SSS Day 28
Self Stitched September Day 30: The Last Day

SSS Day 29

This is what I wore today. At 7-45am when I went to the supermarket, and for Morning Tea. Then I changed into my pottering around the house clothes.

Peri has been all put out because I was putting wool into zip-lock bags and it ruined her whole afternoon. She could sleep in her chair but she wanted me to stop moving about and putting things in different places. Peri digs holes.

Peri digs holes too
Lorelai Gilmore digs holes too but she doesn't look so guilty. She looks breezily carefree. Gilly isn't daunted by things being moved about either. Ah, the adaptability of the very young.

Gilly is always good
If I was sending Spam emails to someone, I would not use said person's email address. Come on, I would not be sending myself emails about, well, the things you are sending me. In my name. For heaven's sake, smarten up you Spammers. No, actually don't. I like it that you are not very bright.

In the Great Wool Zip-Locking I found three not quite pairs of socks. Happily, this can be my OPAM for October. One pair for MrsDrWho- Rainbow socks- and two for me- Tennis socks and an unnamed one..

Only one more day of Self Stitched September to go. I am hoping to finish my toile and wear it. I would feel happy with that. That's my small goal for tomorrow.


Rose Red

I commend your zip-locking of yarn. Even if Peri does not! Even better finding almost socks and making them into actual socks!

Dennis the Vizsla

hello cindy its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes this is why the spam i send owt is all sined by dennis becuz i stand behind my spam wun hunnerd persent!!! ok bye


What would we crafters do without zip-locks?!! Good luck with finishing the toile for tomorrow! You have done so well with SS Sept!


I do get such a laugh and smiles from your doggy photos each day! I must say my faves are synchro ones they are hilarious. I have had the same idiot spammers as you! they clearly don't think and have no life


Peri and my Dean-a would have so much fun digging together. We are contemplating putting gravel down instead of grass near the house to try to keep out some of the mud!! Good luck getting your toile finished in time!


I read "toilet", and am still laughing about myself. Nice outfit! Hole diggers! I have one myself.


oh yay for almost socks. i hope your pottering around clothes are green too.


Yay for socks! I have just started a pair for the husbitect. I may or may not have been promising them for a year. ahem. :)

Love the looks on the Labrador's faces! Peri looks all "ruh roh" while Gilly seems to say "What? I didn't!" hehe

Ah, spammers. I just got one on my blog about 'magic coffee powder'. The mind boggles.

Jennifer Rose

sky starts panicking when we start to move stuff, she hides under my desk or sits and whines at us :/ i think she thinks we are going to leave her :/


Dear Peri,

That face is a dead-giveaway. Try harder to look less guilty!

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