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Something new to wear, though I have to tell the truth: I wore these around the house, and not out.

These are the Swirl Socks, made from Opal Uni Solid 4ply in what I am pretty sure is Apple Green. It is quite old. I used 2.5mm needles and 64 stitches and did my usual pattern: top down, heel flap and gusset. I made a swirly rib pattern.

Swirl Socks
Taking into account the Wind Chill Factor it was 2*C here this afternoon. In some places it was a Minus Temperature. Hello Spring!! More snow is forecast. Yes, that's right, Daylight Saving starts on Saturday. I am wearing my Swirl socks with my new shoes. I think they go together well.

We met the Big Labrador pup on our walk today at the dam. He spotted us at the gate, ran all the way across to us and then wouldn't go back when his dad whistled. I think he remembered I had treats in my pocket. I have no pictures because I was putting the leads on Peri and Gilly to encourage him to go back to his dad. Here are Peri Naughty and Lorelai Gilmore trying out some Synchronisation and Camouflage.

Peekaboo where are you
MrsDrWho and I went to a little Japanese cafe and had Bento Boxes at the weekend!! My only memory is that they were #2 and #4. They were totally delicious!! And I did spill things on my clean top.

MDW Mine 

I am tired today, I haven't done much, watched some TV, finished my socks, sat on the couch under my little quilt- I'm not at Trivia either, which guarantees there will be questions about politics and knitting and possibly dogs too. I have the last ten or so pages of I Shall Wear Midnight to read, and The Seven Ages of Britain, The Age of Revolution I think, to watch and then off to bed with an extra quilt and hot water bottle.



Your socks are lovely - as are your new shoes. Very comfy looking too.

I have to admit, I am envious about your forecast of possible snow. I love snow. When I lived in the Mountains it snowed most winters, not a huge amount but enough to make everything white and snowy. I am odd and prefer cold weather!

Mmm the bentos look yummy. Japanese food is one of my favourites, it feels like a naughty treat but is actually pretty healthy. Win! :)


Gosh, that's cold. It was 28 degrees here today ~ feels more like summer than spring.
Love the socks and the shoes. I've been enjoying all of your Self Stitched blog posts.

The labradors look very noble!


I am soooo behind in commenting, as well as replying to comments.
Anyway, I am enjoying the daily parade of green, the sporty new car, the pups, and the adorable shoes which I hope are as comfy as they are adorable.


That green socks goes really well with your new shoes!!! I can't believe it's only 2 degrees in the afternoon?? I thought we're in Spring time now!!!!!! What's with the cold weather????

Rose Red

The socks do go very well with your new shoes! Huzzah!

Bento boxes - always involve spillage on my top. And it's usually a white top too (which I rarely wear!)


oh i love a good bento box! yummo. i hear you had snow down there, lucky you have such gorgeous socks to wear with such wonderfully practical shoes. the girls look like true retrievers in that photo, very nice!


Love the swirl rib pattern on the socks - great way to change up an otherwise plain knit.


green socks and green shoes! Oh my. They look wonderful!

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