Five French Hens
One Door Closes, Another Door OPAMs.

The Love Of Eleven Makes One Elevenly*

Every New Year's Eve for the last ten years or so, all the new dates must be written into the Buffy Diary. This year's Diary, when selected from the five left in the dresser, came up five pages short. Whomever sold it didn't quite sell a whole year.  The Colour Copy on the printer fixed the problem though. I have to use a colour other than green to write the dates because I write everything else in green.

Getting ready
The New Year makes me very confused, shops are open or closed at random, I never know what is happening or what the date or day is. That material under the diarying?? It's the The Very Hungry Caterpillar Quilt material. The quilt which will be finished tomorrow and photographed for the last OPAM of 2010. Yes, it will.

There was an excellent percent off offer for turning a Blogger blog into a book and so I transformed Harki and Peri's Dogblog. Black and white inside, and only a few photos because I didn't have a digital camera six years ago.

Dogblog book
There's no mosaic, or any lists. For us, this was a sad year because Harki died. We still miss her and say goodnight to her in a Waltons-esque way, every night. But when we think of her there are only happy thoughts. Loveliest and best Labrador ever: Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey. Here she is with her sisters last year (2009).

The Girls
Peri has lost half a kilo. Peri looks thinner and she bounces about a lot. She still has some quieter days, but on the whole she is very happy. Peri is such a loving Labrador and so pretty too.

Peri goes wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Miss Lorelai Gilmore also gained health, half a kilo of health, and she has been trying some unusual poses. Gilly is such a gorgeous, playful pup. She's also very clever. And wet.

Look at me I'm Gilly
At our house we are hoping for a happy and healthy 2011, and The Labradors send wiggly waggly tails and smiles to everyone. We aren't much for the New Year celebrations, I'm off to have a cup of tea now. That's the end of this year then.

The Ends
* The love of heaven makes one heavenly.
William Shakespeare



Happy new year to you and Peri and Gilly! I am shamefully slack at commenting but I really enjoy all of your posts and especially your projects and doggy news! Have a wonderful 2011 xx Jill


I am glad you put in the asterisked explanation because I would never have guessed, not being as clever as you.
Many many happies to you and the best Labradors in the World.


happy new year!!! I am not one much for celebrations, apart from when I was about 18 that is. Loads of tea and trying to stay awake for Isobel as she wants to wait up until midnight!! Lets hope for a very healthy 2011 xxx


Such a nice portrait of the trio. Happy New Year to you and the girls!


Happy New Year to you all :)

You're very organised. I hope one day to have a diary or an organiser and fill it with birthdays and things at the start of the year - but now is not the time. I'll get there one day.


Happy New Year to you all and I too wish you all good health and cheer for 2011.


what a bevy of lovely faces and doggy antics surround you - hope you're all happy and healthy in 2011 - the menagerie in the 'Valley' send our best cheer :) :)


we never stop missing the ones who have gone do we, as much as we love the ones still with us. may 2011 be filled with many slobby labrador kisses xx

Rose Red

I love those two action photos of Peri-minus-half-kilo and Gilly-plus-half-kilo. Funny lovely labradors!

We had a very quiet new year too - we were all in bed by 10.30pm. Many many happy wishes for you and Peri and Gilly for 2011.


Happy new year! I also get very confused this time of year (in truth I'm bad enough when things are normal- I have amused my colleagues on more than one occasion by being totally unaware of which month of the year it is.)
I left you a comment on your last post and it has disappeared into blog ether! Something about how dangerous you would be at full heath if that was what you manage to get done while feeling a bit under the weather and a smart alec comment about how OPAM stood for one project a month, the rate you are going you will finish all at the year in a couple of months!!!
Take care and hope this year is a fabulous one for you.

Laurie (Moo!)

We totally failed at New Year's celebrating. We were watching movies and it was 12:01 when we realized. Too late to see a ball drop and asleep an hour later. We even forgot to get something to drink/toast with. Ah, it's still the new year, right?


I hope it's a wonderful 2011 for you and the labradors. Good to know the weight changes are going in the right direction!


Those are some of the cutest lab pictures ever! I miss Harki too, she was such a character, even though I only knew her through pictures and stories.


Happiest New Year to you all! May 2011 be filled with all good things!


Happy New Year from all of us at Chez Sutherland, and especially licks, sniffs, and puppy bites from Miss Petal :)


I just love the photo you chose for the year end!! LOL


I forgot to add to my comment that I miss seeing Harki here....I hope she's rolling around in dog heaven having a wow of a time!! :)

Amy Steier

Your pictures are always so very lovely!

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