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So Long, And Tax For All The Fish

Tax time is here. I know this is because appliances are carking it left, right and centre. It happens every year and if I was not so lazy I would link to years gone by. So far it has been the hair dryer, the sewing machine and yesterday my camera.

Carked it

I took photos on our walk and then put the camera in my bag and when I was at The Library it was broken. Somehow, somewhere, the screen must have been hit. Hard. I really can't remember it happening. I shall have to buy a new camera. Any recommendations?? Really, I do need some or I will just buy the exact same camera again. Not that I mind, it is good, and takes video as well as stills. Plus, as a bonus, I know how to work it and do the things I want to do.

This means that though I can take pictures, I can't look at the screen to see what I am doing, so all the photos from now on will be Surprise Pictures. MrsDrWho is of the opinion that it will make no difference to the pictures as I am so pants at photography any way!! I have to agree!!

I bought myself some small presents from Esme's shop to cheer myself up, but I am far from a Georgette Heyer Decline!!! First some gorgeous hand dyed embroidery thread. Quite a few lovely variegated greens. I had to choose as they are $6-60, so I could only have one.

Then an accidental purchase of one of Lynette Anderson's buttons which comes with a pattern for embroidery and appliqué. It is a Button of the Month and there will be ten I think, all on the garden theme, and at the end it will make something. I know not what. 

Flower button
And then because The BlackSpot of DoomLight had not have enough staff serving and I had to leave, I bought some polar fleece to make a hot water bottle cover for Mrs GardyGardener at Esme's as well. She wanted it to be blue, but I think this might be blue enough.

Cover me
I accidentally bought The Labradors an expensive chew bone. The label on the shelf said $3-99 but they were actually $9-99. Oh well, they enjoyed them!!! They both look really worried. I reckon they thought I was going to take these wonderful bones away from them. Gilly was not quite sure whether to play or eat!!

Peri and her ten dollar chew bone
Gilly and her ten dollar bone
My Puppy Gloves are coming along well. I have one finger, one thumb (one arm, one leg, one nod of the head: Keep moving) completed. I was going to knit whilst I listened to the talk at The Library, but I left one needle at home.

Almost one Puppy Glove
MrsDrWho is momentarily back from the Deep South, and so I am going to tea tonight. I am thinking of cooking a baked cheesecake this afternoon.

Meanwhile, I am waiting for one more piece of paper and then I can go and 'do' my tax return. Peri is helping. I know there is the word 'stress' in the picture, but I think Peri looks so happy and relaxed in the Sun. She's worn out form the excitement of Nineses (we have our Elevenses with The GardyGardeners early now)

Peri is helping with the Tax



Those garden buttons look sweet. Poor Gilly needs a rest after nineses.

Rose Red

Mmmmm i like the idea of nineses AND elevenses. Very clever you are!

(shhh, don't tell the taxman, but I haven't done my taxes from last year yet...I lost my group certificate - must get a replacement!)

While it's tempting to get a new model camera, it might be easier to get the same oe again - being familiar with how to use it cannot be overrated!


you Puppy Gloves look so gorgeous indeed, Ruby loves those bones too but she hasn't had one for ages, maybe it's time to spoil her. I am getting the Lynette Anderson BOM but in my usual style I haven't started it yet!!!! oh well, one day I will


Our new child safe camera is a Panasonic Lumix waterproof and shockproof. Model: DMC-FT1. Doesn't have zoom in and out bit, only an optical zoom but it will survive the kids so that was a good reason for getting it. I think they have a new model out so you might be able to pick up this model at a good price, depending on what your price limit is. Also does take video as well.

Lynne S of Oz

Boo hiss on the appliances front! I'd get the same/similar camera if I were you - if you like it and know how to use it. My current camera is nearly two years old and is showing its age. I think it has taken over 40,000 pics on three different continents now!
I bought a beater and a stainless steel footplated iron today. Hooray!


ooooh surprise photos sound exciting!
And how lucky you are to have a furry little helper for your taxes! hehe


i really recommend mine - the fuji finepix. Mine's a four year old model now so i'm sure the new ones are even more fab. It's totally a point and shoot digital. I've never read the manual and I do really well on it I think. Sean read that it's the camera photographers often have as their little digital model to carry around!


Good luck with the taxes. Sorry about the camera though. I'm very pleased with my Canon Powershot. It has video with sound, macro, manual, fully automatic and partially auto settings. It copes quite well with fluctuating light conditions. My slight complaint is that it wigs out with red and purple colours, but since you deal mostly with green (!) it shouldn't be a problem.

Dennis the Vizsla

Uh-oh. Now they're going to be expecting $9.99 bones every time.


Oh, the irony! Peri and "stress"!! My cameras are getting older, so I don't have any current recommendations. I hope you are able to find a replacement soon!


see, that happens to me too. also, the car will have something wrong with it when it goes for rego. i am cranky with the ATO, nearly 3 weeks and no return. grrr. iim with bells, her finepix is terrific and i am thinking of one myself. i have had a nikon coolpix and it is very good too.


Sorry to hear about the camera. I think it's not too bad to have surprise pictures. I don't really look at my pictures until I download them to the computer. I have a Nikon Coolpix too & it's great.


That hottie cover looks sooo snuggly & warm :)

I love that hand-dyed embroidery yarn & that button is gorgeous!

Your Puppy gloves are coming along nicely....lovely colour LOL

So glad the 'girls' have good taste & enjoyed their expensive treat!!


So Envious of your Bill Bailey win - he is such a funny man! Love your purchases! Very sorry to hear about your camera - I love your photos

I am feeling under the cold weather at present and sitting about coughing and being unwell....not that anyone around here ever notices (apart from the fact I shout less....)

Jennifer Rose

oh no your camera! :( those were pretty expensive bones! 0.o but hard to say no when the dogs really enjoy them

Laurie (Moo!)

Oh my goodness, your poor camera! Perhaps you should knit the next one a nice case. Maybe something felted? I kind of like the idea of "mystery" photos, tho.

Those lucky girls and their expensive bones. I'm sure they lasted longer than the others. HA! HA!

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