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I present a very dodgy picture of The Car!! It was dusk and I think that makes a difference. (Who am I kidding, I am a pants photographer)

Gary Numan
It is very strange, I feel as if I am driving a rental car. It's like an 'out of car' experience. I drive The Car, changing gears and lanes and steering happily, but it feels imaginary, and I can scarcely believe it is mine. And I am not sure if I like it. It is the same as when a new puppy comes. Yes, there is a new puppy, but she is just a bundle of fur until she is a bit bigger. I expect I will grow accustomed to its face.

The Car is lovely though, full of new car smell, and it drives along nicely. I can turn the radio volume up and down with a button on the steering wheel, I can open and shut windows electrically and adjust both side mirrors. I can have no idea whether The Car is locked or not, even though I have pressed the little button on the side of the key. I can also manage to lock The Car while the doors are both open. I can look in the side mirrors and my eyes become a little whirly, maybe those mirrors are making things in them appear closer than they actually are?? I can fail to be able to shut the doors. Both of them. I can turn the lights on and off and my neighbour showed me how to turn on the air conditioning. I can reverse up the drive, no worries. I also match The Car. Several people, some strangers, have already told me that my clothes match The Car. And so it begins.....

I am truly lucky to be able to have a lovely, new, reliable, green Car!!

Peri already knows the sound of The Car after just three trips up and down the drive. She was waiting at the gate wagging her tail when I finally got home tonight. She's a clever girl. Here are The Labradors, Laser Eyes armed and ready to fire, sitting politely, ready for a treat!! Gilly's eyes are yellow and Peri's are light aqua.I think they look like they work for Baron Silas Greenback.

Laser Lights armed
Today was such a busy day: morning tea, picking up The Car, signing a dozen forms, being half an hour late for my doctor's appointment, having excellent blood pressure readings and only a slight cold, then off to meet HappyChatterer for some excellent chatting and then finally showing The Car to MrsDrWho. 

In between I managed to make some Pigs in Blankets, some swirly apricot jam scones and the right front of The Keating Cardi. Oh and I also took a photo of The Car with my phone and texted it to my mum and my sister. Now there's a real achievement!!!

What did I wear today for Self Stitched September? It is Spring and the washing dries quickly so, as is my wont when I am tired, I wore the same thing again more or less!! I vow to wear something newly stitched tomorrow.

 And now a cup of peppermint tea and we shall be off to bed.

They Typepad people have merged with VideoEgg people. They say everything will be the same. I hope it is because I want my blog to be safe and happy in cyberspace.



Congratulations on your new GREEN car!!! :o)))
Shouldn't all our cars match our outfits?


Congratulations! It's a car!!! (Well it may be a boy or a girl, I don't know. Some folks may know, but I don't). Have fun tooling around!!


yay! its a new car! its very important to have a car that matches. it feels odd cos its not the old car, but soon it will be the old car too. it looks great, and i see it got you around town very well today. how busy you were! i hope the girls like the inside of it too, and have it covered in sand and mud as soon as possible.


ohhhh I just love your new car!!!!
does s/he have a name???

ahhhh new car smell.....I remember that!!!!

Rose Red

mmmm, new car smell!! how lovely! And how lovely to always be able to match your car! Now if only they made labradors in green...


Your car looks lovely!! I'm sure it will feel completely normal to you in no time. Clever Peri!! :)



I will never aspire to your dizzy height of matching my car as I want a yellow bug but look jaundice should I stray to that hue...I am not worthy.


Wow what a busy day!! Your new green car looks lovely. Hubby has a silver 5 door I have a 17 year old Lexen wagon. Enjoy your 'new' wheels!!


yippeeeeeeee for you and "it's a new car" (quoting some cheesey game show from the 80's) how wonderful for you, it's the cutest little car ever!

Jennifer Rose

very nice looking car :) enjoy the new car smell well it last.
sky knows the inlaws car and goes running to the door when she hears it lol but the other day she ran out on the road after it :( freaked me out, was so worried she was about to get hit :(

Laurie (Moo!)

So many congratulations on the new, GREEN car! When will the girls get to ride in it? Did you give it a name? It looks very happy. Hooray for excellent blood pressure!

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