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Chestnuts Roasting On An OPAM Fire

I didn't write anything for November's One Project A Month Goal because it was a secret, but I managed to complete it on time and I gave it to MrsDrWho last night. I made an Advent calendar Quilt for her, complete with treats!! Hurray. This month is the last month of the OPAM.

Advent opam
I haven't been doing very much else, it has been warmish, and I have had social outings. I did have my hair cut and for the very first time, I had my eyebrows waxed. MrsDrWho says this is a good thing as before I had slightly demonic arches. Here are some not very good before and after photos:

Before After
There, I look like a demented serial killer. It's hard taking a photo of one's eyebrows.  Be afraid, be very afraid. I can see my green TARDIS in one photo!!! Yes, pretty much demonic and my eyes are quite pointy. However, fat fills out your wrinkles: a beauty routine to which I subscribe in a big way.

Peri and Gilly had a swim yesterday. Peri loves to swim, she swims to Olympic standards, she swims and looks to the shore and smiles so happily. Gilly has never been swimming. She swims like Harki: once she realised that she couldn't touch the bottom, she panicked and came straight back in!!! I love how happy Peri is and how interested Gilly is, until she goes in!! Peri is a long way out, if I was my dad I would be calling her in: up to the ankles is far enough I remember. I have another video of Peri fetching sticks. I am a rubbish thrower but she is a fabulous Retriever. I'll save that for later on.


Peri and Gilly look so slim when they are wet.

Slim swimmers
When she has finished her swim, Peri likes to play with the last stick. It is the only time she every really plays enthusiastically, and for a long time, with a toy. She thinks it is the best game ever!! Gilly is once again amazed at all the Swimming Traditions Peri has.

Peri's swimming stick
Last night was the final Trivia and MrsValley's team, with her husband, sons and their partners won!! Our team was very happy to see them win. Congratulations!!!

Today I am having a rest, I am crocheting some gold stars and making  pincushion slash decorations. We'll see how that works for me!!!



wow what a fabulous quilt!!!

I love the pic of the dogs.......they are tooo cute!!!

LOL on the demented serial killer!!!


Lucky Mrs. Dr. Who to receive such a gorgeous calendar. Your very clever. Your eyebrows look so lovely. I went and had mine done about 2 years ago now but they were so painful afterwards because I have sensitive skin that I was too worried to go back. They did look nice though and she had dyed them as mine are blonde and you cant really see them anyway! I am off to have my haircut today too so I will feel much happier when I return.


the swimming video is lovely - I'm sure Gilly will get the hang of it once the days get even warmer !! the Advent quilt is very pretty - clever girl :) we had a great time at the Trivia - good brain exercise - and the free drinks were nice too ;)

Rose Red

I love the advent quilt, what a great idea. I never had advent calendars as a child, I think I'd like to do it for Connor, maybe next year. I think your quilt is a great way of doing it!

I love the video of the dogs swimming, Gilly is too funny and Peri really is a most excellent Olympic swimmer!


I love your quilt! And I think your eyebrows look lovely. Did it hurt badly? And poor Gilly. She so wants to follow. Maybe one day she will!


oh what a gorgeous quilt! so clever you is! i wax my own eyebrows now and i always forget what a difference it makes until i see them done. i have john howard type demonic eyebrows if i dont wax. shudder. i love that my dogs love to swim, ricco was like gilly at first but now he just gets in there!


Hehe! I love the way no dog owner can resist commentating when they're videoing their dogs :D You have a lovely voice!

What an excellent Advent quilt.


What? An almost photo of the hitherto/before never seen FACE OF C2P.....I die.

Love the video of the dog/s swimming. Gilly has a real OH POOH moment doesn't she.

Judy Edmonds

Ok, if you think YOUR eyebrows make you look like a serial killer, come into my den...

Lucky MrsDrWho, very pretty Advent calendar, and with treats! And lucky dogs. Mine won't swim. She CAN swim, just regards the whole idea with adhorrence.


Oh MrsDrWho's advent quilt looks lovely & she got treats as well!! :)

Your 'new' eyebrows suit you very much. Mind you your 'old' ones don't look so bad in my opinion...being limited to only seeing a part of your face!! LOL

I loved seeing your you tube of the dogs swimming. Daisy has never been swimming. Given that she doesn't like getting her feet or willy wet to do a wee outside when it's raining...I don't like my chances that she would enjoy getting wet to swim LOL

Happy resting, crocheting & pincushion making....I'm madly trying to crochet as well....trying to make some dish cloths/washcloths to give as gifts for my volunteers who give their time to drive me an hour away from here to have an infusion once a month. Such kind selfless people!!


Love the quilt (and so will Mrs Dr Who nee MacGyver if she knows what's good for her!). I don't think you had "demonic arches" but I can appreciate a nice neat eyebrow!


The quilt is wonderful! What fun to sleep all cozy under it each December! You do have fashion magazine worthy brows now! I love the swim video. Maybe Gilly will take more to the water as the summer warms up, but Saffy tends to prefer wading too. I love the way the tails seem to work as rudders. Peri is a most accomplished swimmer! We had our walkies this morning before the rain and wind picked up. It was gray and breezy, but now it is quite wild out there! Very warm for November though.


The quilt is fantastic! I like your new eye brows & they now highlight your lovely eyes. Your hair looks great too.

Jennifer Rose

awww love the video :D sky was so confused by your accent lol

demonic arches are a lot better then having a unibrow :p

that quilt is great! very festive :D


I had to read the bit about you being a rubbish thrower twice. I thought to myself she really doesn't seem to be the kind of person who would throw rubbish about and glibly post about it....Oh duh! she's not particularly good at throwing (Tee hee I had to laugh at myself and am much relieved that I haven't misjudged you so!)
Nice brows by the way.


Aww I love the swimming! And that we shared Gilly's first time too! The eyebrows look just fine - you have very pretty eyes btw!

Laurie (Moo!)

You did such a beautiful job with the quilt! Lucky MrsDrWho! My, what beautiful eyes you have! (Hey! Just realized Rox said the same thing. She copied me before I even said it!) Oh, to be young again and play with a stick for hours. :-)


Wow, what an amazing quilt and what a great idea as well! Good job!

Peri looks ever so majestic gliding through the water, like an ocean liner she is. It's the Good Ship Peri! Poor Gilly, she'll get the hang of it eventually.


Gilly is so intently watching Peri swim! Peri will be a good swim teacher for her.

Yes, those mysterious eyes are lovely! It looks like you are peeking over a hareem veil. Hazel? Green? Brown? I can't tell on my monitor.


The eyebrow photo looks like you are a crim on CCTV!


oh my goodness Cindy that's the first glimpse I've ever had of you! It's nice to see you at last, even if it is just the top half of your head! Hello!

Big fan of eyebrow waxing myself. Shaped eyebrows are the best!

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