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Monday Munchies #27

Let's Talk About Socks, Baby.

A much better photo of MrsDrWho's Mr Spiggott Socks. I found the second sock on the chair outside the back door. I do not know why. It is a mystery.

The Mr Spiggott Socks 

Here is what greeted me when I came home from feeding MrsDrWho's kittens today:

Gilly and Peri at the gate
Our walking schedule has gone to hell in a hand-basket this week, and so they are all confused. I found some broad beans, scattered in the garden for them to find and devour, ameliorated the problem.

Here are my first two pieces of my Annus Vestis ( Year of the blanket, I tried quilt in the online translator but it translated it as 'quilt' so I improvised!!)

AV 1,2 I made some calculations and found that if I made the rectangle 12 x 24cm, my finished length would be 43.8m and I would have 17 'drops', each 24cm wide. That would give me unfinished dimensions of roughly 4m by 2.5m. Not very coin quilt at all. I revised the measurements to 10 x 18cm, which makes it a little easier to cope with.

I have decided I shall embroider the name of the month on the First of each month and then just the date number every other day. I did the $ because it is the start of the Financial Year and I think the colours in the fabric are suitably wintry. The second piece is Amy Butler and was a gift from Nora and so I embroidered her name. Two down, 363 to go!!



The girls are cute as always. That's a nice project you've started.

Rose Red

Sounds like sock2 was trying to make a run for it, only to discover it was useless on its own!


oh i know who had that sock!its so pretty, who could resist! at least it stayed in one piece.


gone to hell in a hand basket - that is awesome!

Dennis the Vizsla

"Where ya been?"

Laurie (Moo!)

So, they're really "MrsDrWho's Mystery Mr Spiggott Socks"! That's a real mouthful. Did you check the girl's teeth for "evidence"? I don't quilt but I do like the colors of your first two blocks.

Lynne S of Oz

Glad to hear that sock two showed up!
Love the coin quilt idea but I know that I'd end up with three pieces sewn together and a heap of random bits of material scattered around the house six months later.
I've turned into Rip van Winkle today! Hopefully I'll wake up enough to go out to tea tonight for my SiL-to-be's birthday....

Jennifer Rose

love those socks, so colourful! :D
aww *pets the girls* they look so pitiful behind the gate. Its pouring down rain here, so no long walks for Sky today which sucks since I wanted to take her up on the trails today and get some nice pictures of her running around.


That is quite a project you are undertaking! It will be fun to watch. And the girls should look into acting. From the looks on their faces one would swear you had left them for days!


Awww...those sweet innocent faces. ;-)


Oh the girls look so gorgeous standing at your gate! I can just imagine them racing around the backyard looking for beans LOL I don't think Daisy would do it for beans, but she certainly would for red capsicum. Only red mind you !!

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