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Self Stitched September Day 30: The Last Day

Here's a small song, courtesy of Frank. Thanks Frank!

And now, the end is near,

And so I face, the final stitching.

Outfits? I'll say it clear,

I'm not so sure they were all fetching.

I've worn my clothes self stitched,

Changed all about and every which-way,

But more, much more than this, I wore them my way!!!

For what is a stitcher? What has she got?

If not a needle, then she had naught.

To sew the seams, fine or flat fell, 

Encountering knots come straight from hell,

This collage shows, I sewed the sews, and did it my way!!!!!

  My SSS
I have certainly enjoyed Self Stitched September. I am quite pleased with my efforts, although I would have liked to sew more things, but I have to accept I can't do everything  I want.

I didn't manage any more sewing today. Auntie and Uncle Dutch came at 10 o'clock-ish and stayed till after 3pm, They gardened, and by gardening I mean they took away blackberries and leaf litter and they pruned and swept. I made lunch and held a few bags but mostly I sat down. I am so lucky, but I didn't take a photo when it was still light. Still you can see the paving in the few photos here!!

Muddy Gilly's wicked
I wore two things today. Gilly decided to stand on me when I was sitting on the steps after she had been making some muddy paws.

So I had to change into clean clothes for Knitting Dining Out tonight.

Peri was a very clean girl today and she has been walking about with toys newly discovered again in the undergrowth. She wags her tail and makes little growling sounds!!

Peri loves the clean steps
I shan't be participating in Blogtober, since I have just completed Blogtember!! I have really appreciated all the encouraging and kind comments left for me over the month. They helped me stay to the every end. Now I shall sleep for a week. Truly, no walk for The Labradors tomorrow, they can frolic in the garden instead!!

SSS Day 29

This is what I wore today. At 7-45am when I went to the supermarket, and for Morning Tea. Then I changed into my pottering around the house clothes.

Peri has been all put out because I was putting wool into zip-lock bags and it ruined her whole afternoon. She could sleep in her chair but she wanted me to stop moving about and putting things in different places. Peri digs holes.

Peri digs holes too
Lorelai Gilmore digs holes too but she doesn't look so guilty. She looks breezily carefree. Gilly isn't daunted by things being moved about either. Ah, the adaptability of the very young.

Gilly is always good
If I was sending Spam emails to someone, I would not use said person's email address. Come on, I would not be sending myself emails about, well, the things you are sending me. In my name. For heaven's sake, smarten up you Spammers. No, actually don't. I like it that you are not very bright.

In the Great Wool Zip-Locking I found three not quite pairs of socks. Happily, this can be my OPAM for October. One pair for MrsDrWho- Rainbow socks- and two for me- Tennis socks and an unnamed one..

Only one more day of Self Stitched September to go. I am hoping to finish my toile and wear it. I would feel happy with that. That's my small goal for tomorrow.

SSS Day 28

Something new to wear, though I have to tell the truth: I wore these around the house, and not out.

These are the Swirl Socks, made from Opal Uni Solid 4ply in what I am pretty sure is Apple Green. It is quite old. I used 2.5mm needles and 64 stitches and did my usual pattern: top down, heel flap and gusset. I made a swirly rib pattern.

Swirl Socks
Taking into account the Wind Chill Factor it was 2*C here this afternoon. In some places it was a Minus Temperature. Hello Spring!! More snow is forecast. Yes, that's right, Daylight Saving starts on Saturday. I am wearing my Swirl socks with my new shoes. I think they go together well.

We met the Big Labrador pup on our walk today at the dam. He spotted us at the gate, ran all the way across to us and then wouldn't go back when his dad whistled. I think he remembered I had treats in my pocket. I have no pictures because I was putting the leads on Peri and Gilly to encourage him to go back to his dad. Here are Peri Naughty and Lorelai Gilmore trying out some Synchronisation and Camouflage.

Peekaboo where are you
MrsDrWho and I went to a little Japanese cafe and had Bento Boxes at the weekend!! My only memory is that they were #2 and #4. They were totally delicious!! And I did spill things on my clean top.

MDW Mine 

I am tired today, I haven't done much, watched some TV, finished my socks, sat on the couch under my little quilt- I'm not at Trivia either, which guarantees there will be questions about politics and knitting and possibly dogs too. I have the last ten or so pages of I Shall Wear Midnight to read, and The Seven Ages of Britain, The Age of Revolution I think, to watch and then off to bed with an extra quilt and hot water bottle.

