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Monday Munchies #51

Monday Munchies #50

MrsDrWho's school was being BER-ed this year, so the canteen/kitchen was under construction and we couldn't do any proper cooking in an oven.

But next year, we already know what we are going to make: Scary Reindeer Biscuits. These are in the free Woolworth's Christmas magazine and I fell immediately in love with them. They are perfect children's cooking.

The biscuit is a gingerbread man, made with gingerbread, plain biscuit dough, or whatever takes your fancy. Bake a batch, leave them to cool, and then decorate.

Scary Reindeer Biscuits  makes about 20

  • gingerbread man biscuits
  • 40 white chocolate melts
  • 40 dark choc bits
  • 100-150g melted milk chocolate
  • 20 raspberry lollies

Gather your supplies:

Surprise supplies
Spread melted milk chocolate over each biscuit and then turn so the legs are at the top.

Add two white chocolate melts for the eyes. Press gently into the milk chocolate icing.

Dip two choc bits into the melted chocolate and 'glue' them onto the white melts to make eyes.

Finally, glue on a raspberry for a red nose.

Scary reindeer
Refrigerate for 15 minutes or until set.


I'm toying with adding some pretzels for antlers, or maybe licorice straps.....

And believe me, these are Very Scary!!!




Oh my goodness! Those reindeer are so funny!!

Rose Red

Ha ha ha ha ha ha, those are hilarious ... Whoops, I mean Very Scary Indeed!

Judy Edmonds

They are hysterically SCARY!!!


they look like they have just got caught in a cars headlights. But ofcourse they will esape in time. Love them.


hilarious! they are the best looking reindeer ive seen in years. i could gobble them all up!


oh these a soooo cute Cindy I have the Woolworths mag but haven't actually looked through it. I too have not done cards or xmas baking, that is a first for me. I have cut down on cards a lot over the years but always bake but there is always tomorrow. I am making a choc ripple cake but that doesn't really count does it, so I too am laying low. I had the doc at 9.15 this morn and that is extremely early for me but I made it. I hope you have a wonderful xmas day at MrsDocWho's folk's place and kisses for the labs hoping Peri is all better xxxxx


Yummi ;o)


he he, these are cool, how clever


Oh, those are hilarious! I think they look more startled than scary, like someone's goosed them!

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