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One Door Closes, Another Door OPAMs.

And now, the final OPAM post for my 2010 goals. This month I made three small quilts, one for my Aunt, one for WeeNephew and one for BabyElectric. I used, respectively, some Saffron Craig, Thomas the Tank Engine and Very Hungry Caterpillar material. Here they are:

December 2010

I have made a mosaic for all the OPAM things I made. One Project A Month really gave me the impetus to finish things I started, once it was written down I felt compelled to complete the task. I shall be having a rest from OPAM this year: much as I enjoyed it, I think a little sabbatical is called for, a gentler pace in 2011 I think. Thanks to the hosts, Kris and Peg for the lovely year, and to everyone who left such lovely comments and gave me encouragement.

OPAM 2010

This post is no longer sticky. It will be a novelty to see something new when I post after a year with the same post at the top of my blog!!!


I have joined the OPAM. Although I managed to add the One Project A Month badge to my side bar I couldn't make it properly clicky, so I'm just making a sticky clicky post for the year. I have, strangely, worked out how to make the picture a link but it makes my blog slow to load- for me, so click on the clicky words.(See how technology is here to help us in the 21st Century??)

January: I have sewn a dress, which I do not love sufficiently. I shall sew another.

February: I have re-upholstered the new foam cushion for the Ottoman, I have finished the Wee Spawn's Ark embroidery to be sewn onto his quilt.

March: I finished the Tempest Cardigan. I may have finished the Stargate Cardigan (ran out of wool, had to order it online) and the Otto, but Harki died and so I lost the urge to carry on.

April: The base of the Otto was easy to cover and I love the new ironing board cover. It is so nice to iron on a firm foam top. The Chappa'ai Cardigan is complete but I don't like it and it needs fixing.

May: I have finished my quilt, made with lovely fabric from the Fat Quarter Swap.

June: I want to design and knit myself a pair of ribby mittens with an opening in the palm so I can whip my fingers in and out to give The Labradors treats and take a picture if I want to. I would also like to sew myself a tunic top. Now my sewing machine is broken I can't sew a tunic so I am knitting a pair of socks instead!!! The mittens morphed into a cowl for MrsDrWho. I was all swappy changy this month.

July:I stuck to my goal and knitted myself a pair of lovely mittens. Green and snuggly!! I am going to wear them tomorrow morning for the first time.

August: I met my goals, I drafted a skirt pattern and sewed a skirt so I am very happy indeed.

September: I made my camera case, it is very successful as I dropped my camera on the floor and it was very protected!!

October: This month I finished knitting three pairs of socks that had been languishing.  I finished The Mystery Socks, so a win all round.

November : I made an Advent Quilt.

December: This month I made three small quilts: a Thomas the Tank Engine, an A Very Hungry Caterpillar and one for my Aunt. (see above)




Happy sewing Cindy. I think I'd fold under the pressure of OPAM!! LOL

Hope Peri is feeling better today...lots of pats for her :)


good luck with the OPAM challenge what a fab idea it is!! So glad Peri is all systems OK and she is in for happier times.

Rose Red

What a good idea! You can do it, I know you can!


You're very brave!!! I would never keep up with a deadline like that :)

Looking forward to seeing all your projects!


Sew a dress...or an illusion of a dress!!!
he he he


Does it have to be a whole person dress, or can it be an artistic textile sculpture for your wall? (Not that I doubt your skillz!)


I love this idea! I'll be watching!!


Good luck with thw OPAM challenge, will be keeping an eye out to see what you create. Have just come back from a week at the beach and have been reading your last few posts. The girls have had good birthdays and dodgy moods, they could be girls anywhere in the world! Hope that Peri keeps improving.

Laurie (Moo!)

Very brave! I just love your titles. Good luck with the dress...and the next 11 projects!!


How very exciting and what great motivation!!

I'll be cheering you along from the sidelines with great whoops and catcalls!! :D


what a great idea!!
I'm trying to set myself some goals like this too - off to check out the link!
I hope you'll share your dress with us - can't wait to see what you make!


Good luck it the OPAM 2010 project. It is a good way to keep on track and on top of things.


I will look forward to seeing your projects :-)


Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog. It's helping to keep me motivated to get something finished for February! Good Luck with the OPAM.

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Goodluck on your next project. :) I enjoy reading your blog. Keep on posting.


Good on you for making a public list, I am too chicken to do that, I do make lists all the time but I don't usually stick with them.


At least your managing in the hot weather. Hopefully it will cool down soon so you shouldnt have too many problems trying to get all your goals done. It seems the labradors like their space in the garden too. Yours is the second blog I have read about doing that with their knitting. I will have to try and do it one day too.


I know that you want to design this pattern for June youreslf, but have you looked at this pattern (free) on Ravelry?

Hugs, Nat xx


such pretty pretty socks GORGEOUS colours. Your quilt sounds like a fabulous idea, one a day. I have had a vintage sheet squares quilt in my mind for years but am scared and daunted.(as I have never made a quilt but mine would be faaaar from traditional and exact) I LOVE the way you are approaching yours by joining one a day, maybe I could muster something similar

Hanne-Kristine in stitches and loops

Thank you so much for visiting me :)
welcome to opam 2010, it`s great and I will absolutely think about joining "self stitched September"......

Till then
hug hk


Nothing like a list of achievements to keep you motivated. Well done. It's my first time on your blog - thought I'd come and look since you are always so generous with your comments on mine. Having had a look - I'll be back!!



you are so discipline to finish a project a month!! don't think I can ever do that!!!


Wow. You are an inspiration. Happy New Year!


And you tell me you are not really a clever enough Seamstress for commissions? I laugh in the face of such a claim. Hah ha hah hahhh ha! You are tres seamstressy and I am going to use your goals as mine as I am sure I won't finish even 1/12 of your output.


Happy New Year Cindy to you and the labs! I dont know what has been happening but I havent been getting your posts updated on my blog reader for some reason so I had about 6 posts to read. I love your quilts, and your collage of photos of finished projects looks great.

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