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Happy Birthday Two You: Lorelai Gilmore!!!

Lorelai Gilmore is Two, she's a puppy dog, not a proper dog yet. For her birthday she received lots of kisses and cuddles and pats, some squeaky toys and a dried kangaroo bone and special slimming chicken breast cut up on her breakfast. Peri had a few tiny pieces. It was really hard to take a good photo of Gilly today:
Birthday Gilly is 2

This is the best I could do. Happy Birthday Miss Lorelai Gilmore, our lovely and loving Gilly!!!

Miss Gilly is 2
Not to be outdone, Peri has a sunshiny picture too. Peri also managed some Spirograph like purple ear adornment. I had a Spirograph set or two as a child which I LOVED so much. I spent happy hours making spirally circles and ellipses around curvy rulers.

Peri is almost a birthday girl
Yesterday I climbed up a whole lot of steps. I went for lunch at the Tea Rooms in the Gorge and there is no close parking. It is a long way down, and worse, on the way home, a long walk up.

Stairway to hell adise
Lunch was lovely with my friend whom I met when I started teaching at the same school twenty-two years ago now. I had lunch with friends at the Casino today and finally remembered to have the famous Club Sandwiches. I couldn't eat them all, so I smuggled one home in my bag!!! We say sangers, the British say sarnies, I don't know what North American Continental people say.

Lunch 5 jan Lunch jan 6
I have started my first knitting for the year, MrsDrWho's Harry Feet. I gave her two skeins and I am going to knit socks and a hat. I wanted to knit Hermione's Everyday socks but the subtle pattern was lost in the variegation of the colourful wool, so I am doing a rib and a pass the yfwd over panel instead. The wool is Harry Potter super-merino and nylon from the lovely Ixchel.

Harry feet start
In other MrsDrWho news, I am an aunt again, and Peri and Gilly have a new cousin: baby Muppin!!! She is so tiny and part Manx so she has a stumpy tail, which she wiggles when she is excited! The Big Cats are slightly noses-out-of-joint, but not too badly.

In other news, I am feeling a little better, but I know I am officially slightly pale from my last test, but not too much. I definitely feel better than I did last week.

I have seen The Easter Things in the shops and I have just taken a deep breath, and moved on.

This week has been full of days where I was going to do nothing and rest and but just didn't turn out that way. I sewed a dress for MissNeice, and she really likes it and as she will be going back home on the weekend, my day of doing nothing much tomorrow will involve sewing another dress. It is cheating though, it is already shirred so I only have to sew seams and straps!! And then maybe a cup of tea/coffee at the Kid's play centre along the road with MrsDrWho et al.

Easy dress

Right now, I am going to make another cup of tea, knit a few more rows and then we will retire to bed.



Happy birthday to the birthday girl! When I was in Thailand we ate dinner that was at the top of the world up about 5 sets of very very steep steps. The going up was Ok but coming down was rather scary I was sure I was going to tumble down. That dress is very pretty I wouldn't call it a cheat I'd call it a bonus that it was already shirred! The pattern on the fabric is gorgeous!


Happy Birthday Lorelai Gilmore!

I'm so pleased to read you are feeling better.

I too am ignoring the Easter goodies. My husband on the other hand is not. He's already bought himself a bag of marshmallow easter eggs and I note in the fridge tonight - they are already gone. He'll need to climb those stairs several times at this rate.

MrsDrWho's new kitty is adoreable.


I loved my spirograph too. So I bought my son a set, and we still have it.


Happy Birthday Lorelai!! Those spirograph toys were pretty neat, I used to have one with several different color pens. That's a lot of stairs! You can certainly have anything on the menu there if you have to walk those stairs when you are done eating, LOL!

Rose Red

Oh the kitten! adorable!

But not to be outdone by the birthday girl! Happy Happy Birthday Lorelai Gilmore! I can't believe it is 2 years since you arrived!

I loved my Spirograph too (well, it probably belonged to one of my brothers). I loved making spirals and circles and changing colours too. It was fantastic. Wonder if they are still sold?

And the red dress is too cute. I wish I could wear a dress like that!

Judy Edmonds

Happy Birthday to a very happy looking puppy!

Love the spirograph effect, very ethereal.

And that is the CUTEST kitten. The idea of her wiggling her tail stump is most adorable :)

For someone who is doing nothing your activity levels are wearing me out!


Laurie (Moo!)

Happy Birthday, Gilly! Almost a doggy/woman!!

Welcome baby Muppin! Oh, those kitten eyes!

I remember Spirograph. Hours of fun and "I like this one...no, I like THIS one." Round and round.


happy happy birthday Miss Gilly - 2 big kisses and 2 hearts for you XX <3 <3
PS those 'sarnies' look deelishus !!!


Happy Birthday to your gorgeous puppy! I really like the sock your knitting, HP yarn must be wonderful to knit with. I have made some of those shirred dresses for Isabelle in years gone by and they are so easy to make when the shirring is already done for you. Your fabric looks so nice in the red. I have to say that little kitten looks so cute, makes me think of mine when they were tiny and mischevious!


Happy Birthday Miss Lorelai!!!!!!

Muppin is gorgeous!!!

lynne s of oz

Happy birthday, Gilly!
I have been eyeballing that material in Scroatfight, wishing it was long enough to make ME a dress out of. But alas, it would be a little more revealing than I like....


Happy day, Gilly Girl. The Westies send you licks of their bones which I gave them in celebration.


Oh, happy birthday Gilly!! :)

I'm glad to read you're feeling a bit better :) How did the labradors react to the smell of kitten when you got home??


Happy birthday Gilly!
Those certainly are a lot of steps, but at least they burn off calories!
Kitty has such a sweet face.

Jennifer Rose

happy birthday gilly!! :D heres to many more!

awww kitty!! :D i love manx cats, they look so funny with the short nubs or nothing at all

I couldn't believe it when I saw easter stuff in the shop the other day, way too early for it.


oh bugger, i am late to wishing her a happy birthday but i can tell she had a great day. two already?! i remember when she hadnt arrived yet. such a lovely girl she has become. and squeaky toys are the best presents ever.


I can't believe that Gilly is 2 already!! I'm sure she enjoyed her bone & chicken treat :D

I had a spirograph too!! I loved it!! I'd forgotten about it till you mentioned it.

OH baby Muppin is soooo sweet. She looks just like our Moonshine did when she was a kitten...except she has a tail!! LOL

Lucky lttle MissNiece...such a cute dress!

Because of lung problems I can only eat a small amount at one sitting, so I always take a zip-loc bag in my handbag for my extras :)


Love the fabric in the dress - very pretty.

That sun-flare you captured is very funny and she looks like she's got a fascinator on her head!

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