The Smell Of The Greasepaint, (Princess) Aurora The Crowds
Happy Birthday, Sweet Peri!!!!

A Fish Called Wonder

Knitting away on MrsDrWho's Harry Feet sock, everything seemed to be going along quite well. I tapered the pattern off over the gusset decreases and decided not to do the ribbing either, so it was all plain sailing.

Going along quite nicely
Then I felt a strange tugging when I was changing needles. That would be because of this:

Somehow I have made a kind of stirrup across the heel. I am not unravelling it, I will cut it in half and then sew the ends in securely.

Gilly has been playing with her Squeaky Chicken. I think she is a bit worried I might want it for myself.

Gilly's flat chicken
It was an inflated Squeaky Chicken but I think she took it into the paddle pool and gave it a jolly good squeaking and now it is stuck together on the inside, though it still sometimes squeaks, hence it's continuing popularity.

MY squeaky chicken
Peri decided she was not to be left out and so found her old Squeaky Pointy Ball and then played a game running in and out of my legs. Not squeaking the ball at all.

Peri goes through
Peri is so very happy!! She doesn't really play many games with toys unless she is swimming, so this is a very exciting activity.

Good peri game
It was 29*C today, more than 30*C inside the house, but now it has cooled down to just 26*C here by the computer. They are forecasting cooler temperatures and then rain on Tuesday. At last!!

I did another small job today: I cleaned up my desk. It's my desk from home when I was little. I just end up with piles of things: earrings, drugs, pens, nail files, and goodness knows what else, so you can't actually see the desk any more. Not that the World map is up to date!!! It took less than half an hour.

It was less challenging than cleaning up the fish sauce that spilled into the bottom of the fridge. I did wonder how it spilled. Perhaps the clippy lid wasn't clipped shut? I was pushing things aside and then the next time I opened the fridge I heard drip, drip, drip. I've put some kitchen towel in the bottom of the fridge to soak it up and I will deal with it tomorrow when it is cooler. The desk seemed so easy compared to that!!

Tidy, for now
My diary for this week is starting to fill up: Hospital visits: 2, Vet visit for Peri's vaccinations: 1, lunch: 1, High Tea: 1, Car Service: 1. I am also planning to fit in some more small jobs along the lines of the curtains and my desk. I might cut off the blackberries that are impinging on the paving on the next cool day!! I shall have to do a Before and an After.



Some jobs you just have to close the door on until you have the strength to cope with them don't you?!
I love that photo of Gilly with her squeeky chicken it is beautifully composed and she has such a beautiful whistful look on her face.
I am painting my kitchen today. It has to be done in stages as I have SO much stuff on my shelves and above the cupboards that I have to shift clean and appraise each lot as I go, wash the walls then paint, wait, paint and put stuff away before going onto the next spot. I have about 1 sixth left to do and it is 10pm! I just checked the time 10 pm! we haven't had dinner yet I thought it was about 8!!!


I think we all have a spot where stuff gets dumped, don't we? That's OK. When it fills up, we just put it all away and start over. As for the fridge, you might enjoy sticking your head into it to clean it in that heat!


hehehe, i love the way they do that with squeakys. my desk is a mess too. it resists attempts to clean it off. i think it is a mess magnet. love the sock. quite like the little stirrup thing too. noice, unusual, different...


Oh goodness fish sauce is a bit stinky to clean up I think. Isabelle did that last year with a bottle of lime green soft drink, laying it in the fridge and not putting the lid on properly. Half of the stuff got thrown away as it was soaked in it. Good luck with the pruning, I pruned my plants yesterday cutting off all the dead bits from the hot weather. Thank goodness today we have been having wonderful rain all morning.


I've done that with a sock as well. The worst I ever did was at a time of great stress I didn't concentrate. Sock felt funny as I headed down the foot to the toe. Not surprising! I had turned the heel twice, shortrows. I had two right angles of heels and quite a bit of foot. Unfortunately there was no escaping ripping that lot out.


Sounds like a very busy week ahead for you!!!!

Rose Red

I think there should be more high teas on the agenda this week - sounds lovely!

Good on you for cleaning your desk - I've got a few spots like that, that just somehow gather stuff - it's quite an effort to tidy it and find a home for the miscellaneous stuff!


OMG I had one of those study desks. Now what ever happened to mine?


Of all the things to not secure. Methinks fish sauce dripage would be the worst. Get pegs for nose. Good luck


How did you get the photo of your desk on to your monitor at the same time as the photograph? Very clever!

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