Monday Munchies #44
Queue Gardens

The OPAM Busters

I met my Goal for OPAM this month. I almost met and exceeded it, hindered only by the loss of a lone Tennis sock. If I could have found it I would have knitted up the other sock, after all I found the wool but I have no idea where I wrote the pattern.

In October I completed the Mint Slice Socks:

Mint Slice

The Croc Socks:

Croc Socks

And last but not least, The Witchery ahh Socks. These are the Through The Loops' Mystery KAL. Thanks to DrBones' Leonie for mentioning them on her blog!! The Mystery name made me think of the Witchery song by The Little River Band. Which you can hear, here. There used to be a clothes shop called Witchery and I think the ad was written for them first and then lengthened into a song. I kept singing "Mystery aah, aah, aah".

The Witchery aah Socks are knitted on 2.5mm needles using the lovely Elizabeth from Wired for Fibre. There was a clue every Friday and I managed to finish these on the last Day of October. They are being modelled on my sock blockers which I cut from my sewing machine box.

Witchery aah
I haven't set my goal for November yet, I shall have to think of what I want to do. I know people everywhere are waiting with bated breath to read what I am making!!!

Spring is here: windy and humid weather, then rain, then sun and now snow is forecast again. One day we go to the dam and there are no puddles, the next day it's puddly and one further day along and the puddles have disappeared. Lorelai Gilmore is skimming the best water from the top of the puddle. Peri's not so interested in the water, I reckon she was off somewhere rolling in something smelly because Gilly stops and looks over to where we had been.


When we stop at the shop on the way home from our walk, I can see The Labradors sitting in the back. There is some jockeying for position, I believe they both want to be in the middle to see what is happening ahead. I think Gilly is winning, but Peri looks happy. She's just a happy girl. I am giving her extra pats at the moment. Just because.

Mirror, mirror in the car Who are the cutest puppies by far

This afternoon I am going to do some sewing, I am making a Dalek Bag. I have a picture of a Dalek, so it's going very well so far. MrsDrWho has lent me two seasons of Psych so I may watch some of that while I sew.



I can't wait to see your Dalek Bag!!! How very cool that will be, you are very clever indeed. The girls do look very cute running up and down the big puddle. It has been crazy weather!!! it's driving me nuts


Loved watching her back and forth back and forth....


ohhhhh a dalek bag...cant wait to see that.

I love the Witchery socks!!!!

lynne s of oz

Well done on the sock front :-) Peri has such a happy smile on her face in that last shot!

Dennis the Vizsla

Love the scampering through the puddle with the nose right at water level!


those socks are amazing - you could have a boutique sock shop and make a squillion !! the dog-paddling/slurping was very funny - they're a treat those girls :) :)


As much as I love the many beautiful things you create I must confess, I love the doggies more. Could you maybe set up a Webcam so that I can watch them all day long?

The world would certainly be improved by the addition of a "PeriCam."


The Witchery aah Socks is lovely!!!!! And I like the pictures of the doggies too!! They look like as if they're smiling :)


Peri is a happy dog by the look of that big smile. Looking forward to seeing the bag too.


Love the Witchery socks. Sounds like nice spring weather in Tasmania but it's summer here in Perth. For the last 2 days, temps were 34C & 36C ! I had the air-con on in order to knit.


Careful now! I can see your fingers in that photo of the girls on the back seat! ;)

Well done on making your goals for October. The Mystery/Witchery socks look great.


Your socks are lovely . I loved the doggy water racing.

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