SSS Day 18
Monday Munchies #38

SSS Day 19

Today I remembered a skirt I made a long time ago, just before I started drafting patterns and so I pulled it out and wore it today. It has a centre back zip and is just a tad too short, I keep meaning to undo the hem and add some biased binding to eke out another centimetre or two. Nevertheless I wore it with my Equine Vest and very fine it was too. It had sort of crystalline dragonflies as the pattern.

I have almost knitted to the underarm of The Keating Cardi and I made one sleeve whilst watching Farscape this afternoon.

Cardi that we had to have
Peri Naughty and Lorelai Gilmore have been fine tuning their Synchronisation at the dam.

Synchro 2
Synchro 3
They spent some time today playing with the kitten through the fence, but it was overcast and cool so they soon came back inside.

MrsDrWho gave me a lovely writing set. Actually, she gave me two: one to use and one to keep. I like the way she thinks, because if she had only given me one, I would never have used it!! Here's the top of the box.

Writing set 1
And when you open the lid there is some writing paper and envelopes inside and then you pull open a little drawer, with green ribbon, and there are little notelets and more envelopes. Could this be any more perfect?? I don't think so!!

Top set

 Inside the drawer

I think I am getting a cold, I keep sneezing. I hope it is just Spring Hay Fever!! I am off to bed early to try and ward off any possible cold.



Ah yes, the Labradors do make a fine pair with their Synchronised Sniffing : they should do well, perhaps even win their heat.

The writing set from MrsDrWho is beautiful. I must admit I do have a couple of writing sets given to me many years ago that I simply cannot use as I love the pictures so much I do not want to give them away. What a great idea to gift two sets!

Sending good wishes that you only have hay fever and that when you do wake, all will be well.


Awwwww! Those puppy photos are so cute! I hope it's nothing!


Those cards are absolutely gorgeous. No wonder you wouldn't normally use them. Such a great find and a wonderful solution.


the writing set is sweet - almost as pretty as your pups :)


Gorgeous puppies! Your two are very good at sniffing now. Definitely a cert for a medal. Enjoy the new car. I'm sure there will be more sniffing there for the dogs. It will have that new car smell. Lots of practice for them.


That's a great looking outfit & I remembered the vest. We knitted the same pattern at the same time. I am still wearing mine & I think I need a new one. Love the writing set & I will be reluctant to use it.


Those writing sets are so pretty. If I were to received a gift like that, I wouldnt use it either. MrsDrWho is so sweet and thoughtful to get you two sets!! :D


oh those cards are too cute to use, definitely! and i hope to hear you have woken up today with only hay fever. its too warm here today for a cold, and so much to look forward to this week!


oh no the cards couldn't be more perfect. How utterly lovely!

If you do lengthen the skirt, can we see? That sounds clever!

Jennifer Rose

very nice writing set :) too cute to use
lovely skirt :) i'm getting the feeling that if someone where to open your closet, everything would be green ;p


Maybe the girls could enter the Commonwealth Games in the Synchronised Sniffing event?

Rose Red

I can hardly believe that such a perfect writing set exists for you - labradors AND green!! Lucky you and thoughtful MrsDrWho!

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