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Monday Munchies #50

Pancrea-Titis Andronicus

The ante-penultimate Monday Munchie #50 did not appear last week. All was going well until about 10-30am Monday morning, when I suddenly came down with a virus which involved shivering and fevers. I had to take to my bed for two days and even now when I am at the PO or the shop, people say "Oh, what's wrong, you don't look well?", it's not good for the ego!!! I am on the slow road to recovery because, using cricket parlance, it really hit me for six.

Then on Wednesday evening, Peri didn't seem herself. She was sick a few times, she panted and couldn't get comfortable. Nothing I could put my finger on, but I knew she wasn't well, so on Thursday we went to the Vet. She has mild pancreatitis.

Poor Pancreatitis Peri
We are very lucky. Dr Marion gave her an antibiotic injection, which made poor Peri cry, and some dog Stemetil. Dr Marion is very gentle, but the injection was a stingy one. Peri was a very brave girl. Now she is on a strict diet forever: kangaroo, rice, vegetables. That's it. She can have kangaroo bones and rice cakes with a smear of Vegemite for treats. Kangaroo mince fit for human consumption is available in the supermarket for about $8 a kilo, so they won't have to catch their own wallabies at the dam!!!

Roo the day
Dr Marion doesn't know what caused it, I wonder if someone neighbourly gave her a fatty chicken neck treat when I was out and that was the trigger?  Neighbourly people have been given rice cakes to use as treats now. But it is very manageable, and Lorelai Gilmore can have the same food too. They will also have two smaller meals instead of just one big one: happy days for them!! Peri was off her food for a day or two, but this morning she was trying to steal from Gilly's bowl. She ran and played on our walk this morning and rolled in something very smelly. I can't wash her because she has had her tick treatment, so there's a wafting something smelly all through the house.

Stinky Pinky Peri

Lorelai Gilmore is fine and well and happy. She keeps looking after Peri by cleaning her ears and her eyes for her. She is very alert when we go for walk, one cracking branch or bird call, and she's on the look out for trouble: Who's there??

Gilly is really alert
Nothing else much has happened. MrsDrWho and I had longstanding tickets to Boy's Own McBeth at the Earl Arts, so she picked me up and brought me back home. It was very enjoyable and if I had been well, we would have bought two more tickets at the door for the next night. Highly amusing!!

MrsValley, with whom I dined at a new local winery, also chauffeured me. The food was fabulous and the wine so delicious. I had ice Riesling. And of course, the company was perfect!!! We shared an entree of pork and chicken terrine, with a very tiny and cute fig an walnut loaf, toasted. Then I had hot smoked salmon salad and MrsValley had mushroom risotto with black truffle.

Other than that, we have been at home, sleeping and resting. I have not written or posted any cards, or cooked anything Christmassy. I am lying low, keeping under the radar, trying to stay well so that I can go to MrsDrWho's Mum and Dad's house for Christmas lunch.

So, here's hoping Monday Munchie #50 will appear later on today and then #51 sometime this week, leaving the final  #52 for next Monday. Then it will be a wrap!!!



I am so glad Peri is feeling better! My hubby says it is a good thing you don't live in the US since the doc ordered a kangaroo diet! I hope you feel better and stay that way for a wonderful Christmas!!


I am SO relieved that Peri is ok and back to getting into mischief rolling in some particularly icky looking stuff!!! Eek! She does need a bath soon. The food looks amazingly good--both the dogs and yours, LOL. I hope you feel better really soon. Jeff and I have something so bad we are thinking it could be the flu! I have been mostly resting and just doing little activities for very short bursts. Well, by 'bursts' I mean I move around at a snail's pace instead of sitting or sleeping. The dogs are very glum about the lack of walkies...we have only managed to let them play in the yard. It is very cold out there, so they should be happy just hanging out on their beds!


Oh I'm so pleased that both you & Peri are on the mend! Poor Peri having to stay smelly! LOL

I've been feeding Daisy a diet like this since she was a puppy....although she gets to have Eukanuba dry food as well & I use premium beef mince instead of Kangaroo.

So glad that you've been able to fit in a few social outings while still recovering Cindy. Hears hoping for a healthy Christmas :)


Dear Cindy, I have been worried about all of you. So glad to see your post and hope all goes well from now on for all.


mmmm I like wraps - especially chilly chicken wraps! LOL

I'm so sorry to read you and Peri have been so ill, but so pleased that you both are on the road to recovery. :)


its good to know you girls are all looking after each other - hope you're all feeling merrier for Christmas :)


Poor Peri and poor you. Take care and rest up!


I'm glad the worst is over for both you and Peri and hope that you have a fine Christmas. Being in the U.S. I had to laugh in surprise at the kangaroo doggy food diet! That is definitely not something you can pop into the grocery store for here!


Oh no, I'm so sorry you and Peri have been unwell. You are so very good at keeping an eye on the labradors and noticing the very moment something is amiss - lucky Peri!

I hope your resting goes very well and pleasantly, and you're feeling well and sprightly in no time.


glad to hear you are both feeling better...what a yucky time for all concerned. I hope you get plenty of rest and have a lovely quiet yet jolly Christmas

Rose Red

Grrr to unwelcome illnesses. Hope you both are on the mend. Although I'm a tad sad about Peri's Skippy diet!! (not really, kangaroo is very lean, I'm sure it will be very good for her!)


Poor you and poor Peri! Good thing Gilly is around to look after you both. I have my fingers crossed for good health for you on Christmas so you can spend it with friends without feeling poorly. Merry Christmas!

Jennifer Rose

oh poor peri :( dad has pancreatitis, not good in humans and especially one who doesn't listen to the doctors :/ but at least with dogs its easier to manage their diet.

that is so cute that gilly is looking after peri :)

hope you recover fast from the virus!


Poor Peri! Poor you! What a trying and worrying set of events for you and your dogs. I hope all is improving now, and that you can relax and enjoy your Christmas without reservation.


oh what a bummer, for both of you, hope you are both feeling much better now. what a scare. thank goodness for smart vets too. not so good on the smelly thing though....


I had a feeling you weren't well. I should have emailed my concerns though to let you know I knew, if you know what I mean ;)

I am so glad you are back on the mend as is the smelly Miss P.


Good to hear you caught Peri's pancreatitis early! Our Constance had a severe bout and now we have to be much mire careful about what she eats, and she's at risk for diabetes. Ouch! Rice cakes, eh? Will have to give that a go!

lynne s of oz

Oh my! What a time you have had. I think Peri could do worse than have roo, vegies and rice for the rest of her life. I get roo (diced thought mince is available) for our cats from the local pet store. Costs $5-6 a kilo or less in bulk. They eat it in preference to anything else (except the odd bit of offal).
I am sorry for not popping by earlier.
I hope you are doing better now.
Merry Christmas to you and the girls.


Oh poor Peri! The plus side is that they get to eat twice a day now. We feed our dogs twice a day too, because our WS vomit in the morning, when they only get one meal.
I hope you will be well enough for your Christmas Lunch! All the best to you and the pups!

Dennis the Vizsla

hello peri its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am glad yoo ar feeling better and oh wow kangaroo!!! duz it tayst like chikkin??? ok bye


Oh dear :( I'm so sorry to hear that you and Peri have both been under the weather. Very glad to hear that there is a road to recovery though, and that Peri is enjoying a healthy diet and still has treats available!

Isn't Gilly lovely in her 'on guard' pose! A wise method to be so aware of crunching leaves and snapping twigs - it could be a rabbit or possum to chase, or it could be a fellow walker with treats!!

Sending you many warm fuzzies, well wishes and love, Cindy - to you and your doggers this festive season :)


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