And So This Is Christmas And What Have I Done?
Pancrea-Titis Andronicus

I'm Dreaming Of Write Christmas.

The Labradors have quite a lot of cards this year: Christmas postcards. Would you like Peri and Gilly to write you a card?? If you are overseas it might be a New Years' card by the time it arrives!! Send them an email with your address, and they will personally lick the stamp before I pop it in the post box on their behalf. The stamps are self adhesive, but they will lick them regardless.

Postcard anyone
If you click on the Email Me link in the top right hand corner of the blog, your default email may, or may not, open up with an email for Peri and Gilly. It works for me, but then I'm a semi-Luddite and have no idea if it will work for anyone else!!! Or you can leave a comment and I'll get back to you......

I have a new teapot, Mrs HouseOf and her family gave it to me. It is a lovely classic shape, it pours beautifully (no drips) and most importantly, makes a nice cup of tea. Or two. Or three. I am drinking some French Earl Grey from T2 right now.

I'm a teapot
Christmas With Friends was lovely last night. I took absolutely NO pictures of the little zippy chocolate wrapper bags, or Mrs HouseOf's skirt, that I sewed. Luckily MrsDrWho took pictures of the desserts I made, otherwise there would be absolutely no record at all. I made little lemon tarts with raspberries on top, chocolate brownie, fairy cakes, little pavlovas with cream and passionfruit and strawberries dipped in white and dark chocolate. After nibbles and main course, I couldn't eat any at all. I had a cup of tea!!!

Would you like a little dessert

I found something really funny and cute to cook for my antepenultimate Monday Munchies. And no, it's not The Ungingerbread House, even though that is most amusing.

And now I am so tired: lunch yesterday, Christmas With Friends last night and then Shopping with MrsDrWho and Mrs HouseOf plus two Young HouseOfs, and I am totally worn out. I have to get up early to be at the hospital by 8-30am to have my port flushed. Then home and walk The Labradors and then, I think, I shall take to my bed with my new pillows and donna cover, and have a nap until the afternoon.



Oh just look at all those goodies!!! If I lived near you and was lucky enough to be on your friends list, I'd be big as a house!

Jennifer Rose

ooh lemon tarts! :D *steals* I keep forgetting to see if anyone wants a card from Scotland but by the time I remember its way too late to send any :/


those 'girls' are special with their pink tongues at the ready for stamping !! what a beautiful array of goodies - you're a clever girl :)


I love your new tea pot......I am hoping for one for xmas(I have hinted loudly to hubby)
so many yummy goodies!!

I would love a card from the labradors!!!!


OH I love that teapot. I do love a good cup of tea in nice cups etc. Your dogs are looking very happy.

Rose Red

So much cooking, so many goodies! You are a very good friend.

I too would love a card from the labradors, and would of course return the favour (although I don't think I could get Nelly to lick the stamp!)


Lovely teapot & I love T2 tea too especially Chai. In fact, every time I walk past the shop, I go in & try the new flavors & I was there a few days ago & had the Strawberry & Cream - yummy.


Wow you have been soooo busy!! I couldn't keep up with you Cindy :) I do find dealing with Christmas especially hard while having a chronic illness. I tend to just do the must do's, delegate where possible (esp wrapping)& simplify if possible.

Your desserts look spectacular. My solitary Trifle recently pales in comparison!!

Daisy & I would love a card too...if we could reciprocate as well that would be wonderful :D

Laurie (Moo!)

Those girls are so busy! It's a wonder they have time to walk you, at all. :-)

I love your new teapot!! I'm partial to the Brown Betty shape, as well.


looks like you have been really busy. give those pupsters a big hug from auntie marti!


Gosh, I'm not surprised you're tired - what a busy schedule!!

Such a lovely teapot, and all those desserts look amazing :)


Oh my! I thought you'd been to a bakery, but you made all those yourself! What a beautiful, delicious looking and varied assortment! I love the new tea pot and pic of the smiley, soggy doggies! And, S&S sent you their mailing address ;)


Lovely girls!
Your desserts look so delicious! Too bad you could not eat any of it, but a hot cup of tea sound good too. Hope you'll have a restful nap tomorrow!


Wow what a lot of deserts to make no wonder you feel a tad tired! They all look yummy! And those doggies look so cute with their tongues at the ready to lick all those stamps.


I hope the tiredness subsides a little and that you are able to enjoy the lead in to the festive season.


Man you are a demon in the kitchen! Look at that array of goodies :-) As a fellow tea drinker I truly appreciate a good teapot with a spout that doesn't drip. I hope you get to enjoy many a hot cup of tea from it's insides!

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