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I almost forgot to post today. Nothing new clothes-wise to see here though. I wore my cardigan today for Self Stitched September.

This morning when I was walking The Labradors I wasn't looking where I was going, I was looking ahead. They were on their leads because we were nearing the road. It's an internal park road but I still make them come and have their leads on. We walk the last ten metres and then they sit and wait to check for cars. Peri and Gilly weren't pulling and when I fell almost flat on my face, they didn't pull then either. They milled about waiting to see what I would do next. I felt OK then but it didn't take long until I began to feel all kinds of aches and pains!! I skinned my elbow through my polar fleece jacket too. Ouch!!

Elbow ouch

I must have imbued The Labradors with a zest for synchronisation. They are very good at it.

Sitting and looking
I have made a late start on my OPAM project for this month: a case for my camera. I bought a fat quarter of some green Kaffe Fasset fabric and I am using this tutorial as my inspiration. I interfaced and then added wadding. I hand quilted along straight lines and then I stitched around various circles along the centre. I am going to interface and quilt the lining before I do any sewing together.

Quilting the camera case
The Keating Cardi just needs to be seamed and washed. I finished all the knitting while I sat under my quilt on the couch this afternoon and watched the last two episodes of CSI. They have been sitting there waiting to be watched for weeks.

And now we are off to bed. When you are a a grown up and you fall over it is much farther to fall than when you are a child. I shall be carefully watching where I walk tomorrow.


Rose Red

Oh noes! a skinned elbow is no fun - and you are right - so much further to fall as a grown up! hope it isn't too stiff and sore tomorrow.

I love the KF fabric you have chosen, what a great camera case that will be.


How awful, not fun at all.


The fleece padding was not enough to safe your elbow! I fell once. It was dark, and it was Halloween. I was walking with my son from house to house. I still laughs when he thinks about it, because it must have looked funny. It really IS a long way down!
I love the very talented girls! In these photos I can see that Gilly is so much lighter then Peri!
BTW, I just finished watching Murder She Wrote, and will start on Gilmore Girls today.

Laurie (Moo!)

It's so tricky. Head up, head down, watch the girls. It's a wonder we don't fall down more often! Be careful out there. Love the Kaffe Fasset print!

Jennifer Rose

ouch :( good on the girls for not pulling tho when you fell :)


hmmm you are very lucky to have had only scratches, do be careful. elbow injuries and dogs seem to go hand in hand! i love that fabric, what a great idea to make your own camera case!

Pixie poor gentle with yourself.

Love the fabric you chose.

Love the syncronised dogs!!!!


Ouch! Hope you recover quickly and your injuries aren't too painful.


Oh 2paw... sorry to hear about your fall! Take care my friend! (I very much like that we are coffee friends now!)


Oh dear, I hope you feel better soon. Seeing your synchronised doggies makes me feel better, so perhaps you can just relax and look at labrador photos :)


Oh dear :(

I always think the worst part about falling (pain aside because both you and I know that pain is an everyday thing) is the embarrassment. I feel very silly when I fall (especially when it's in public)

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