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Happy Birthday, Sweet Peri!!!!

It's Birthdays A-go-go here. Today Peri turned nine. What a big girl she is now, yet often still a puppy who loves to play!! Here she is as a tiny baby and I can't make the photo any larger for some reason. Such a lovely pup!! There has been a lot of Peri Appreciation here today: gentle pats on the head and long belly rubs.

Baby Peri
And here she is on our walk today: Happy Birthday Peri Pumpkin!!!

Peri is 9
And with her sister Gilly when I came home this afternoon. Lots of waggy tails and hoping for a seaweed rice cracker biscuit!!! Peri is such a wonderful deep caramel colour and her coat is still as soft and silky as a puppy's.

Peri and Gilly wait for me
Nothing much else happened today. We all went for a lovely walk. I spent almost 1 3/4 hours having a blood test: not many parking places and then quite a lot of people waiting. I knitted some more of the sock. Then we all had a long afternoon nap when the weather cooled. I took MrsDrWho some salad and saw Muppin the baby kitten and that was that. It has really cooled down now, it has been raining and I think we might all be able to sleep well tonight.

I am not aiming to post every day at all, it just seems that a lot of things are happening. I have also been slowly catching up on answering commnets from last year. I am back to October 12th. It makes me happy to see the number of emails slowly shrinking!!!


Rose Red

Happy Birthday lovely Peri! Glad you had a lovely day of pats and tummy rubs!


happy happy birthday sweet girl!!!
you were an adorable puppy.


oh isn't this weather glorious! happy birthday to you both your girls. Ruby has been to the vet she has a burst ear drum! so she has been unwell and not her self after anaesthetic but on the mend now and half deaf poor baby and she is on a diet I must find out what you feed your girls. We have never given Ruby as much as the packets of dry food say but apparently she is a little bit tooooo fluffy!!! I have to have bloods tomorrow I will die if I have to wait that long


Happy Birthday, Peri!! What a cute puppy pic with her feet all folded under her like that. She is a beautiful girl!


Oh another birthday in the family, what a busy month. Happy day to Peri. :)


Happy, happy birthday Peri, Best Dog In The World. May you have many more birthdays and lots of treats.


I hope Peri had a great day. My dogs went for a walk with an old friend who is 18. Poor old boy does well but walks slowely. My boys were very gentle with him. What a shame they have to aged quicker than us.


Happy Birthday Peri! I am thankful it is raining here too as it was so humid yesterday!


What a sweet baby picture! Happy birthday, Peri!


happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear Peri
happy birthday to you !!!
why were you born so beautiful ??
Mrs Valley xxoo


oh happy birthday peri! You're a beautiful, loving, friendly, happy dog!


Happy birthday, Peri, we wish you many more!


Oh what a gorgeous puppy Peri was....mind you I still think she's gorgeous now as well!!

I'm glad too that the weather has cooled as well.

I hope you had a lovely time with little Muppin & I'm sure MrsDrWho loved her salad! Lucky MrsDrWho!!


October the 12th? Good grief, I thought I was behind! Brace yourself for comment spam because I've got a week's worth of your blog to catch up on! :)

Jennifer Rose

awww baby peri! very cute :D happy belated birthday!!


Happy birthday Peri :)

I'm behind in reading and commenting, so I know how you feel! (Oh dear - and I'm possibly making you even more behind in replying! Feel free not to reply :D )


Happy Birthday, Peri! She looks so well for her age! Has she lost weight since she's on a different diet?


oh what a great vintage she is! my jem turns 9 in a few weeks. all the best dogs are 9. happy happy birthday lovely girl, may there be many more xx


Oh no! I missed Peri's birthday.

Happy Birthday to a beautiful pup and wishing you many more.

Late tummy rubs and head scratches xx


Happy Birthday to lovely furry friends!

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