Monday Munchies #49
I'm Dreaming Of Write Christmas.

And So This Is Christmas And What Have I Done?

I don't remember where I was thirty years ago when I heard John Lennon was dead. I am actually pretty poor at all the remembering where I was when I heard things. I do know that apart from me, only one girl at high school and Matric actually knew who The Beatles were, and Monty Python.

There has been some more swimming, or not swimming, depending on which Labrador you are. And words spoken on the video are not meant to be a narration, I really do talk to The Labradors on our walk, and most of the rest of the time too. They know what I mean.


I've been making a few things. I crocheted some stars, I found a pattern on The Ravelry, but it is from The Royal Sisters. I did the version for people who crochet tightly and then I did a picot instead of four chains: chain 5, slip back through 3rd chain, chain 2. I used some 8ply sparkly gold 'stuff' and a 4mm hook. Then I sewed two circles of Christmas fabric together, leaving a little gap and turned it right side out and then filled them with polyfill. I sewed the star on by just catching the picots, and I added a hanging loop. It is a decoration and a pin cushion because I sewed from the back through to the front and then back again and pulled the cotton tight to make it plump up.

I made a tetrahedron bag for our knitting gift swap. I am very pleased with it and so was the recipient. I like this material because it looks festive and Christmassy without looking out of place the rest of the year.

Tetrahedron bag

I sewed a Christmassy, but other part of the yearly, apron for our lovely Nurse at LSG. I love the green striped fabric and if she spills something on the 'good' side she can whip it off and have the 'less good' side facing out.

I went to MrsDrWho's school to do some non-oven cooking and I saw the most amusing Advent Calendars, some Corky the Reindeer and little Candy Cane mice. So cute!!

School craft

Peri has been experimenting with new ways to engage with her breakfast. She's still wet from her swim. I think I see my missing rubber glove on the steps. Lately Peri has been bringing me things when I come home, usually shoes. She doesn't chew them, she just retrieves!!!

Eating gym
Lorelai Gilmore looks so long. She likes to let the cool breeze coming through the window waft over her belly when it is humid. Gilly has had FlippyFloppyEar. We saw Dr Tim and she was a very good girl. She sits very still and quietly while we put the ointment in her ears.She's also not fat!!

Gilly lounges

This is just a quick post*, lots of things have/are/will be happening but I am a little tired and my blood pressure is playing up again. I had to go and have my BP taken today. Three times in the nurses' office and then once in my doctor's room where it was cooler and quieter. I woke up this morning, knowing I had to go, and then I had a nervous knot in my stomach all day, and I felt jittery. Which is silly, and I know it is. I have to go back in a fortnight and see if it has gone down at all, or if I need some new and interesting extra drugs. I am taking a new drug which makes me less puffy. I did wonder if I was imagining it, but MrsDrWho said my ankles did look less gigantic. My doctor laughed when I said I thought I was less puffy. but wondered if I just imagined it. She said you can't have psychosomatic unpuffiness!!

The weather is cooler and wet. There are some flood warnings and thunder storms and more rain forecast but it will only be 18* at the end of the week. Bliss!!! It means we can sleep in peace and coolness.

*Quick?? I don't think so!! Not even short. 681 words.



I love your ornaments and would be happy to wear that apron! I still think that Gilly might give that swimming a go, yet! We get FlippyFloppyEar here, too. We always look real sad, but sit still for the meds. You take care of yourself and your BP!!


Gilly really wants to help with the swimming stick - I reckon it'll get the better of her soon and she'll be paddling away :) Love those little corky reindeer - the children are so clever. You're doing well to keep busy with that BP of yours - hope it behaves itself real soon. Is the Flippyear caused by water in it or is it something else ??

Judy Edmonds

I actually can remember. I came home to the room I was living in in Ormond College (Melbourne Uni) and turned the radio on. I thought they had made a mistake when they referred to 'the late John Lennon'.

I was alive when JFK died but too young to remember anything.

My son is in Tasmania this week on a school camp and he is having a good time!

