SSS Day 25
Monday Munchies #39

SSS Day 26

We had turned off the lounge-room lights, the computer and locked the back door and I even made a cup of lemon tea when I realised I hadn't posted for Self Stitched September. I was going to ignore it and post in the morning, but then I would spoil my record this month.

These are nice cord stretchy trousers which I bought a few years ago, but I have been doing some running repairs and some alterations so now they are self stitched to some extent. I have taken up the hem, sewn some darts in the waistband and fiddled about with the zip after it broke. They still need a new button. And if my new shoes didn't match properly? I wore them anyway!!

On Sundays when we don't walk, there is a lot of unexpended energy. Peri and Gilly play Chasings, Peri is momentarily stalled here while she stops to pick up the plastic cup under her foot. Gilly is a blur because she is travelling almost at the speed of light!!

Peri stop Gilly go
Once up the stairs, Peri triumphantly runs back down with her winning cup. Gilly is so exhausted, I can tell, because she gets lines on her face. I think she's steadying herself for another cup assault.

Peri down Gilly up 

Now we can all retire, Posting Honour Intact.



Made it! Great work. When you get this close to the end of the month there really is just a bit more of an imperative to get there isn't there? Good luck for the next few days and I hope you enjoy a break/rest after Thursday.


how great do those shoes look with the pants! its amazing what dogs can find to amuse themselves with. i admire your fortitude on the daily blogging, i refuse to do it to myself but i have greatly enjoyed yours!


loving those shoes btw and you have pushed me to get the sewing machine out. Baby steps.


Well done with your daily blogging!!!

I saw a pr of red shoes like your new ones and i was very tempted but 2 of the girls need new shoes...........

Rose Red

oooh, no top? I hope you didn't go out of the house then!! heh heh.

I think the shoes go very nicely with the trousers.


Oh, I have stretchy cords as well, but in purple (obviously!)

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