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Monday Munchies #31

OPAM Shut Them, Open Shut Them, Give A Little Clap!

The Puppy Gloves are complete. They were actually complete on Friday but I just haven't got around to posting them. I also didn't want to wear them walking until I had a fairly clean and tidy photo, so I am looking forward to warm fingers tomorrow morning!! These are my seventh OPAM project. I made two pairs, one for MrsGardyGardener and one for me.

Mine are knitted on 3.75mm dpns and I knitted the smallest size with the middle size length options. I also made the fingers much longer again. I used Zara Extra fine Merino wool. I love the colour. I think they are expensive gloves without fingertips, they cost $27, but then I'm worth it!! I used the Bhren's free pattern again.

Puppy Gloves
They need a wear and a wash to make the ladders in the cuffs settle down, but other than that, they are perfect: the fit, the colour, the scrumptious warmth. Perfect!!

For my August OPAM, I will be sewing. I will be sewing at least one skirt. I will have to sew more than that because I have signed up for Self Stitched September. I was thirteenth. I must have had a rush of blood to my head. The rules state that you should endeavour to wear something you have stitched every day in September. Doesn't have to be a new thing every day. It can be knitted, crocheted, embroidered, woven, sewn, even refashioned or maybe jewellery. I am going to exploit the rules to their very length, breadth and width, but I do need a few skirts. I think September will be warm enough for me to wear some Spring skirts. We'll see!! 

And now the Labradors. Peri has been having a wonderful time on our walks in the rain and mud. She is so happy her tail swishes with joy quite a lot of the way. I'm sure that's how she burned off those two kilograms!!!

Peri's swishy tail
Lorelai Gilmore, who added two kilograms but that is OK because she is still growing, often wonders where Peri goes to roll in all that wonderful smelly stuff. Somewhere up this hill??? (Yes)

Gilly longs for Peri
I have finally caught up on answering all my comments- from four months ago, way back when Harki died. It was lovely to look at her pictures and see how happy she was. The GardyGardeners planted a rose for Harki in my garden: Gold Bunny. It is a bush rose with lots of big, double yellow roses. I can see it from my front window with the three other roses. They only stopped blooming a few months ago, and any day now new shoots will start appearing.

Harki's Bunny Rose
Last night our Trivia team went out for burgers with our vouchers. I had a chicken burger, with a grilled chicken breast, egg, Cos lettuce and other yummy bits and bobs and two quite nice cups of tea.Today I had a long breakfast with The Dutches, and I took Brunchy Frittata, some special chocolate biscuits and a mud cake to say thank you to The Uncles for putting my oven in. Baby Electric was there and she momentarily wore her hat!! She is so cute!!! I had a big catch up nap this afternoon, and I am longing to start my Garden Patch embroidery but I think I should wait till I am wide awake tomorrow!!


Rose Red

oh, the Goldbunny rose is beautiful, a most fitting reminder of lovely Harki.

And you are most definitely worth Zara gloves, its a lovely yarn for lovely gloves for lovely Cindy!


What beautiful, bright cheerful roses :)

Gilly looks especially handsome! And Peri looks so happy :)


your gloves are gorgeous you are so clever. I have sewn up my wrist warmers and they are rubbish. I must admit defeat and realise I am a scarf knitter forever


Lovely mittens! Happy would be right with Peri in the mud, and Denny would be the one rolling along with her. :o) Reading about your lovely roses again, might my throat tight, thinking of our pups lost.
Wishing you a lot of fun with sewing this month!


of course I meant "made" not "might", don't know how that came out of my fingertips.


those gloves make me think it must be cold for your doggie walks. i do so miss my doggies, we have all tried to make up for it by befriending some of the hundreds of stray dogs in italy.

Laurie (Moo!)

Hooray for Puppy Gloves! Self Stitched September scares me. I know you can do it! :-D


goodness me.what a busy bee you are.
the gloves look wonderful!!!!
the labradors looks lovely..........such happy faces.


The Puppy Gloves are really worth the money as they are one of a kind & will look so lovely on your hands. I can't remember the last time I wore a skirt as I love wearing pants & shorts.


I think the roses are a lovely remembrance! I've been thinking about my old animal buddies as I've been digitizing old photos. They were all so sweet and dear to me.

September will be such an interesting challenge month for you. I'm sure you have a lot of things to wear each day, probably even more than one stitched item! Have you picked out fabric for your skirts yet? I do wish we had a good nearby fabric store here, but they went out of business awhile back.

Jennifer Rose

i love the green gloves! :D good luck with wearing something you made, its a cool challenge
and the girls look great and the roses are gorgeous :) it is so great that now with digital cameras it is so much easier to capture our pets and look at past pics


i am still in love with those gloves!! do you take commissions? i am entirely untalented when it comes to knitting and crocheted gloves just wouldn't have quite the same snuggness i don't think.

that is lovely that you have some beautiful long flowering roses to remember the wonderful harki by :)


What luxurious spring green gloves! The beautiful yellow roses are a sweet tribute to Harki.


The Puppy Gloves are exquisite and aren't you brave to knit fingers. Fingers scare me, so fiddlely. The Labradors are gorgeous as always; it looks like Peri has a tattoo on her back leg. Does it say, "I Love Stinky Things?"


ooooh big catch up nap sounds great! (mainly because I'm writing this comment at 5:54am when I'd rather be back in bed)

Lovely outings, they all sound like such fun and the tasty burger too!

Don't doggers LUFF smelly things to roll in?! And those woods you walk through look divine, for humanoid and doggoids alike!


I am so very pleased at how well your remembrance rose for Harki is doing. I think of her & you often :)

I hope for your sake that Peri doesn't go teaching Harki about 'smelly stuff'!!

Your Puppy gloves look lovely....I adore the colour!

Enjoy your sewing & wearing of hand-stitched garments in September....I'm looking forward to your posts about this :D


I love the rose - so vibrant!
I hope the sewing for SSS goes well (fingers will be crossed)

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