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Monday Munchies #43

Who's Minding The Mint Slices?

Another pair of socks for the OPAM completed and jolly nice they are too.

These are The Mint Slice socks, using the Old Knittery Cashmere Merino in my custom dyed Mint Slice colour. Using my usual personal sock pattern with 64 stitches and 2.5mm needles. I did 26 stitches of 2x2 ribbing on the back of the leg just because I wanted to. I love them: they are deliciously yummy and the closest thing to chocolate I am likely to have near me without feeling poorly.

Mint Slice Socks
Peri has been taking advantage of the warm sunshine in between the rain. I think she is still basking in the glory of her visit to the Vet and ensuing rump steak!!!

Peri in the sunshine
Gilly has been investigating the empty dog food bag. Notice how Peri doesn't really care that her sister is trapped in the bag. Also notice how after I 'saved' her from the bag, all Gilly was really interested in was getting back in the bag.

Gilly and the bag

Mrs Mauritius went on a holiday, if I could find the pertinent postcard I would put a picture here, and she went to the Hundertwasser Museum. She was amazed when I told her that Opal had manufactured sock wool in colours inspired by his art. I am knitting her a scarf in the lovely 5 or 6 ply Silver Spiral colour. I'm just doing a 1x1 rib with an even number of stitches and slipping the first stitch of every row. It's looking good so far.

100 waters scarf start
When the dollar was good I ordered some material from the Fat Quarter Shop. A Pure Charm pack to make a little quilt for my Aunt for Christmas,

Pure charm

and a Very Hungry Caterpillar panel and some material and flannel spots for Baby Electric.

Panel Spot flannel and fabric

MrsDrWho is so tired after a week of Learn to Swim that she has been laughing, a little maniacally I am afraid, at the latest Top 50 Jokes. She's also having trouble dressing herself. I would have though she would have had lots of training at LTS.

I still have my cold, but this morning when I woke up I could breathe, occasionally, through my nose. Big nasal breakthrough!!

Bloggy Book Club. The book I was most likely reading early this month was Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover, Book 3 in the Gallagher Girls series. Unfortunately, I thought I had placed a old on #2, but Library Hold Placers can't be choosers and so I just read it. Yes, it's a YA book, a very YA book but I like it. It is amusing and witty and has twists and turns and a little bit of hard reality. The characters are a somewhat formulaic, but not too much and on the whole I am willing to overlook this for the amount of amusement I gained from the read. I have been reading quite a lot of YA lately: Todd McCaffrey, Terry Pratchett, Eoin Colfer, John Flanagan and Zizou Corder. I'm looking forward to the arrival of Book 2.

Now I am poaching some free range chicken breasts in lovely stock with garlic, chilli, onion, ginger, carrot, red onion and bok choy. Then I'll add the bok choy leaves and some rice vermicelli and chick peas for a restorative soup for tea. Tastes good, and is good for me!!



That soup sounds very restorative. I hope the minutes you can breather properly increase rapidly. Gilly in the bag reminded me of once seeing a big Lab on the footpath almost totally concealed in a large green garbage bag. We tooted the horn as we drove past and he jumped out looking very guilty.


I'm glad you are feeling a bit better Cindy.

It's so funny when the dogs get their heads stuck inside bags in the hope of a few crumbs left behind LOL

Lucky Mrs Mauritius getting a beautiful scarf made for her! Lucky Baby Electric too!!


Wow, so much info in one post! I love Peri's photo today. And Gilly makes me laugh!
The socks look great. I'm glad it's looking like you are on the mend.


yay for nasal breakthroughs!

dogs in bags are just as funny as cats in bags in my eyes. hope you had a good giggle over silly gilly's antics!


Love the hungry caterpillar fabric! Perfect for a child's quilt.

I don't feel too guilty about reading young adult fiction since it's go so good recently (His Dark Materials trilogy, for instance).

Rose Red

I sometimes read YA fiction too. And occassionally revisit childhood favourites as well (Enid Blyton is not nearly as entrancing to adult eyes!)

Peri looks so very regal and just like the recipient of the latest Dogitarian Award, as she poses for her portrait and her bronze casting!

Your socks dolook very mint slicey - my favourite childhood chocolat biscuit treat. Now I'm quite partial to caramel crowns.

Love the fabrics you are using for the quilts!


those socks certainly look good enough to eat ! Love the 'bag-doggie' :) :)


i am laughing out loud at gilly. funny, my three love that particular bag too (i hope you got the same sale that we did!). loooove the fabric collections too, so many great things people are making at this time of year. and i love the ribbing down the back of your socks, im going to try that.


Nice yummy socks. Great idea to use sock yarn for the scarf as it's looking good. Your chicken soup sounds yummy. My mum always make us soup when we are having exams as she believes it helps nourish our tired brains.


LOL at cat keeps attempting to get into a weetbix box which alas she is far too big for!!

Your soup sounds yummy.

i love the scarf and have been a busy bee!!


Glad you have had a nasal breakthrough, lol! Your labs remind me of our naughty cats, Bella and Max who used to take the lid of the metal container to eat all the dry cat food. Paul has now attached a rope through the lid so they can open it, but it is still found to be dragged around the garage floor and the container is bigger than them. Your choc mint socks look very nice indeed!


oh those minty choccy socks!! I wish I could have some sock yarn custom dyed like that. How I miss the knittery. What a great combination of my favourite flavour!


What a combination - regal beast, hundred waters, yummy soup and a bag on a dog.

lynne s of oz

I love getting stuff from the Fat Quarter shop :-) I've bought two lots of Very Hungry Caterpillar fabric as gifts. Plus those socks look yummy indeed.
Hahahahaha - silly Gillie with the bag on her head and tryign to get back into it!
I hope the nasal breakthrough continues. It is miserable having a blocked nose...

Laurie (Moo!)

Peri's photo looks exactly like that! "Ah. Remember the time I got the steak and licked my lips for hours?". Dog food bags have their lure, too! A nasal breakthrough! Hoorah!


The mint chocolate socks look scrumptious. Do you have Andes Mints in Australia? That's what they look like to me.

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