SSS Day 27

I have read that most people who drown, do so in the last few seconds before they are saved. At the last moment they stop trying so hard. (In no way is Self Stitched September anything like drowning, which is horrid) I have also read that it is a pleasant way to go, but I watched a film where someone had to deliberately drown themselves to save the other person, who would then revive the drowned person, The Abyss??, and I am haunted by it.

Still, I am almost at the end of SSS and I can feel it slipping away from me. I have actually sewn most of the top I was making. It is too big. 14cm too big. I can grab at least 14cm out of the back and it still fits nicely, but that's a lot of sizes to over-estimated by. The bust darts are a work of art, not perfect, but there's room in there for all of me!!! It is way too long. Good thing this is just meant to be a possibly wearable toile. I'll take in the darts in the front and back and see how that goes.

Too big top
Today I wore my Altered Jeans again, this time with my  Aqua print wrap around top which doesn't seem to have a name yet.

It was raining and windy this morning, It had been so windy last night that a tree was blown over on the track at the dam.

Tree down, synchronised inspection
More exciting was the fact that we met the Vizsla puppy and older Golden Retriever with their mums again. Joy abounded!! Peri is running towards me, but she veers off at the last moment. She is so happy. Older Golden is in the very background!!

Peri and Golden Retriever

Look at the happy, but alert, tails!!! And sniffs!!

It was hard to get a photo of the two pups, Gilly and Master Vizsla run like the wind!! Gilly looks in fine form. I think she only has one front paw actually on the ground!!

It is teeming down with rain again now and I can feel the cold rushing in through the dog door.  The weather was so bad this morning that a huge cruise shop had to be turned away from a North-West port because the sea was too wild for it to dock.

Now I have just a few rows to go and then the toe of the second Swirl sock!! Hurray. I can wear them tomorrow with my new Avocado coloured shoes. That's what it say on the label!!

Monday Munchies #39

Three Quarters of the way through the year. One quarter left to go. Thirteen more recipes.

I was wandering aimlessly through the supermarket and had no idea what I was going to cook. I was decidedly unprepared, which is unusual. I gained inspiration from the back of the tetra pack of stock!! So here is a nice vegetarian dish. It's actually very nice, I have been back in the fridge stealing bits and bobs, Nigella-like. I was too lazy for a rice accompaniment so I used my fall back accompaniment: couscous. And I also found some Paneer in the deli so I added that too. It's not in the original recipe and it's optional. I would have almost everything for this recipe in my kitchen and you could easily add some chicken or lamb to make it a carnivore's delight!!

Potato and Pea Curry  serves 4
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 tbspn mild Indian curry paste, I used Korma
  • 500g waxy potatoes, peeled and chopped into 2cm pieces
  • 500g sweet potato, peeled and chopped into 2cm pieces
  • 2 cups of vegetable stock
  • 1/2 cup red lentils
  • 1 cup frozen peas
  • 100g baby spinach
  • 2 tbspn plain yoghurt
  • 180g Paneer (optional)
Over a medium heat, fry the curry paste for a minute and then add the potatoes, sweet potato, lentils and stock. Oops I added the peas too early, it didn't seem to matter. Bring to the boil, cover and lower the heat. Simmer for 20 minutes, stirring every 5 minutes.

Meanwhile if you so choose, cut up the Paneer and fry it on both sides in some olive oil until it is browned and crisp. It took about 6 or so minutes. Then drain on kitchen paper.

Almost the end
Now add the baby spinach and the yoghurt and stir for 2 minutes until the spinach is wilted. Serve with rice. Or couscous if you are lazy like me. Arrange the Paneer attractively on top. This is a very tasty and quick recipe.

Yummy vegetable curry

SSS Day 26

We had turned off the lounge-room lights, the computer and locked the back door and I even made a cup of lemon tea when I realised I hadn't posted for Self Stitched September. I was going to ignore it and post in the morning, but then I would spoil my record this month.

These are nice cord stretchy trousers which I bought a few years ago, but I have been doing some running repairs and some alterations so now they are self stitched to some extent. I have taken up the hem, sewn some darts in the waistband and fiddled about with the zip after it broke. They still need a new button. And if my new shoes didn't match properly? I wore them anyway!!

On Sundays when we don't walk, there is a lot of unexpended energy. Peri and Gilly play Chasings, Peri is momentarily stalled here while she stops to pick up the plastic cup under her foot. Gilly is a blur because she is travelling almost at the speed of light!!

Peri stop Gilly go
Once up the stairs, Peri triumphantly runs back down with her winning cup. Gilly is so exhausted, I can tell, because she gets lines on her face. I think she's steadying herself for another cup assault.

