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Tuesday's Letters Eat: 'A' is for Avocado

A Whole 'In The Head'

You put your whole head in,

You put your whole head out,

Peri's head in the bbq Gilly's head in the bbq

You put your whole head in:

And you shake it all about.

Two heads are better than one
Now Peri had shown Gilly how to investigate barbecues!! I have to make sure there are no bits and bobs in there they might perceive as edible.

Last year I bought myself a new kitting book, the Vogue Lace Knitting Stitchionary. It was only $15 with free postage, and it has charts!! The lace patterns are written out in full, and there are also charts. I like it very much.

Today I caught up with Kate Knight and her lovely family. We lunched and chatted and exchanged some gifts and I received Best in Show, a book where you knit your own dog!! Look, a Chocolate Labrador and I know WeeJackandBessie's mum and dad will be getting some tiny Westies and The GardyGardeners a corgi!! It's so lovely. I have looked at this book myself and really wanted it, but didn't need it. I am so lucky: lovely friends and a such a wonderful thoughtful gift!! There was also a journal, green and covered with dogs!!!

Knit a lab
I am slightly obsessed with the tetrahedron bags so I made some of those with a few things inside!!

MrsDrWho gave me Nigella DVDs for Christmas, in fact lots of Nigella. It comes in a lovely slip cover and then it is arranged like a book. I shall have to cook lots of Nigella things this year.


Speaking of cooking, this year I think I shall be posting on Tuesdays: Tuesday:Letters Eat  I think, because of the alphabet thing.  Tomorrow, 'A' , so I shall be browsing some cook books and thinking about 'A' food!!

I have had a lovely long nap this afternoon and now The Labradors are napping. The weather has been sunny, but not too hot, though I still LOVE the air-con in my car every time I drive. The nights have been cool, I even had a hot water bottle last week, and I don't feel the cold!!

I haven't started any knitting, I want to knit myself cardigans this year, but I shall start with socks for MrsDrWho. I am thinking of Hermione's Everyday Socks, but she may like something a little flashier??


Judy Edmonds

Do you have the cleavage for Nigella? You need to either (a) toss your hair (b) flash your cleavage of (c) eat out of the fridge at night. I love Nigella myself :)
Need to go to bed. More articulate next time...


Love the little knitted dog, how cute! I was just looking at the Vogue Stitch book too wondering if I should purchase a copy to learn some nice lace stitches. I love your little bags too and look forward to seeing what you create as the alphabet goes by!


Love Nigella. Who else could make "mushy peas" sound so yummy? And they were! I think the Hermione socks could be just as flashy as the yarn you use! There is some pretty wild yarn out there!


I love Nigella and i cant wait to see what you cook this year!!!


I can't wait to see the pack of doggies you knit! How exciting to have the Nigella DVDs! I don't think they are out for our region, but I will have to check again. She is so fun to watch, sometimes I can find an episode on youtube. I am grateful we don't have bbq's like that--S&S would be right in all that ash and soot pawing around for 'goodies'!!

Laurie (Moo!)

Knitted labs! That's too funny and I can't wait to see what/who you knit up. Do the girls come in with tiny "ash beards"? They're adorable and I'm sure it's hard to yell at them.

I've got the first 3 Vogue books. Lace looks very interesting. Will you try to knit a lace sweater?

Crafty Things

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and wow, what great looking tetrahedron bags. Where did you find the pattern for those?


Happy new year to you and your. I love those knitted dogs and look forward to seeing some of the knitted lace. I love lace but dont really seem to wear it.

Jennifer Rose

lol at the girls investigating the bbq :)
the cooking and letter idea is a great one, hmm no idea what you could cook for "X" tho

Rose Red

That is an excellent deal on the Vogue book - good buying Miss Cindy!

The dog pattern book is great isn't it! I am planning on making the corgi for husby (he had corgis when he was a kid) and a labrador for my former boss, but golden (hers is a golden one).


Ooh what lovely gifties!
Am very excited about your 'Letters Eat!' year, it will be such fun anticipating what you will have for each letter!
A good set of DVD series is an excellent thing, isn't it? We've been working our way through the Gourmet Farmer - 2 and a half times now!
Very envious of your glorious weather there - hot and stinky here and soon to be even stinkier as I head up north again tomorrow, blergh!
Sending cuddles to the inquisitive doggers! xo


Oh so many wonderful things! Very curious Labradors you have! The bags are cute, and the dog book, oh my! It's adorable. I've not heard of it yet. Now I want it too. :o)
I like Nigella's style of cooking. I should watch more of her shows, they are inspiring.


I had a good laugh at the dogs! Reminds me of when I was a kid & my Mother would say "If xxxxx put their head in the oven, would you too?" Of course this was said in reference to something she obviously didn't want us to have/do!

I just love that knitted chocolate Labrador & your tetrahedron bags.....lucky Kate Knight!


Looking forward to Letters Eat (haha - I see what you did there!).

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