Monday Munchies #52
The Love Of Eleven Makes One Elevenly*

Five French Hens

At Christmastime I love all my presents, but there are always a few that make me have elbows and go 'Eeeeeeeee!!. This year MrsDrWho gave me a fabulous book: The Knitted Farmyard, and when I opened to the first page, there were five little chickens,(or four and a rooster. I'm not too bothered) We both had tiny paroxysms of delight!! It is is very cute and you can knit a whole farmyard with farmers, pigs and sheep and cows with udders and cabbages and a dog and a cat. And a pond. MrsDrWho was especially entranced by the pond!! We always label our gifts to each other with cryptic clues, so you have to try and guess what's inside. This book was labelled as a Potential OPAM  (One Project a Month) and I reckon if I knitted some each month I would have a lovely big farm at the end of the year.

Five french hens
I had a lovely time at MrsDrWho's mum and dad's on Christmas Day. Lots of delicious food and drink and pudding. I came home with a plum pudding in a cloth of my very own, a special small one. It just needs boiling up for half an hour. Peri and Gilly were so lucky, MrsDrWho found some kangaroo bones for them, as Peri is on her special diet. I cracked  with my hammer and they had half each. It is obviously pretty delicious!!!

Peri and her kangaroo bone
Gilly and her kangaroo bone
I have been feeling slightly better, though I have done very little. I have been resting and doing some sewing over the last week or so. I made MrsDrWho's WeeNephew a circular playmat/sack for all his Thomas the Tank Engine things. It has five or six kinds of Thomas fabric on the inside, and then his favourite colour purple on the outside. It has a drawstring and when pulled up, it holds quite a lot of trains. I made him a purple backpack too.

Thomas playmat sack
Thomas backpack
Backpack 2

My next door neighbour's name starts with an E so I made her an apron in the style of Masterchef, her favourite TV programme.

Mastercheffy apron

And today I sewed a little quilt for my aunt. My mum and my aunt are coming to visit for the day tomorrow, so I have been making coconut ice and shortbread as well as Bishop's cake!! I used some Saffron Craig fabrics, an assorted pack of five from Esme's, and just tie quilted at each corner of the centre patchwork. I put the other green tree fabric on the back, so it wouldn't go to waste.The Thomas play mat and this quilt are two thirds of my OPAM Goal, and so I just have The Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt left to sew.

Aunt's Quilt
This is always a very weird time of the year, I never know what day it is or what the proper date is either. It's a kind of yearly limbo and I'm looking forward to the New Year. I think I will write my Christmas Cards on Thursday, you never know. If the weather stays so nice and cool, I may even do some other jobs!! I am so happy it is cool, well, late teens, early twenties and sunny. Perfect Summer weather for us. People who would like it to be hotter should fly North to the mainland. Where it is either raining and there are floods or it is 40*C. There is an awful lot of weather about.


Laurie (Moo!)

A farm! I can't wait to see your knitted farm!!
I'm very impressed with the purple backpack and the MasterChef (we love that show) apron. You're a wonder with that sewing machine! I would send you some snow, if I could - we have plenty.


The weather there sounds dreamy - we saw that it is 15 degrees on our block - BLISS! Why are we here in the high 30 degrees and even 40 on Christmas day?! Lovely goodies there to share and what a gorgeous knitting book!! Here's to a wonderous year ahead Cindy. I think I'll write my Christmas cards today too!


Well, if that is what you get done when you do very little, I'd never be able to keep up with you when you are busy! Love that backpack and the apron. And that book is just too funny!


Goodness, you have been busy!!

Your knitted farmyard book looks absolutely ADORABLE!! So sweet :)

Jennifer Rose

old mc'cindy had a farm
And on this farm she had 2 dogs
(hmm trying to get the old crossed out, but html is not working)


The backpack is just amazing, and I can see your little friend is already busy with his Thomas toy bag.
Speaking of amazing, the Farmyard book reminds me of Jan Messent's wonderful books, including Knitted Gardens and Historical Figures. I have a few of her books which I've never knit anything from (yet), but like to leaf through with mouth agape. I do hope you take on a Knitted Gardens OPAM!


So glad you had a lovely Christmas Day Cindy. MrsDrWho's nephew's backpack & Thomas mat look very smart...I'm sure he won't let them out of his sight!!

You've certainly been busy with all that sewing :) & no doubt that knitted farmyard will now keep you busy knitting!

So glad that Peri & Gilly enjoyed their kangaroo bones 'snack'. MrsDrWho is very kind to think of them :D


A book, the bone and the sewing. For a low energy lady you sure get a lot done! That book looks like it will be lots of fun during the course of the coming year, can't wait to see what you make first!


So pleased you, and the labs, had a lovely day. A pudding all to yourself - bliss! All the best for the New Year.


I love the way you always make your gifts fit each persons personality, I bet little Thomas Tank was exited when he saw his presents!I can't wait to see your farmyard as it grows.


Cindy you are a legend! really you are! you have made soooo many FABULOUS things AND you didn't feel well, that's amazing. All I had to do for xmas lunch at my sister's was a choc ripple cake and I didn't even feel up to making that! how bad is that


For someone who said they hadn't done a lot, you managed to do a lot! That boy has good taste - Thomas and purple. We do approve!

Rose Red

I love the Knitted Farmyard book (I have it too...I wonder if we should have a Knitted Farmyard OPAM-a-long?)

And the Thomas mat/bag is very cool - when the little guy is bigger, I shall make him one similar for his lego (my aunty had one for her sons when they were little, a great idea!). And I love the "E" masterchef apron - you are so clever!


I love your little 'have elbows and go eeee!' saying! Very cute and I know exactly what you mean. What a great way to describe it. Can't wait to see your knitted farm growing. That will be a great little project for each month, not too big or too small.

Glad you had a lovely Christmas and believe me, I would have loved some Tassie weather here too!


oh my goodness the knitted chooks! I feel I must go and find that book. I must have little matching hens to go with my real life ones!

happy new year Cindy!

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