Monday Munchies #35
Self Stitched September Day 1

oPam's Labyrinth

Before OPAM, a quick thank you to my mum, MrsDrWho and all the other kind people who said that my sore, swollen throat was just that, not anything more horrible. I have some antibiotics to take and must keep up my rest and fluid intake. Ordinary healthy people would have been fine, but I need a boost for my poorly immune system. I should start feeling better anon. I have to wait two more hours till I can take my first tablet. So no Trivia for me tonight. Last week I won The Baffler, which is a Bottle of Wine voucher. Here are the four clues, there are two more but I guessed after these:

I am a liquid.

I may have an odour.

If you forget me there may be some damage.

My number is important to you.

I'll put the answer at the very end of the post.

Another One Project a Month post, the eighth!! My goal this month was to draft a pattern and sew a skirt. I achieved my goal. I drafted the pattern on Saturday and sewed my skirt on Sunday.

Crazy Lime Skirt
I always face the top, rather than use a waistband, but after a little while the zipper stop stops working so I added a rouleau loop and I have to find a button with a shank or make a shank for an ordinary one, and that should keep it fastened. My new machine sews beautifully, I had a minor malfunction at the start of the zip, but I am too lazy to fix it right now.

Rouleau loop
My skirt is for Self Stitched September, henceforth known as SSS. I have some more fabric ready to sew, I just have to cut out and whizz it up on the machine. I must also finish The TARDIS scarf, my Ducky Socks and catch up on embroidering dates and sewing my Coin Quilt strips for August.

I am on the look out for new green Summer shoes. It is almost eleven years since I had to leave work and so gradually my shoes have gone to the great shoebox in the sky, with few opportunities for green replacements.

Peri and Lorelai Gilmore have been posing especially for pictures on my blog. Peri is still looking slim, and she hadn't rolled in anything smelly before this picture. For which my nose is grateful!!

Peri Rampant
Lorelai Gilmore is just looking so gorgeous and so lovely!! She's getting to be such a big good girl now, a little less of a puppy. Which I am strangely sad about, because I do prefer Big Dogs!!

Gilly Rampant
My new beaters arrived, courtesy of George, and as soon as I am feeling better I shall email him. 

Just beat it

Oh, I have remembered the thing I wanted to share: Fi at InkberryBlue has designed her own crocheted fingerless mittens. They are called What The Dickens!! Meet them and make them!!

Now I am off to the couch with my hot water bottle and little quilt till 9-10pm when I can take my drugs and then go to bed. I've already been to bed for most of the day. I did take The Labradors for their walk, I trudged along and the gambolled through the bush, and I went to the doctor.

It's raining again, so if The GardyGardeners come tomorrow, I shall send them home with yesterday's cake!! Other than that, I plan to rest and wear things I've stitched in some way, shape or form. I expect I shall be posting every day to share what I have/am/will be wearing. Gird your loins, as I shall be girding mine!!

The Baffler Answer is: Sunscreen.


Rose Red

Sunscreen! I did not guess that at all!

Good luck on the Hunt for Green Shoes September! And also SSS - I look forward to seeing your creations.

And yay for George and the beaters!


As far as I can gather, most shoes are either black, red or purple! I own shoes in all of these colours and have been looking for others.

Get well!! That's an order!!


nope I didnt guess it either!!!LOL

hope you are healing very soon.



Oh I do love your skirt you are so clever, and I am very happy to see those beaters big hug for George. I am sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. I hope your tablets kick in super quick and yes I agree you SHOULD bake things YOU can eat, it's only fair xx


What a gorgeous skirt!
I'm sorry you still have a sore throat (I have one too but I'm grimly going to work until our Open Classroom morning is over; that's the plan anyway ~ I don't know if my voice will last.)
Hooray for George!
Thank you for promoting my mittens pattern, Cindy. You are such a good blog friend. =)
Pats to the dogs please.
Get well soon.


That is a beautiful skirt - I wish I could sew but I seem to lack the sewing gene. I very much hope you're better soon. And I put that picture of Peri on the pink blankie up as the desktop on my computer at work. Please tell Peri she is famous in Silicon Valley - everyone asks, "Who's that dog?"


I had no idea what the answer was from the first 3 clues to your trivia question! I love your green skirt, hope you find some lovely green summer shoes too. Your doggies are very good models and are so clean too. Wish my doggies were clean like that! I hope you feel better soon too, nothing worse than feeling tired and achey!


Lovely skirt & I think finding a pair of green shoes may be hard. I have not seen green shoes except garden boots which I have a pair. Hope you are feeling better. Take care.


I read the hints to Jeff and he came up with 'oil'. The dogs modeled so well for their pictures! I am happy for you that you finally got the paddles and that your new sewing machine is working well. The skirt is springy. I hope you feel better soon! I think we may be getting colds here, Jeff even resorted to sudafed tablets tonight.


I saw some lovely green Campers sandals in the shop in Queen Victoria Building in Sydney yesterday. No visible price, always a bad sign. I have seen both Campers and Birkenstocks on eBay.

Lovely photo of Peri. Gilly may be growing up, but she still has a puppy air about her.


sunscreen *slaps forehead*. of course it was sunscreen. your girls are just so beautiful, anyone would think they were fancy show doggys with those stances! and that skirts is just gorgeous, really too clever. i would highly recommend campers, except for the fact you might need to take out a second mortgage to afford them. but they are sooo comfy. do let us know what you find.


I think Rivers may have green shoes from time to time too.

Lynne S of Oz

I shall be on the lookout for green shoes! I saw some lovely one the other day but they were shoes, not summer wear, and I can't remember where....
I hope the antibiotics knock this silly throat on the head soon! (in a good way, of course ;-)


Very clever guessing on the Baffler!

Both Peri & Gilly look very regal in these they are posing for judging LOL

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