Self Stitched September Day 30: The Last Day
Monday Munchies #40

Peter OPAM

When I was small, I had some Disney books which came with a little 45. You put the record onto the record-player and then when Tinkerbell spoke, you read along with the book. I had quite a lot. I loved them.

You will know it's time to turn the page when Tinkerbell rings her little bell like this, (ring)!!

Let's being now with September's OPAM.

I met my goal this month and it was to make a case for my new camera.

I followed this tutorial and used some lovely Kaffe Fasset material, two layers of cotton quilt batting and some of my Crazy Lime Skirt fabric for a lining. I quilted lengthways with green Perle thread and then around various circles as well.

I accidentally matched the pattern. I sewed a kind of bound button hole for the camera strap.

A case in point

I have named this The Tony Camera Case after Tony Curtis. Vale Tony, you handsome devil you!!! (google image)


Tony Camera Case
Peri Naughty and Lorelai Gilmore have been making the most of the newly exposed dirt in the garden. It soaks up all the heat from the Sun, so it is great to lie on. As usual, they got so hot they had to come inside.

Sunny Days



We had those same little boxes of books too which I think my dad still has. Your doggies look as though they are enjoying that nice sunshine. I hope we get some for the weekend! Your camera bag looks great too.


I remember those books! I never had any myself, but my cousin did and I loved playing with them.

Your camera bag is awesome, I love the material. Thank you for the link! :)

Rose Red

I'm pretty sure I had at least one of those books too!

Your Tony Curtis is indeed very handsome, just like his (?) namesake!


I had the books and my fav was 101 dalmatians. I had a Mickey record player and his arm extended out to 'hold' the needle with his gloved hand. I love the camera case! The dogs look so happy out sunbathing. I think S&S want to be out now, but they have forgotten how windy it is. If I let them out, they will want to be right back in for proper napping!


Cute case - thanks for the tutorial link.

(Brace yourself for a comment blitz- I'm behind the times for reasons to be revealed soon)

Jennifer Rose

i use to have books like that too! remember loving them :)

the girls look very regal sitting there in the dirt :)


I love Tinkerbell I have just watched the latest Tinkerbell movie with Isobel I think I loved it more than she did. I love fairies I love them so much I had one tatooed on me many moons ago (13 years) so I would always have one near


very nice camera case - well done - love the dogs posing in the sun - they could have used the canteen scarf to mop their brows ! Tony was a handsome devil wasn't he - he had a wicked glint in his eye :) :)


I had one of those records.It was Wendy Craig(remember her???) reading Beatrix Potter was lovely.

Well done on the camera are a clever girl.


Yes, vale Tony Curtis. I just loved him in Some Like It Hot. I really like your camera case ~ it looks very functional and the fabric is pretty. =>


I had a bunch of those little records, too! Heidi, and a fantastic one about a Haunted House.. I can't remember what else :(


I had those books too! I had forgotten about them :-)


I also loved those little books. Cinderella was my favorite! Love the camera case. Much better than my ugly black store bought one!


I love the camera case. It's so gorgeous & unique. Tony Curtis is one of my favorite star.

Laurie (Moo!)

That's a very nice camera bag. Tony was quite the looker, in his day, wasn't he?


Vale indeed. What a life! Love the case, so clever, and attractive. What is it with dogs and dirt? im sure it gives mine fleas. sigh.


oooh i loved those books!
My favourite was the Empire Strikes Back! And when you heard the whizzing of the light sabres it was time to turn the page hehe


that's a great camera case! I will use that one - thanks Cindy!


Your camera case & fabric look lovely. I wish I had some Kaffe lying around in my stash!! :)


Super cute camera case, you are so clever! (cute pups too!)

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