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Tuesday's Letters Eat 4: 'B' is for Berries

Dexy's Mid-afternoon Runners

You learn something every day, I had no idea the band was name after a drug. Mind you, I am aware I don't know a lot of noormal things and so I googled the band's name, just in case.

Yesterday afternoon our Premier resigned. On Facebook. Fabulous statesman like behaviour. I shall look forward to Twittered Government laws next.

I shall not miss him, he has not been a good Premier over all. His decisions about Education, aboriginal artifacts, Hydro prices, police appointments and I could go on, have been full of vision- his vision- but lacking in substance and action. He says he left for family reasons,  but I think he's leaving before things hit the fan. I know family is important, but he took an overseas trip with his wife late last year I think and he hung on so he could attend the posh and celebrated opening of MONA just this weekend. Very poor show. I know there are a lot of families where both parents work long hours at demanding jobs, and they too would like the opportunity to resign in a few years and spend time with their families. It was his job to help all the families in our state.

I shouldn't be disappointed, most politicians aim to disappoint. I do think we need better education about Politics though. People are saying they didn't vote for Lara, the new Premier. Of course they didn't, unless they were in her Electorate. They probably didn't vote for the erstwhile Premier either. The political party with the most seats, wins. They elect the Premier.

I have given myself a potato mashing injury. I mashed some potatoes to go with the meatballs I made for MrsDrWho and went to visit yesterday. When I came home much later on, I had a sore hand and at the bottom of my ring finger was a kind of blood blister bruise. At first I had no idea how I injured myself.

I did come home late, 8-30pm-ish, because we accidentally watched two episodes of Sherlock. The DVD arrived before Christmas but we hadn't watched it. It is very, very good. But I came home to two ravenous hounds. Their dinner was very late. They had some corn to gnaw on while I cooked.

Peri is a ravening horde

As I was mashing up the meat and vegetables I realised how I had bruised my hand. The Princess and the Pea people, The Princess and the Pea!! I popped a lemonade icy pole on it- still in its packet, and that seemed to do the trick.

We have a new vacuum cleaner. The old one is about 25 years old and last year the cover broke and I just masking taped it back on,  but it really wasn't doing a good job. All the moulting meant that we were being almost buried under dog hair and the vacuum was having no effect. Enter The Hoover:

Hoover damn
It vacuums the hair up like magic and also lots of dust and dirt that was deep down in the carpet. Needless to say it is not a welcome addition to our household. It is The Red Devil according to Peri and Gilly.

Lorelai Gilmore wrought her revenge by stealing the cardboard and plastic packaging and killing it to death outside the back door.

Gilly kills the vacuum packaging
I have finished the Harry Feet socks. I am very cross that I forgot to take a photo of them on my sock blockers. I shall have to take them with me and make MrsDrWho get the socks back out and then re-photograph them.

The Harry Feet Socks, made with Ixchel's super merino and nylon 4ply in Harry Potter colourway. I used 2.5mm nickel plated dpns and cast on 64 stitches. The pattern is my own. That sounds a bit pretentious, it's not a 'pattern' as such, but I thought up the arrangement of the stitches.

Harry Feet complete
I surprised myself by digging out the Chappa'ai Cardigan, and I picked up the stitches on the back. I am knitting down the ribbing. I just have to find the ball of wool I bought last year to finish it. I have the front to unravel and pick up and then knit that ribbing downwards as well. Two short seams and then it is just a zip to insert. I may try the new way I saw on Interweave Knits.

Stargate once more
I have been following Immigration Nation on SBS, but before it there's a show called Faces of America, which is a kind of Who Do You Think You Are?  I was struck by the way the celebrities felt so very defined by their ancestors, and how they described themselves as Irish-American or Mexican-American. It made me wonder if I am in some way deficient, or if it is a particular American POV? I don't really have any idea of my ancestors, of who they were, at all. I know I have Irish, English and French heritage on both sides, but I have never thought of myself as anything other than Australian. None of my classmates at school described themselves as Latvian-Australian, Austrian-Australian, Italian-Australian or Irish-Australian. I've never heard MrsDrWho describe herself, but I think she is plain Australian???

I never think of myself as being defined by my far distant ancestors, though I know my immediate family shaped who I am. Maybe these thoughts are just peculiar to me?? And thank you MrsDrWho, I will say 'Yes, I am peculiar', before you get a chance!!

On the reading front, well there has not been much. I misplaced one Library book and then I lost the will to look for it and so I just didn't go to The Library. Once I found the book, I picked up Martha's CupCakes and a very good biography of Katherine Parr, Henry VIII's sixth wife. I've also been reading The Dad's Army Scripts, Seasons 4-9. It is very funny, and I imagine the show in my mind as I read the words.

The Labradors are asleep now they've had a walk and been fed. I am off to brave The Hospital's lack of parking to try and pick up some drugs from The Pharmacy and then I might look for my wool this afternoon.



Egads, it's The Hound of the CornCobervilles!

I just knew you Wouldn't Approve of the premier's resignation via Facebook. I Do Not Approve either! Appalling.