Peri down Gilly up 

Now we can all retire, Posting Honour Intact.

SSS Day 25

The day after you fall over is definitely more painful that the day you do. Still, I am feeling OK. It was a bit of a hindrance when I was trying to do up shoes, but MrsDrWho and the saleslady helped, and I acquired these:

Aqua shoes Pale green shoes

Two new pairs of shoes. The aqua ones matched what I was wearing today for Self Stitched September, so I bought them and wore them out the shop. The pale green ones are very cute and I think my Swirl socks will match them perfectly. I think I could even get away with the aqua ones in Winter on a cold but dry day. I will need a matching pair of socks for them too. Where are the green Summer sandals though?

Today we had an intruder in the garden. The Labradors were beside themselves. Peri had her hackles up and she was not happy.

Intruder Labrador
Peri hackles

In the end, Peri and Gilly's combined crossness saw the other Labrador off. My word, I have never heard so much cross barking!! You can just see the Intruder trotting off down the hill.

Intruder gone away
I bought Gilly a new toy. She is always very suspicious: it this a toy or a trick?? Once she has confirmed its toyedness she leaps about all over the house, squeaking the toy endlessly.

Gilly toy or trick
I finished my OPAM camera case so I 'wore' that as well. The camera is not inside because I needed it to take a photo. It's a button to be going on with though MrsDrWho predicts that once it's sewn on, it is The Button whether I like it or not!! More details on the case on the last day of the month.

KF Camera Case

SSS Day 24

I almost forgot to post today. Nothing new clothes-wise to see here though. I wore my cardigan today for Self Stitched September.

This morning when I was walking The Labradors I wasn't looking where I was going, I was looking ahead. They were on their leads because we were nearing the road. It's an internal park road but I still make them come and have their leads on. We walk the last ten metres and then they sit and wait to check for cars. Peri and Gilly weren't pulling and when I fell almost flat on my face, they didn't pull then either. They milled about waiting to see what I would do next. I felt OK then but it didn't take long until I began to feel all kinds of aches and pains!! I skinned my elbow through my polar fleece jacket too. Ouch!!

Elbow ouch

I must have imbued The Labradors with a zest for synchronisation. They are very good at it.

Sitting and looking
I have made a late start on my OPAM project for this month: a case for my camera. I bought a fat quarter of some green Kaffe Fasset fabric and I am using this tutorial as my inspiration. I interfaced and then added wadding. I hand quilted along straight lines and then I stitched around various circles along the centre. I am going to interface and quilt the lining before I do any sewing together.

Quilting the camera case
The Keating Cardi just needs to be seamed and washed. I finished all the knitting while I sat under my quilt on the couch this afternoon and watched the last two episodes of CSI. They have been sitting there waiting to be watched for weeks.

And now we are off to bed. When you are a a grown up and you fall over it is much farther to fall than when you are a child. I shall be carefully watching where I walk tomorrow.

SSS Day 23

A few SSS Days I mentioned lengthening my Crystalline Dragonfly skirt and Bells asked if she could see. Well I'm not sure what you actually wanted Bells, but I took a lot of photos, step by step for you!! This works best of you have a 3cm hem, which is my normal hem, but this skirt must have been squeezed from a smaller amount of material because my hem was half that amount. Still, I managed to gain about a centimetre and the general idea is always the same. If I had any of the original fabric left over I might have made my own matching biased biding and used it as a feature on the right side as well to gain a little more length, but beggars can't be choosers. So left to right, across each successive row:

Biased Binding Hem

  1. Here's the hem.
  2. Carefully unpick the hem stitches. I used an unpicker to start off and then you can usually pull long lengths out in one fell swoop.
  3. I measured and found my total length from the old hem turning line was 1.5cm.
  4. Biased binding is good to use for a curved hem. Material strips cut on the straight grain don't go round curves well. There are various widths but I had this, my favourite colour, already and it matched.
  5. Press the hem out all the way around, making sure the side seams are flat. Then turn it right side out again. You are going to be sewing with the right, or public, side of the skirt hem facing you.
  6. Lay the binding down with the wrong side facing you, that's the side which will open out, not the flat side. Press a few centimetres of the top of the biased binding flat as well,
  7. And then press half a centimetre or so back on itself. This is so you don't have a raw edge where the biased binding joins up.
  8. Pin at intervals all around the hem, right sides together, curving to fit and having the raw edge of the hem meeting the top of the binding. You will be sewing in the line of the fold created when you turn the biased binding out.
  9. The end of the biased binding will join up with the start,
  10. Overlap the start and then trim and re-pin.
  11. Sew, using whatever facility you have to make the beginning of the stitching secure,
  12. And sew all the way around the hem, in the little ditch or line of the fold.
  13. End off securely when you reach the starting point.
  14. Press the biased binding up, so that you can see both right sides of the skirt and binding and the 'seam' itself is on the wrong side.
  15. The turn the skirt inside out and now press the binding towards the inside, so that the 'seam' is enclosed and just a tiny few millimetres of the skirt is visible above the binding.  This way the binding is not readily visible on the outside.
  16. Now sew along the inner edge of the binding, in effect, hemming the skirt again.
  17. Almost there,
  18. And done. Tie off and cut any loose threads,
  19. Press the skirt again and
  20. Now it is finished and I have lengthened my skirt enough so that I feel happier wearing it. 

