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A few SSS Days I mentioned lengthening my Crystalline Dragonfly skirt and Bells asked if she could see. Well I'm not sure what you actually wanted Bells, but I took a lot of photos, step by step for you!! This works best of you have a 3cm hem, which is my normal hem, but this skirt must have been squeezed from a smaller amount of material because my hem was half that amount. Still, I managed to gain about a centimetre and the general idea is always the same. If I had any of the original fabric left over I might have made my own matching biased biding and used it as a feature on the right side as well to gain a little more length, but beggars can't be choosers. So left to right, across each successive row:

Biased Binding Hem

  1. Here's the hem.
  2. Carefully unpick the hem stitches. I used an unpicker to start off and then you can usually pull long lengths out in one fell swoop.
  3. I measured and found my total length from the old hem turning line was 1.5cm.
  4. Biased binding is good to use for a curved hem. Material strips cut on the straight grain don't go round curves well. There are various widths but I had this, my favourite colour, already and it matched.
  5. Press the hem out all the way around, making sure the side seams are flat. Then turn it right side out again. You are going to be sewing with the right, or public, side of the skirt hem facing you.
  6. Lay the binding down with the wrong side facing you, that's the side which will open out, not the flat side. Press a few centimetres of the top of the biased binding flat as well,
  7. And then press half a centimetre or so back on itself. This is so you don't have a raw edge where the biased binding joins up.
  8. Pin at intervals all around the hem, right sides together, curving to fit and having the raw edge of the hem meeting the top of the binding. You will be sewing in the line of the fold created when you turn the biased binding out.
  9. The end of the biased binding will join up with the start,
  10. Overlap the start and then trim and re-pin.
  11. Sew, using whatever facility you have to make the beginning of the stitching secure,
  12. And sew all the way around the hem, in the little ditch or line of the fold.
  13. End off securely when you reach the starting point.
  14. Press the biased binding up, so that you can see both right sides of the skirt and binding and the 'seam' itself is on the wrong side.
  15. The turn the skirt inside out and now press the binding towards the inside, so that the 'seam' is enclosed and just a tiny few millimetres of the skirt is visible above the binding.  This way the binding is not readily visible on the outside.
  16. Now sew along the inner edge of the binding, in effect, hemming the skirt again.
  17. Almost there,
  18. And done. Tie off and cut any loose threads,
  19. Press the skirt again and
  20. Now it is finished and I have lengthened my skirt enough so that I feel happier wearing it. 

I hope this makes some kind of sense. Here is my lengthened, freshly stitched skirt and I wore it for Day 23 of SSS.


Peri and Gilly went for their usual walk today, it was quite chilly at 8-02am and you could see their breath. Peri Naughty likes to stay close and she keeps an eye out for my hand reaching into my pocket for a treat. She's ever hopeful.

Peri wants a cracker
Lorelai Gilmore likes to stand up on the little retaining wall. There's a piece of the wire fence that's been pushed up and I think she thinks she might just be able to squeeze through. She looks a bit guilty and pretends she's nowhere near the hole. Nowhere near at all.

Gilly's up high
I think she's a marionette, because someone was pulling the strings to make her ears whoosh up. They are doing Synchronised Trotting. I fear they will not make it to The Games, what with all the things that have been happening. It's not safe for Labradors.

Whooshy ears

I made an upside down pear and ginger cake, with dried ginger and fresh ginger too. We had a slap up afternoon tea at Uncle and Auntie Dutch's, Mrs Electric an Baby Electric too.  I had Monk Pear tea. Then Auntie Dutch and I went for a ride in my new car!!!




That cake...I would marry it if it were to ask. Just saying. LOL

Lovely skirt!


well done with your skirt......looks great.

Love the pics of the labs!!too cute!!

Laurie (Moo!)

I'm very impressed with your thorough tutorial! Perfect reason to leave fabric while cutting the pattern and hemming. BRAVA!!


Doggies looked so happy. And that cake!!!! You are so good at baking!!! Wish I can have a slice :)


I do hope you are enjoying your car!


Gorgeous woofers and delicious cake, Cindy! Always such a fabulous blog post - the combination of two such wonderful things - furry happy dogalogs and sweet baked goods! xo


oooh i've been planning to make an upside down pear cake - this looks yummy - may have to put some ginger in to....

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