SSS Day 29
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Self Stitched September Day 30: The Last Day

Here's a small song, courtesy of Frank. Thanks Frank!

And now, the end is near,

And so I face, the final stitching.

Outfits? I'll say it clear,

I'm not so sure they were all fetching.

I've worn my clothes self stitched,

Changed all about and every which-way,

But more, much more than this, I wore them my way!!!

For what is a stitcher? What has she got?

If not a needle, then she had naught.

To sew the seams, fine or flat fell, 

Encountering knots come straight from hell,

This collage shows, I sewed the sews, and did it my way!!!!!

  My SSS
I have certainly enjoyed Self Stitched September. I am quite pleased with my efforts, although I would have liked to sew more things, but I have to accept I can't do everything  I want.

I didn't manage any more sewing today. Auntie and Uncle Dutch came at 10 o'clock-ish and stayed till after 3pm, They gardened, and by gardening I mean they took away blackberries and leaf litter and they pruned and swept. I made lunch and held a few bags but mostly I sat down. I am so lucky, but I didn't take a photo when it was still light. Still you can see the paving in the few photos here!!

Muddy Gilly's wicked
I wore two things today. Gilly decided to stand on me when I was sitting on the steps after she had been making some muddy paws.

So I had to change into clean clothes for Knitting Dining Out tonight.

Peri was a very clean girl today and she has been walking about with toys newly discovered again in the undergrowth. She wags her tail and makes little growling sounds!!

Peri loves the clean steps
I shan't be participating in Blogtober, since I have just completed Blogtember!! I have really appreciated all the encouraging and kind comments left for me over the month. They helped me stay to the every end. Now I shall sleep for a week. Truly, no walk for The Labradors tomorrow, they can frolic in the garden instead!!



Good for you! And I love your song!!!


Hooray! Well done you! I love the way all the greens look in the quilt-like collage of outfit photos. I wish I had a color theme and was as coordinated as you, it looks so fun! Your paving, wall and steps are so nice looking and fun for the labs I can see!


well done you for SSS - that was a mighty effort - thanks to the furries as well for making it even more entertaining :) :)


Sigh. You did it. Now I can go and sleep for a week too ;)


What fabulous lyrics! Love the re-work of the song :) Gilly must have been trying to accessorise your outfit with her designer pawprints!


That is a great re-working of a classic! I had trouble keeping up with just reading your blog every day, so good for you for making it through to the end! I love the mosaic thingie too - champion effort! Nat xx


hehe, so funny! i did think you were going for a new look there for a minute with the dog paw print fabric. i think that would work you know! well done on SSS, i wont be blogtobering either, but i do enjoy reading everyone else!

lynne s of oz

hahaha! Great filk and nice sewing :-) Love the shoes you got recently too - I am too lazy to go and load each post to comment! I am bad and have so much to catch up on.


now that is dedication - good on you, you sewing queen you!

oh look, it's like the brady bunch of sewing :D

Rose Red

You did it, huzzah! I love the photo collage, very effective!


Congratulations on SSS!!!!


You did an amazing job. I know I couldn't have, I just don't make stuff for me any more and all the stuff I used to make doesn't fit any more. Maybe one day....


Yay, you did it! there is hope for me with blogtoberfest. LOVE your song, much better than Frank's version.. although, I do love Frank's version too. How great does that collage look of all your outfits. green green green, lots of lovely green. Are you ready for a day without green? My highschool uniform was green so it was a little while after finishing school before I would wear anything green because I was just a bit sick of it, which is a pity because it is a very good colour.

Enjoy your week of sleeping!


oh you have done Frank proud! your version is way better too, you have done amazing work to get through SSS it was a MUCH bigger committment than Blogtoberfest coz you have to make stuff!! Your mosaic is very impressive. Ruby loves it when long lost toys are recovered, it's a happy reunion


Hah! I laughed my way through reading your special version of I Did It My Way. Fabulous! Congratulations on a mighty effort. Please pat those gorgeous dogs for me.


I love your song!!!!

Well done on SSS.


Oh you have done well! All those clothes ... you deserve to sleep for a week.

I too loved your song ... I think it will stay with me for hours (thanks!!) heee heee


Congratulations. I think you have done a brilliant job of all those sewing & posting everyday. I can't even keep up with you.

Laurie (Moo!)

Brilliant job with the song! LOL!!

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