my dad, but with the ability to tell a joke!)


So glad you had a lovely time at the theatre....particularly with those yummy mixed lollies :)

The dogs may look dirty...but they certainly look happy. It reminds me of when the kids used to go out in the rain & play in the mud....except your girls are in the creek instead!!

I have a similar response to salt....& I won't mention what happens with chilli!! LOL I had some at an engagement party last night & here I am still up at 5 in the morning :(

Laurie (Moo!)

The girls did a fine job, whatever it was!

Allsorts. YUM! Good at the theater and everywhere else!

Lynne S of Oz

Sounds like you had a good night out!
I got you a little something from Bendi. You'll never guess what colour it is.... :-)


I love that photo of the puppies in the creek. I missed the Bill Baily show unfortunately. We love Black Books in our house - My flatmate for years is very much like Manny in character and as messy as Bernard!

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