I'm sorry that you've suffered a potato masher injury. I guess that's what you get when you live on the edge! heh heh!

I think the American phenomenon of defining yourself by your past is an interesting one. I wonder in a way if it grew out of change in terminology from negro/black to African-American? When other people felt they needed to define themselves by their past or ethnicity as well?? I'm no doubt wrong, I'm sure there is some learned literature on it, but it doesn't seem to happen as much elsewhere in the world.


Amazing- he informed his constituents via Facebook? This sounds analagous to Sarah Palin 'resigning', a.k.a. 'quitting', her elected position of governor of Alaska. She never did clearly state her reason for doing so.
Peri looks scarily ravenous! So funny how Gilly took her revenge on the Red Devil.


I think many of us Americans define ourselves by our ancestry because we have so little real history. I mean 200 years is a long time, sure but it doesn't touch what other countries have. And because America was such a fast filling melting pot, there were unfortunately, a lot of clashes between Irish and Italian and on and on. Frankly, I don't know what my ancestry is entirely. My grandfather's family lived in the hills for so long that when I was in grade school and asked him where we were from, that's what he told me! And I'm fine with that (are you familiar with the term "hillbilly"?). Congratulations on the new vacuum. I can definitely relate to needing a good one!!!


nationalism is the last bastion of fools, whatever guise it comes in. im feeling all bolshie about That Kind of Stuff this week. and vacuum cleaner boxes are evil and should be destroyed. however, dust bunnies that bite are evil more evil. they meet with the dreaded lord dyson at my place.


I guess I'm a mushroom...I don't have either a Facebook or Twitter or account. I don't feel like I'm missing much though!!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who loses library books or is always trying to find a parking spot at one or other of the three hospitals I visit for Drs & drugs!! LOL

I consider myself Australian too! I have Danish, German, English & Indian heritage. I'm 3rd generation. We have a family tree on the Danish side that goes back to the 15th century. It's very interesting, but doesn't change who I am! My grandmother was the last of the 1st generation of Aussies, she died 16 yrs ago :(

I just love the colour of your Harry Feet socks. Purple is one of my favourite colours. Lucky MrsDrWho!!

It's funny, Daisy hates our vacuum cleaner as well. I think she thinks it is an imposter animal! On the other hand, Moonshine just loves to be brushed with the broom or vaccumed. She's so fat with floppy skin that half of her goes up the nozzle & pipe!! LOL

I'm glad that the cardboard & plastic is well & trully dead!! Nasty stuff these things sneeking into your house LOL


Love the cardboard 'demolition crew' - well done Gilly ! Not sure why but animals and husbands always seem to have a strong dilike for vacuum cleaners, even though they are the ones who usually make the messes that require us to drag them out :) The socks are very pretty indeed - well done !


Oh your dogs eat corn cobs, how different. I dont think either of my dogs would like them, lol! The vacuum sounds wonderful, I would like it just to vacuum up the dust that we seem to get so much of around here. Ancestry is a very interesting thing to do. My FIL did both sides of Paul's family and I am having my mother's side done as her grandmother was aboriginal and I would like to know where she originated from. We have French too, Wales and England on my side too.


ARGH! The same thing annoyed me when Julia Gillard took over as PM. All those irritating people whining that they didn't vote for her. You didn't vote for Kevin either, gooses!

That's a coincidence, I gave myself a small blister this weekend, by cutting up lots of vegetable scraps. Just a teeny one though - I hope yours heals quickly.

Lovely corn photo :) Do the labradors like to bury their corn? Tess finds it enhances the flavour greatly!

Ooh, I love Sherlock! :)

Your vacuum cleaner looks very snazzy indeed.

If you are peculiar, then I am too - I'm just "Australian" and I also think a product of my immediate family, not distant ancestors. However, maybe that's because we don't have any obvious cultural practices passed down through the generations? Just little family traditions :)


Because I live in California, I make it a point to let everyone know I'm Canadian for fear I'll be mistaken for an American.

The purple socks are quite lovely and what a nice job you've done.


Dearest Cindy,

So sorry I haven't been dropping by lately :) Do the furry babies bark when you're vacuuming the house? Momo barks like crazy and would actually attack the vacuum cleaner itself. It's a hard task trying to vacuum my house :P


The Harry Feet socks look wonderful. MrsDrWho will have lovely warm purply feet this Winter!

Jennifer Rose

i like learning about where my family came from, but I class myself as Canadian. it does probably have something to do with a country being a melting pot?

sky would have happily helped gilly tear the cardboard apart, after she emerged from hiding from the vacuum. she always runs and hides when i bring it out :/


Gosh, you're not cynical about politics at all, are you? ;)

Mashed potato injury sounds like something I'd do! Well done!

I describe myself as British or English (dependent upon the sporting event usually) but I, too, have all sorts of European ancestry (Scots, Irish, Welsh, English, Dutch, French and who knows what else!). It is an interesting comparison between the USA and Australian since you are both "new" countries but maybe it has something to do with Australia being more-or-less settled in one go rather than the drip-feed that happened in North America? But an historical sociologist I am not!

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