And are there people who don't talk to their dogs when they walk them? How strange is that?

Jennifer Rose

I wasn't born yet when he was killed, about a month too early. did grow up listening to his music tho :)

peri is just doing her job, retrieving :p get her a duck :p

you've been busy with sewing! great stuff :D

Rose Red

I sort of remember - in my memory, I am in high school, but I know that can't be right because I wouldn't have been old enough! I wonder if I just think I remember?

I wish it were cool here instead of awfully humid. Still at least it's not flooding like in some parts of NSW, so can't complain!


I love the way Gilly wants to take the stick from Peri! It looks so nice and warm there. The 'feels like' temp with the wind chill for our walk this morning was in the teens F. I love the lounging on the couch pic! I hope her ear is better soon! You make the best gifts!!!


Oh my goodness, all of your creations look just wonderful!!

And beautiful labrador photos, as always :)


Loved seeing the girls in the water. Gilly is not ready to swim yet? I had to laugh because Peri went out of the water after the second throw, let the stick fall wherever and just kept walking. :o)
Hope you new meds will help!


Those star pin cushions are lovely. It's a great idea. It's so convenient that you can sew many of your Christmas gifts. All I am doing is knitting dishcloths.


Peri is such a good swimmer. I just love that Gilly tried to get in on the stick retrieval right at the end after Peri was out of the water. Of course Peri would have none of it, but then nonchalantly dropped the stick a few meters later LOL

You have certainly been busy on the sewing/crocheting front. I'm sure your recipients will just love their handmade goodness!!

I love seeing kids crafts...they're so different each one :)

Good luck with your blood pressure. You certainly don't want your health flaring up/playing up over Christmas!

I hope flippy, floppy ears go away for Gilly Too!


Gilly is so almost about to swim! I made the buttermilk chicken using breast as flatmate only likes white meat, total success! not as pretty as yours but the taste was fantastic.
Your Christmas crafting is lovely I'm only doing a couple of small things this year you're so organized!


I was sure I posted you a comment before. Don't know what I did wrong- gremlins in the computer no doubt! I love those cork reindeer, I made some too with the kids in my year one and two classes but they were just deer heads on a satay stick, rather puppet like but I'd love to see a close up photo of your ones. Do you have to pre cut the corks to fit the head on? It looks like they have a slanting edge on them.
Love the attitude on the long dog! I intend to do a bit of lounging around like that myself in exactly one week!


you have been so busy making lately, everything is lovely your star pin cushions are inspired!! The advent quilt is gorgeous what a lucky MrsDoctorWho. Your eyebrows are very impressive, I have had mine waxed a few times over the years and often think about it when I look at them but it does hurt so!!!
I remeber the day John Lennon died quite clearly, it was at the beginning of the 6pm news and I was just in shock and thought how upset my brother would be when he got home from work as he was the biggest Beatle fan in the family

Dennis the Vizsla

hello peri and gilly its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo cannot be too kayrful abowt swimming yoo never no if their mite be a tennis bal of deth monster in the water sumware!!! ok bye


Oh dear - thinking of you and hoping you feel better soon. Silly Dr! Of COURSE you can have psychosomadic unpuffiness! That's how it works!!
What lovely doggers and I too dream of the 18 degrees... it's close to 40 here today and as humid as Satan's armpit - very unpleasant to be out walking around on the steel all day! I think I will look like Gilly this evening ;P


And what have you done? Sounds like you have been very busy :-)
The project bag is lovely, perfect for a sock project!
The colours of the reversible apron are perfect, the nurse is very lucky to get such a gift.


I only saw the video just now since movies won't play on the work computer - it is such a fun video to watch of swimming and splashings and waggily tails! Thank you for sharing it Cindy, and thank you to the star performers!! :)

Laurie (Moo!)

Fantastic bag! You and that sewing machine are quite the pair. Gilly looks wonderfully happy and that's what counts, right? Short post? We have quite different opinions on that. LOL!!


Love the little crochet-star ornaments! Hope it stays cool for you and your ankles!

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