Monday Munchies #42
Who's Minding The Mint Slices?

And Desi Harness in 'I Love Lucy'!!

The Labradors have their harnesses for riding in the car. They have been wearing them for a little while today. Peri is a star, she wears hers with great aplomb and style.

Peri's harness
Lorelai Gilmore tried to eat hers.

Gilly's harness
I have had a cold, a head cold, and it has been all Jane Bennett at Netherfield with only panadol to make me feel better. I spent most of the week in bed, sleeping, and The Labradors were OK for the first few days but then they really needed to go for a walk. We went for the kind of walk where one sits at a picnic table and one's Labrador companions run about happily.

Off we go

Yesterday Peri went to the Vet and donated blood for a sick dog.

Peri is so brave

Three, yes three, separate medical people came out to tell me how very good she was and how pleased they were with her. What a brave and good girl she is. Dr Jessica said that Peri should have rump steak to help her replenish her strength. So she did. I am so proud of her, she has become such a sensible girl!!!

Peri's rump steak treat
Gilly's new favourite thing to do is to lie down in the creek or the paddle pool, to get the benefit from the cool water.

Gilly's watery dip

Peri looks so happy in the pool and wearing her harness. They are going to wear them for a few minutes each day, it's only eight minutes in the car to the dam, and then they will try sitting in the back seat of the old car. We'll see how it goes.

Happy Peri and Gilly

There has been little knitting, I am up to the foot part of the second Mint Slice sock. Earlier this month I had in my hand my Tennis sock but not the rest of the ball of wool, then I moved things about TV/DVR wise and now I have the rest of the ball of wool, and no Tennis sock. Still, for OPAM I will have finished three pairs of lsocks, and that's not bad. If I could just find that sock......

Mint slice 2
The Typepad People have still not fixed the spell check and it is still difficult for some people to leave a comment. My help ticket says they are working on it. This does not augur well, as the last time they tagged a ticket this way, was 13 months ago and there has not been a resolution  as yet. I don't know why they have to upgrade something that was working perfectly well.

Now, I am off to bed for a nap, it's been a sunny warm day and I have stayed awake thus far. It's probable twelve to seven that Peri and Gilly could force themselves to have a nap too.

Oh I haven't talked about the book I was reading at the start of the month. I will catch that up next time.



The travel harnesses are a good idea! At least they didn't chew at each others. Particularly when Silas was younger, Saffy would lay back with her neck stretched out and he would chew collars off her!! I still sometimes see them thinking about it and tell them no! Here, it's time to empty the paddle pool and and store it in the barn until next summer. Peri is such a good girl for helping out at the hospital, give them both pats for me!


My pups all wear harnesses in the car. There was much whimpering at first, but they are OK with it now. Congrats to Peri on her bravery and good deed. Feel better, Dear!


Peri is the bestest dog EVER. I would say she's a true humanitarian for donating blood but that would be wrong. She is a true dogitarian! I just wanna squish 'er and kiss 'er.

Get better soon, colds are NO fun.


Isn't Peri a good one! She really earned her special treat. Get well soon!


what lovely doggy pictures ! Get well soon x


bummer about the cold. hope you are feeling better. i like those kinds of walks too, i dont think dogs dont care so long as they get to sniff around stuff. and i am sooo proud of peri, what a great gift! such lovely girls!

Jennifer Rose

we need to get sky a doggy seat belt or harness for the car, even tho she sits most of the time it would be so much safer if she had one
and that is great that peri gave blood :D some people don't realize that dogs can do that too


Peri is a great dog to donate blood & you must be so proud of her. I like the title of this post as I love watching I Love Lucy. I used to be addicted to this show when I was young.

Judy Edmonds

Jane Bennett didn't even have panadol! But she did have Elizabeth, and Mr Bingley :)

I almost sprayed tea over the computer when I read about the harnesses. Sirius ate hers immediately and we haven't bothered since, I am afraid. I hope Gilly proves more tractable.

Peri is such a good dog! And I bet she managed the rump steak to keep her strength up like nobody's business!

Take care x x x

Rose Red

Peri no doubt would like to give blood every day if rump steak is the reward. What a good dogitarian she is.

If I could walk across the fields and get mud on my petticoats a full six inches, to come to your aid, I would. I hope Peri and Gilly are giving you lots of healing puppy licks and snuggles instead.


Awww, bless you young Peri. What a lovely thing she does, I am so glad she gets a steak :)

Our family rottie used to have a harness for the car. Unfortunately one day in the car she got an itch which the harness was stopping her from nibbling on - so she quietly chewed through the bit that attaches to the seat belt clip, and then happily nibbled on her itch. I'm sure your labradors will be better behaved :)


Love the harnesses - and the new car and I am finally catching up - TaaDaa!

You have been so busy and good about blogging and I - well - haven't.

Oh dear....

Laurie (Moo!)

The girls look very sporty in their harnesses! Please feel better, soon!


The harness are a good idea for travelling in the car. I try to remember to put Ruby's on as she has hit the dash or landed on the floor a couple of times when having to stop suddenly or drive around a roundabout. I hope your head cold is getting better, the damn things seem to be hanging on for life to the people who get them.


Oh Peri is such a darling!! She well & trully earnt her steak :D

Daisy has a harnes like this for the car....she does still manage to get it all tangled around herself though!

I hope your cold leaves pretty soon....nothing worse than unwanted guests LOL


What good girls you have!


What an altruistic pup Peri is! I never heard of dogs donating blood, but of course it makes sense. I donate too, Peri (to humans)!

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