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The day after you fall over is definitely more painful that the day you do. Still, I am feeling OK. It was a bit of a hindrance when I was trying to do up shoes, but MrsDrWho and the saleslady helped, and I acquired these:

Aqua shoes Pale green shoes

Two new pairs of shoes. The aqua ones matched what I was wearing today for Self Stitched September, so I bought them and wore them out the shop. The pale green ones are very cute and I think my Swirl socks will match them perfectly. I think I could even get away with the aqua ones in Winter on a cold but dry day. I will need a matching pair of socks for them too. Where are the green Summer sandals though?

Today we had an intruder in the garden. The Labradors were beside themselves. Peri had her hackles up and she was not happy.

Intruder Labrador
Peri hackles

In the end, Peri and Gilly's combined crossness saw the other Labrador off. My word, I have never heard so much cross barking!! You can just see the Intruder trotting off down the hill.

Intruder gone away
I bought Gilly a new toy. She is always very suspicious: it this a toy or a trick?? Once she has confirmed its toyedness she leaps about all over the house, squeaking the toy endlessly.

Gilly toy or trick
I finished my OPAM camera case so I 'wore' that as well. The camera is not inside because I needed it to take a photo. It's a button to be going on with though MrsDrWho predicts that once it's sewn on, it is The Button whether I like it or not!! More details on the case on the last day of the month.

KF Camera Case



I had to laugh about Peri's hackles just above her tail! That looks so funny!
I would love the pale green shoes as well, they look comfortable and just gorgeous!


I do like your outfit and those shoes are very nice too. I fell off the back of the jeep when I was on an adventure/elephant trekking in Thailand. The jeep was stopped and we were all getting out to start our canoe trip and I fell splat! Very embarrassing too and you are right there is much further to fall, and I still have some pain in my arm almost 5 months later if I do too much with it! Hope you recover fully soon!

Rose Red

I do like your green and aqua shoes - most excellent foe car-driving and handknit sock wearing.

Imagine another dog having the temerity to intrude in Peri's and Gilly's garden! Begone Strange Labrador!


the case looks great, well done matching the fabric on the flap to the case part - was that on purpose or a happy accident? hope you are feeling better tomorrow, nothing worse than a fall. at least no one was there to see except the labs, who it seems were very faithful and caring about it all.

gilly does look incredibly suspicious in the photo of her with her new toy. look at those shifty eyes and the ears back!


groovy shoes - will have to wear them out for lunch soon :)

Jennifer Rose

lol at gilly. she looks so cute tho :) i love those pale green shoes :D so hard to find nice shoes
sky barks at strange dogs, but she wants to play with them. but she also barks at people wearing hats :/ and is pretty loud at it


i love your new shoes!!!!!very nice.

LOL on the intruder........we often have one and the barking is deafening!!!

Hope you are feeling better today.
gentle hugs


oh Cindy I am so sorry to read of your fall, I hope you are feeling better xxx


Oh my goodness, I LOVE your pale green shoes!! Just beautiful.

Very good of the Labradors to keep you safe from intruders! The other night we had a theft from our porch - the milk, bread, and milk we get delivered - and although Tess barked when the food was delivered, she didn't made a peep when it was stolen! Oh dear, maybe she thought the thief would share the meat with her.

Your camera case is lovely :)


looove the new shoes, they are a great match, and the camera case is just too cute. and my possie had one of those little stuffed toy lambies and she loved it. to death.

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