I said Hello, Lolly, Well Hello, Lolly.
Monday Munchies #29

I Said My, My, My, I'm Once Mitten, Twice Shy, Babe!!

Ta Da!!! I have finished the Smittens. I like them so much I am making myself some Smittens for my July OPAM. I used the Bhren's pattern, which is free. I knitted the smallest size with Helix 8ply and 4mm needles. I did make the fingers all longer with ribbing but next time I am going to knit and just have two or three rounds of ribbing at the top.

The Smittens
Here is the start of my first mitten, as yet un-named. I am using  Zara Merino, in green and on 3.75mm because I want them to be more dense and the knitted fabric to be finer. This sounds like a contradiction in terms, but I know what I mean.

My mittens started
It has been so wet recently, that we are inside most of the day. On Sunday we don't walk and so today there has been the unexpected opening and distribution of a box of tissues (guess who??) and a lot of manic leaping about inside. Peri prefers to nap, on the couch, under a blanket. Peri is sensible, she sits outsde in the Sun.

Peri sits in the sun
But Lorelai Gilmore says, in the rain today, "Nothing to see here, move along"....

Look over there says Gilly
"Nothing to see here at all, really...".

Nothing, says Gilly
But when I go up the stairs I can see that my attempt to stop her digging a hole in the mud has failed. Dismally. She's just made a little paddle pool for the lemon and lemon juice to float in. 

Gilly and her puddle of mud
She is slowly, but surely, whittling away the grass and making mud. I will have to plant something there, but I have no idea what. What grows in muddy, lemony puddles??? You may be sure that the inside of the house is muddy too.

I popped into Knits, Needles and Woo (not a typo, their sign at the entrance to the arcade displayed this for so long that the name has stuck) to buy the Zara and I saw this lovely wool:

Oooooh, lovely Wool
It is the same wool I used for MrsDrWho's socks and I am considering the greens on the right, there"s a bright green and one with more teal. A cardigan I think!! Of course first I have to finish my Stargate Cardigan and that's next after my OPAM mittens.

I have been proof reading some reports today, thus far I have read twelve and now I have a slight headache from concentrating on something important!! I'll have a cup of tea and maybe a nap before Little Dorrit tonight. The Labradors have woken up and are in desperate need of pats and cuddles!! I must oblige them immediately!!!!



Your mitts look fantastic and I love the green Zara too, just gorgeous! Naughty puppy digging holes. Our kelpie has done that all over our backyard but nothing stops him from doing it. I am just thankful that we havent done up the backyard yet as otherwise it would be a nightmare! The wool on the shelf looks so nice, cant wait to see how it knits up.


oh I love your Smittens, you must buy that Loyal Print for a cardi, it is divine!!! I too am waiting for Little Dorrit I love it and wish it was going for many more weeks


You know, for a doggie who has been digging in mud, Gilly has remarkably clean legs!! I'm quite impressed. The rainy muddiness does get boring, doesn't it? We've just started some nice fine weather after a period of rain, which is lovely - except the freezing mornings!

Your green mitten yarn looks lovely :) and I love the name "Knits, needles and woo" - fantastic!!


I *love* Little Dorrit! Had to get the dvd so I could watch it all the way thru a few times! Have been thinking about watching it again lately. What a villain is Rigaud! There is so much good stuff in there...like the circumlocution office! And the names! Tite Barnacle, LOL!

What a good Peri and naughty Gilly!! There are several deep holes in our kennel that filled up with water during the recent rain! Sooo muddy!


how great was little dorrit? hard work to stay awake and alert, but i loved it. and i love your mittens! i really should make some. the zara is such a great choice, my zara cardi from last year is still as smooth and lovely as the day i finished it, and thats a good thing for mittens i think!


Lovely Smittens. Mittens do come in handy these days with the cold mornings especially when I am driving my daughter to school at 7.30am.


I've been making a pair of fingerless mitts for Fletcher for over a year now!! I just picked them up the other day. I have never done the finger bits before & got a bit stumped over how & where to do the cast on. I've done one, but I'm not that happy with it :( ......so it's on the burner at the moment! Your's look great :) Good luck with picking the wool for some for you....both colours look great!

A prickly plant would probably keep Gilly from the mud.....but she looks sooo happy LOL


Hmm...yarn ...

That green merino looks very soft (almost squiggy if I dare say).


Immediate pats and cuddles required!! *siren sounds* :D

Oooh i do enjoy knitting with the Zara wool, it's so wonderfully squidgy - your mitts will be deluxe!

Creative Lorelei trying to encourage you to plan t- she's even dug the hole for you to plant in! heheee

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