I hope this makes some kind of sense. Here is my lengthened, freshly stitched skirt and I wore it for Day 23 of SSS.


Peri and Gilly went for their usual walk today, it was quite chilly at 8-02am and you could see their breath. Peri Naughty likes to stay close and she keeps an eye out for my hand reaching into my pocket for a treat. She's ever hopeful.

Peri wants a cracker
Lorelai Gilmore likes to stand up on the little retaining wall. There's a piece of the wire fence that's been pushed up and I think she thinks she might just be able to squeeze through. She looks a bit guilty and pretends she's nowhere near the hole. Nowhere near at all.

Gilly's up high
I think she's a marionette, because someone was pulling the strings to make her ears whoosh up. They are doing Synchronised Trotting. I fear they will not make it to The Games, what with all the things that have been happening. It's not safe for Labradors.

Whooshy ears

I made an upside down pear and ginger cake, with dried ginger and fresh ginger too. We had a slap up afternoon tea at Uncle and Auntie Dutch's, Mrs Electric an Baby Electric too.  I had Monk Pear tea. Then Auntie Dutch and I went for a ride in my new car!!!


SSS Day 22

I present a very dodgy picture of The Car!! It was dusk and I think that makes a difference. (Who am I kidding, I am a pants photographer)

Gary Numan
It is very strange, I feel as if I am driving a rental car. It's like an 'out of car' experience. I drive The Car, changing gears and lanes and steering happily, but it feels imaginary, and I can scarcely believe it is mine. And I am not sure if I like it. It is the same as when a new puppy comes. Yes, there is a new puppy, but she is just a bundle of fur until she is a bit bigger. I expect I will grow accustomed to its face.

The Car is lovely though, full of new car smell, and it drives along nicely. I can turn the radio volume up and down with a button on the steering wheel, I can open and shut windows electrically and adjust both side mirrors. I can have no idea whether The Car is locked or not, even though I have pressed the little button on the side of the key. I can also manage to lock The Car while the doors are both open. I can look in the side mirrors and my eyes become a little whirly, maybe those mirrors are making things in them appear closer than they actually are?? I can fail to be able to shut the doors. Both of them. I can turn the lights on and off and my neighbour showed me how to turn on the air conditioning. I can reverse up the drive, no worries. I also match The Car. Several people, some strangers, have already told me that my clothes match The Car. And so it begins.....

I am truly lucky to be able to have a lovely, new, reliable, green Car!!

Peri already knows the sound of The Car after just three trips up and down the drive. She was waiting at the gate wagging her tail when I finally got home tonight. She's a clever girl. Here are The Labradors, Laser Eyes armed and ready to fire, sitting politely, ready for a treat!! Gilly's eyes are yellow and Peri's are light aqua.I think they look like they work for Baron Silas Greenback.

Laser Lights armed
Today was such a busy day: morning tea, picking up The Car, signing a dozen forms, being half an hour late for my doctor's appointment, having excellent blood pressure readings and only a slight cold, then off to meet HappyChatterer for some excellent chatting and then finally showing The Car to MrsDrWho. 

In between I managed to make some Pigs in Blankets, some swirly apricot jam scones and the right front of The Keating Cardi. Oh and I also took a photo of The Car with my phone and texted it to my mum and my sister. Now there's a real achievement!!!

What did I wear today for Self Stitched September? It is Spring and the washing dries quickly so, as is my wont when I am tired, I wore the same thing again more or less!! I vow to wear something newly stitched tomorrow.

 And now a cup of peppermint tea and we shall be off to bed.

They Typepad people have merged with VideoEgg people. They say everything will be the same. I hope it is because I want my blog to be safe and happy in cyberspace.