Monday Munchies #39
SSS Day 28

SSS Day 27

I have read that most people who drown, do so in the last few seconds before they are saved. At the last moment they stop trying so hard. (In no way is Self Stitched September anything like drowning, which is horrid) I have also read that it is a pleasant way to go, but I watched a film where someone had to deliberately drown themselves to save the other person, who would then revive the drowned person, The Abyss??, and I am haunted by it.

Still, I am almost at the end of SSS and I can feel it slipping away from me. I have actually sewn most of the top I was making. It is too big. 14cm too big. I can grab at least 14cm out of the back and it still fits nicely, but that's a lot of sizes to over-estimated by. The bust darts are a work of art, not perfect, but there's room in there for all of me!!! It is way too long. Good thing this is just meant to be a possibly wearable toile. I'll take in the darts in the front and back and see how that goes.

Too big top
Today I wore my Altered Jeans again, this time with my  Aqua print wrap around top which doesn't seem to have a name yet.

It was raining and windy this morning, It had been so windy last night that a tree was blown over on the track at the dam.

Tree down, synchronised inspection
More exciting was the fact that we met the Vizsla puppy and older Golden Retriever with their mums again. Joy abounded!! Peri is running towards me, but she veers off at the last moment. She is so happy. Older Golden is in the very background!!

Peri and Golden Retriever

Look at the happy, but alert, tails!!! And sniffs!!

It was hard to get a photo of the two pups, Gilly and Master Vizsla run like the wind!! Gilly looks in fine form. I think she only has one front paw actually on the ground!!

It is teeming down with rain again now and I can feel the cold rushing in through the dog door.  The weather was so bad this morning that a huge cruise shop had to be turned away from a North-West port because the sea was too wild for it to dock.

Now I have just a few rows to go and then the toe of the second Swirl sock!! Hurray. I can wear them tomorrow with my new Avocado coloured shoes. That's what it say on the label!!


Dennis the Vizsla

And that's why the vizsla is the patron saint of perpetual motion! ;-)


Ahhh, you remind me why I do not like to sew my own clothes! I would love to, I just don't like to!

Rose Red

I love that you do your toile in green fabric too!

I think drowning would be a horrible way to go. Perhaps your aqua top could be the Not Drowning, Wrapping Top?, in memory of you Self-Stitched September Success!


I go away for a few days and when I get back there is SO much to catch up with! You have posted some wonderful pup pictures. I love seeing the hackles up and the tails in the air when they meet other dogs. Is the new toy already torn apart and the squeaker removed? I hope your arm is healing quickly! That is quite a scrape!

Judy Edmonds

Almost a hover dog! Sirius is so pleased, her lab friend Bosco came to visit yesterday, I will post a picture of them frisking. I guess that is the point of toiles. I am screwing up the courage to start sewing again after a very long hiatus. I used to make most of my clothes, but then I lost a massive amount of weight three years ago (very intentionally) and the thrill of being able to buy clothes in normal shops has still not quite left me. But I have a huge stash of patterns and books and fabric and I think reading your blog might be the inspiration that pushes me over the edge.


Hehehe, go Gilly!! :)

I think you are doing amazingly well with S.S.S.

Have you seen the movie The Prestige? It's relevant but I don't want to give any bits away.. :)

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